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The Beauty of Catholic Ecuador August 12, 2015

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JMJHF Productions joined a group that went on pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador early this year.  The video below shows the beautiful sights of the country of Garcia Moreno.  Most of the sights shown are profoundly Catholic……..churches, basilicas, etc, but there is much natural beauty, besides.  I have long wanted to tour South America.  In fact, I’ve long had a crazy desire to take the Pan America Highway south in a suitably equipped vehicle and just drive around in Central and South America (yes, I know of the Darien Gap).

Very nice.  Thanks to JMJHF Productions, a small private apostolate well worth supporting!

If you liked that one, you might also enjoy this video of the Chartres Cathedral light show. Not sure how they create those lights, but so beautiful.  In fact I’d say it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, at times:

Just being able to see this is a minor miracle, both protestants and leftist revolutionaries in France have posed grave threats to Chartres Cathedral, one of the greatest architectural and artistic treasures of Europe.  The Huguenots would have surely sacked the Cathedral and destroyed its priceless, ornate stained glass if they could have.  They came pretty close.






1. Dismas - August 12, 2015

You should also know that there is a small group of highly motivated Catholics there who have pressured the Archdiocese to give them back what belongs to them.

It has been the typical story of episcopal duplicity, pulling all the usual tricks out of the modernist playbook in order to quash the effort.

Thankfully the person most involved in the effort is a very bright and very organized attorney who has been able to survive the process. They now have a venue for a Catholic parish right smack in the Historic Center of Quito, which is where the majority of these beautiful, historic churches are located.

Their trials are far from over, so it would be good if your readers would pray assiduously for these Catholics of Quito. A very well-intentioned priest is working with them and has been designated chaplain, but to date he seems reluctant to offer an authentic Catholic liturgy. When Catholics attached to authentic Catholicism descend on Quito in January for the Feast of Our Lady of Good Success, that should have some impact.

2. Tim - August 12, 2015

My family and I went to Chartres with Michael Matt’s Remnant Tour in 2013 and 2014 and have seen the light show. There are lasers in buildings across the streets from the cathedral that do this. It is quite a show. But not as beautiful as the cathedral itself…inside and out!! The detail of this church is beyond description. If you every have the opportunity to go….GO!

3. Tim Thunell - August 12, 2015

Anyone with high school or college aged kids should seriously consider sending them on the Chartres pilgrimage. Most young Catholics get 100% funded by donations to the Remnant Tours Youth Fund. They need to write a letter to Michael Matt at the Remnant requesting sponsorship and why they want to go. The pilgrimage is always at Pentecost. They should write to the Remnant during the preceding autumn.

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