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Non sequitur funny, but so close to home I had to post August 10, 2015

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This is a brilliant cartoon.  I had to edit some of it to black out some unfortunate language, but owning both a standard SKS with a ten round stripper-clip fed magazine, and an SKS-M paratrooper model with accepts AK-47 30 round magazines, I just had to include this:

gun controlmod

OK, the fourth panel went a bit over the top.  I do think the gun control movement largely trades in manipulation of emotions, rather than appeals to reason, but I recognize my own bias.  The first three panels were just too awesome. My wife built a bunker for herself and the kids when I pull out the SKS-M, she knows she’s got to hide them from the satanic Nazi storming around with his unstoppable machine gun.

Meanwhile, LA just declared all magazines beyond 10 round capacity illegal. Of course, they were silent on what to do in situations like this (content warning due to atrocious Daily Mail sidebars).  When four armed men break into your house in a home-invasion situation, 10 rounds will probably not be nearly enough.  Some may ask how often do these kinds of attacks occur, but one time is more than enough to shatter someone’s world, or end their life.  Nice that the robbers were driving extremely expensive luxury cars.  There may be more to this particular story, but home invasions occur with grim frequency, particularly in this country.



1. Camper - August 10, 2015

I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would call an SKS with a 20 round magazine a “machine gun”. It’s semi-auto!

This is yet another reason why women mustn’t be allowed to vote, and why we mustn’t have democracy of any sort.

For anyone who doesn’t know, ‘machine gun’ is a precise term that refers to a fully-automatic weapon with a long barrell (over about 19”) that is belt-fed. That means it can fire as many rounds of ammunition as can be put into a single belt without releasing the trigger once. A semi-auto weapon can only fire one round every time the trigger is pulled. Fully automatic weapons face special restrictions in America; they are very expensive and there is a limited number of them in circulation. Owning one without the permission of Uncle Sam is, I believe, a federal felony.

Finally, an SKS is a mediocre rifle. Bad round, but tolerable for street fighting, especially considering the price of the alternatives on the market.

2. c matt - August 10, 2015

But it’s scarier looking, like Michelle Obama!!

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