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Know the Texas Republican “pro-lifers” who ain’t August 11, 2015

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Texas Right to Life – which organization I strongly support – has compiled a helpful list of Texas state legislators (the lower house) who claim to be pro-life Republicans but who proposed dangerous legislation or worked against pro-life reforms.  The graphic below lists them in detail:


Remember these names when it comes time to vote again in 2016.  Note that some of these people may have some pro-life votes to their names – Texas has possibly the most pro-life legislature in the nation at present – but who turned out to be some of the weakest among the huge Republican majority who claim to be pro-life.

Also note (and the importance of this cannot be overstated) that the very powerful (and some might say, corrupt) House Speaker Joe Straus had a perfect 0% rating when it came to pro-life legislation.  That is par for the course for Straus, who has done more than anyone else to keep the overwhelming pro-life majority in the legislature from enacting even more meaningful laws against abortion and the entire culture of death.  Please support challenges to his leadership from pro-life sources.

You can also view a list of those who excelled in their pro-life work in the recently concluded legislative session here.

The entire list is here.  Both my representative and senator compiled 100% ratings but neither merited mention on the pro-life heroes list.

May this soon change.  And may the legislature find the wherewithal to defend perfectly innocent unborn lives.

h/t Bishop Rene Gracida



1. Peter - August 12, 2015

On a related issue, I want our money to go to what supports the cause and not to those who betray it (e.g. Catholic Charities) Your thoughts on worthy recipients are appreciated.

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