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Help request – reading. Plus, a priestly call to just ignore government and its immoralities August 11, 2015

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Asking for some help – does anyone know if Abbe Rene Rohrbacher’s Historie de l’Eglise Catholique has ever been translated into English?  I see it’s been translated, at least in part, into Italian and possibly Spanish, but apparently not English?  Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone know how many volumes comprise Ludwig Pastor’s History of the Popes? It’s 40, right, he stopped at Pius VI?  Has anyone ever seen a complete set?  It seems all that is available now – not that I’m complaining! – is print on demand versions of individual volumes.  I’ve had mixed luck with those.  Some are OK, some are practically unreadable.

Of the two, I’m much more interested in Rohrbacher.  29 volumes, apparently, Garcia Moreno apparently read through the entire set – about 20000 pages – THREE times over the course of 6 months.

I no is ‘dat mart.

Just to fill out the post, what do you make of this statement via Orbis Catholicus from Fr. Samuel Medley, SOLT:

“Governments and ordinance, laws and flaws, supreme courts and big fancy warts, presidents and precedence, kings, and things? BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don’t really care. I’m too busy loving God and serving my neighbor. Tell me something that matters like love, prayer, and suffering, the real things, those that endure. Show me what you have done to become good and holy and true and then I will start listening to you and showing a speck of interest in something that will actually be the measure of your life, not its dissipation. I pass through countries and their capricious little governments like changing clothes. I’m not interested in their dramas and traumas. Tomorrow it will be a different politician or court and a different scandal or corruption. Sure we have to suffer them and put up with them like a bad smell, but the winds of time blow and it will be another equally stupid and boring thing to become preoccupied with so why waste your attention on fleeting things? What is exciting and adventurous? The love and fear of God and sincere service of one’s neighbor. All will pass. The only thing that endures is charity. Hold fast to it and the unpleasantness of history will give way to eternity.”

I’d say, yes, true, but what about my millions of neighbors falling into hell, and being encouraged to do so by government policy?  We cannot ignore them.  We have to preach the truth.  There aren’t enough faithful priests to perform their duty.  Spiritual and moral counsel is a great work of mercy.  That is part of loving my neighbor.  Confirming the faithful is also a great work of mercy.  And while the above posits a wonderful ideal, it is also a bit convenient, is it not?  And what of those not quite so blessed, not quite so strong in the Faith, who might be wondering because the government embraces this perversion or that immorality, and they find no priest to correct the government?  What then?

Another steal from JP Sonnen, versus poplorum from well before the Council:

Trapp Family Mass with Fr. Wasner


This looks like a home Mass.  There is no tabernacle, right?  So does that make facing the people more acceptable?  But he could still be on the other side, facing the Lord along with them, right?  Since this likely comes from the 50s, another example of how liturgical abuse/experimentation predated the Council.  There was a substantial movement in most all Western countries, including the US, towards changing the Mass to make it more “accessible” to the people.  Like so many human plans, that it turned out to have the exact opposite effect is not unsurprising.



1. Camper - August 11, 2015

Tantum, not sure what your goal is, but as a semi-TACer, I recommend instead 1. Austrian Economics, so that you can help people deal with the coming (15 years) global collapse and 2. Basic political philosophy (selections from Plutarch, then the Republic).

2. skeinster - August 11, 2015

I don’t know, the Trapp family- that’s who the photo is of- were pretty orthodox in the forties, afaik.
There may be an innocent reason for this.
Though that doesn’t take away from your point- that the idea of versus populorum was not a new thing at VII.

tg - August 12, 2015

I read a book written in the 40’s. The priest who wrote it described the Mass of Pope Gregory the Great. What he described seemed like a NO mass to me. It was in the language of the people. I can’t remember if the priest was facing the people There wasn’t always a Latin mass in church history.

3. Jim Draxler - August 12, 2015
4. c matt - August 12, 2015

Well, he is facing the small crucifix on the makeshift altar ala Benedict Option.

As for Medley, that approach would work if the government and professional agitators would just leave you alone. They ignore you; you ignore them.

But they won’t, so you can’t. Besides, our lives are too entangled to avoid at least remotely cooperating in some evil supported by this twisted society – you can’t even buy groceries from an outfit that doesn’t have some sort of “diversity” bs, or pink trash on it.

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