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GRRR! I put in a complaint to WordPress, worst commenting problems ever August 13, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, blogfoolery, disaster, foolishness, General Catholic, non squitur, rank stupidity, unbelievable BS.

My fervent apologies again, dear readers, I just found that Akismet has been blocking about half of all comments made and marking them as spam.  Almost every reader affected has already been added to safe lists and has commented many times – for both reasons they should never get flagged as spam.  I am sick of this problem and said so to WordPress.  No response, yet.

I found about 35 valid comments just from this week that had been blocked.  That is unacceptably bad performance, since actual spam over that period only amounted to 5-6 attempted comments.

Something is going to happen to rectify this problem.  If WordPress can’t prevent so many valid comments from being blocked, then I’ll have recourse to some other response.

On another note, if you have chickens as we do, I thought you might enjoy this:


I think I like Popeye’s better.


1. tg - August 13, 2015

My comments got blocked on a post about a week ago. Don’t make it too hard to respond. I’m a dummy and this is the only site I can respond to in Word Press. The other sites require a password and I can’t remember it.

Tantumblogo - August 13, 2015

The goal is to make it easier! I don’t like password comments or Disqus, either. It’s one reason I’ve stayed with WordPress. But this false spam-blocking has got to stop.

2. tg - August 13, 2015

I don’t my name or email to show which is why I like your site. Other sites say I can log in using gmail but then my real names appear. I quickly get out of it. That’s why this is one of few sites I will place a comment.

3. Baseballmom - August 13, 2015

Mine were blocked a few weeks back but lately no problem. I was wondering why some of your very thoughtful posts had so few comments…. Now I know 😀

4. Camper - August 13, 2015

About four of my comments in the last three weeks or so were blocked.

5. David - August 14, 2015


To stay on topic, I wanted to comment on the KFC sign, “lay eggs or die.”

It reminded me of an entry years ago when Wisconsin was looking to change the slogan, “America’s Dairlyland” on their license plates. One entry (seriously) was “Eat Cheese or Die!”

6. Guest - August 14, 2015

And here I was thinking I was somehow banned from commenting.

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