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Swiss sodo-activists sue bishop for quoting Scripture August 11, 2015

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Because, you see, merely quoting Leviticus is now an “incitement to violence.”  But don’t worry, they’ll let us keep our holy book so long we bible-humpers are good and quiet about anything that has to do with them.  And if we let them use our most beautiful churches for their sham marriages.  And if we allow them to defile Catholic youth with their perverse propaganda.  And………Otherwise, it’s goodbye tax exemption and hello a constant barrage of lawsuits!

A homosexual activist group called Pink Cross, the umbrella organization of Swiss male homosexuals, has announced that it will file a lawsuit against Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur, Switzerland. The organization claims that Huonder had publicly called for crimes against homosexuals by quoting the Book of Leviticus at a recent conference in Fulda, Germany.

Bishop Huonder had given this talk on July 31 at a conservative Catholic conference organized by a lay organization, Forum Deutscher Katholiken, that is opposed to the proposals to change and liberalize the Catholic Church’s moral teaching on marriage and the family……

……Bishop Huonder, in his own contribution to the conference on July 31, had presented essential parts of Holy Scripture – Old and New Testaments – in order to show God’s plan for marriage and the family. With regard to homosexuality, he quoted two parts from the Book of Leviticus, saying: “These two parts would be sufficient to give us the right direction with regard to homosexuality, in the light of our Faith.” Both quotes show how the practice of homosexual acts is condemned in Holy Scripture, and with the claim that such persons commit a grave crime and deserve to be put to death. Huonder continues, saying that even to claim that there are a variety of models of marriage and family is already “an attack against the Creator, but also against the Redeemer and against the Sanctifier, that is to say, against the entire Holy Trinity.”

[So let’s see what Leviticus has to say: 

Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

Leviticus 20:13 – If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

These are  just a few of some twenty – at least, as I count them – denunciations of the sins of sodomy and gomorrist acts in Scripture, most of which, contrary to popular opinion, come from the New Testament!  For a partial list from a protestant standpoint, see here.  In addition, Jerusalem was sacked by God (using Roman Legions as his agents – even Titus Flavius Vespasianus understood he was but acting as the finger of God in the Judean Campaign) at least in part because, in its final days, after the crazed killing of God Incarnate, her citizens were given over to every kind of disordered lust.  Men (Zealots) dressed as women and “played” with each other, while also engaging in wild orgies of murder, robbery, and rapine.]

Huonder stresses, “The Faith is a help for all people, also for those with homophilic inclinations, and can lead to a reorientation of these inclinations, to a control of the sexual passions and to an integration of these passions into a virtuous life according God’s Command.” [All true, but I think using the made up word “homophilic” grants too much credence to the actions of those given over to perverse lusts]

After his speech had caused public uproar throughout the liberal-progressive public, Bishop Huonder had made his own public statement on August 3 in which he apologized for this “misunderstanding,” saying that he in no way intended “to degrade homosexuals.” [Can we just stop apologizing.  For goodness sake, be a man!  Adhere to the Faith and don’t apologize for it!  Signs of weakness are exactly what the enemies of God want to see!]

…….The homosexual organization Pink Cross [an offensive name in its own right.  They have no fear of blaspheming God] in its own statement declared that, with their filing of a lawsuit in the Canton of Graubünden, it is “reacting to the homophobic statements of the bishop which publicly call for the commission of crimes. This lawsuit is being supported by the Lesbian Organization Switzerland.”  [Total BS.  The bishop did not call for anyone to go out and put people to death. What a crock. But watch this……]Pink Cross claims that Bishop Huonder, by just quoting passages of the Bible – “without any exegesis” – has himself called for hatred and crimes against homosexuals. The statement also claims that Bishop Huonder did not put the quotes “in any context with the teaching of Christ,” but, rather “in a literal sense, and that is not acceptable for us. It sows hatred.”[And thus the objective is revealed, as well as the bishop’s real “offense.”  The objective is to only allow such quotes from Scripture if they are accompanied by false exegesis that contradicts them, or at least so denudes them of their true meaning that they are rendered meaningless and, most important of all, inoffensive to those given over to certain sins.  The objective, ultimately, is to silence the voice of the Church.]  It also stresses that the lawsuit is only aimed at Bishop Huonder personally, saying: “Not all churches are homophobic, and most of the church’s representatives – as well as members – not at all. Our suit aims directly at the bishop of Chur.” The statement claims that Bishop Huonder proposed to “re-introduce the death penalty” for homosexual persons[As is so often the case, radical sodomite activists take very simple statements of fact – this is what Scripture says – and turn them into calls for all manner of evil to be worked against them. The bishop’s point was quite simple – look how Scripture condemns this evil – and coupled that with a call to conversion, not murder, not violence.  But in order to sell their continued claims of vicitmization even as they run roughshod over the will of the large majority in many countries, they are now required to create complete fabrications, which are sadly all too successful in moving the weak-minded.]

As of August 10, another private person – from the Swiss Canton St. Gallen – has followed Pink Cross and filed another lawsuit against Bishop Huonder for the same reasons, according to kath.ch. Should Bishop Huonder be indeed judged culpable by the Canton of Graubünden for the alleged claims, he would have to face a punishment of up to three years in prison or a monetary penalty.

These developments are happening just after the president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Markus Büchel, distanced himself from Bishop Huonder’s statements, saying that it does not matter what sexual orientation one has, as long as one conducts himself in a “responsible manner.” [Bishop Buchel is wrong, and so wrong as to find himself in opposition to the Doctrine of the Faith.  He frankly espoused heresy in this statement.  He claims all relationships, even those involving the total abuse and degradation of sodomy, are “permitted,” so long as the partners accept each other as “equal and valuable,” a complete impossibility where the  total degradation of sodomy is concerned.  He justifies his error by pretending that people of perverse inclination are “born that way” and thus are somehow “forced” to commit grievous sin, which is as immaterial as it is false.  Oh Lord, please forgive our offenses against you, to have been cursed with such unworthy shepherds!]

Barring some truly miraculous change stemming from direct divine intervention, I think we can easily foresee how the near-future will play out if this Germanic attack against the entire moral edifice of the Church is not squashed, and hard.  The great majority of bishops, priests, and laity who claim the name Catholic will go over to the promotion of the most grievous offenses against God, while the few orthodox will be ostracized and persecuted within the Church.  I did not quote the portion of the article above where it describes the progressive media in Europe (there is hardly any other kind) pounding on the good bishop with unconcealed glee.  To date, no one in the Swiss hierarchy, and certainly not Rome, has lifted a finger to defend him.

Saints John Fisher, Thomas More, Edmund Campion, Robert Southwell, and so many more were tormented in their final moments, escorted to their place of execution by apostate Anglican “clergy” and obscene, howling mobs, hurling false questions and insults at them even to their place of death.  They were told they were wrong to be Catholic, to adhere to the Faith of Jesus Christ, to uphold the constant belief of the Church, and how uncharitable and unreasonable they were to not  yield to the new, man-made ecclesiastical system of England.  Not one of them apostasized as a result of this onslaught of abuse, but I can only imagine how painful that experience was, and how strong must have been the martyr’s faith and virtue to keep from lashing out at their tormentors.

History never quite repeats, but historical situations do recur.  We should prepare ourselves for having to suffer the very worst from those who, in the name of the Church, tell us we are such horrible people and so very wrong.  That will be the hardest aspect.  And when ponders how far that kind of situation could go, the moral anguish could be tremendous.

I suggest a strong course of prayer and penance in preparation for this possibility.



1. Jim the Tim - August 11, 2015

Where is Francis in all of this . Surely he should be quoting to the poofters “the who am I to judge statement “as usual though all the Sodomites want everything there own way -Typical Homosexual behaviour.

2. Baseballmom - August 11, 2015

ComI got to a court near you…. And, not only did those saints not apostasize, they did not apologize either….

3. Baseballmom - August 11, 2015

“Coming to a court near you” ….. Geesh!

Tantumblogo - August 11, 2015

Well at least it wasn’t blocked by Akismet

4. Peter - August 12, 2015

Help me here. Is there any place in Scripture where the prophets, Apostles or our Blessed Lord apologized for their preaching?

Camper - August 12, 2015

No, it’s just abject surrender from another Swiss bishop. I’ve heard they’re quite bad.

5. c matt - August 12, 2015

The statement claims that Bishop Huonder proposed to “re-introduce the death penalty” for homosexual persons.

Even if true, how can any statement proposing a change in the law, even if the change is undesirable, be “illegal?” That makes absolutely no sense.

c matt - August 12, 2015

Then again, these are the Swiss. Their cheese is not the only thing with holes in it.

Camper - August 12, 2015

I think in Switzerland there is a speech code. Those who do not tow the line are to keep silent under pain of jail time.

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