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Sick “hip” lefty video tries to play down Planned Barrenhood scandal August 14, 2015

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I’ve seen a few videos from “Funny or Die” or “College Humor” before.  They are usually immature, broad, and not very funny.  Occasionally one will be genuinely clever or funny.  Most are too suggestive or plainly immoral to watch.

Funny or Die struck out again by trying to play down the Planned Barrenhood scandal by pretending it was really about people being scandalized by their purported “inoffensive” services like providing counseling or something:

First of all, as others have noted, many of Planned Barrenhood’s claims to provide “women’s health” services beyond contraception and abortion, like mammmograms, have been proven false.  Secondly, even their ostensibly “inoffensive” services like sex education materials are often totally age-inappropriate, encourage highly risky and destructive behavior, and are often gravely immoral in and of themselves.

I agree with this article that this video is an attempt to provide cover for Planned Barrenhood in this crisis by propagandizing low-information, younger people into believing this is just an ideological crusade against a basically “good” organization.  These videos appeal largely to the Jon Stewart crowd who get their infotainment on basic cabal and through videos like the above.  I also agree that the producers of this video have probably steadfastly avoided watching any of the expose’s on Planned Butcherhood, which date back years before the most recent series of revelations.  Like Obama, they don’t want their ideological bubble pierced, so they refuse to watch the indefensible while trying half-heartedly to make the crisis about something else.

Having said that, I am proud to admit that I find Banned Parenthood so thoroughly amoral and perverse on so many levels that I do work and pray for its total destruction.  It is an crusade for me, but more of a moral one than an ideological one.  There is virtually nothing that Planned Barrenhood does that can be called morally good.  Contraception?  Evil.  Sex education?  Evil.  Abortion.  Diabolically evil.  Selling baby parts after murdering babies in the womb?  Do I even have to say it?  Even their few, relatively benign services are tainted with evil and violate the principle that one may not do evil that some other good may come from it.  Planned Butcherhood is inextricably linked to abortion, it is their reason for existence, they are the primary advocates for it, and anyone who thinks otherwise is either willfully blind or morally bankrupt.

Sadly, it seems many young people today fall into both categories.



1. Marguerite - August 15, 2015

Spot on! We were so self-righteously indignant when ordinary German citizens purportedly stood by while the Nazis marched human beings into death camps yet we stand by and watch babies being hacked to death for their body parts by PP (can’t even utter the name). If it was good and wholesome to pray and fight for the destruction of the Nazis then it is equally good to fight against and pray for the destruction of the enemies of God and his babies.

2. Guest - August 18, 2015

Liberals don’t really have any firm principles. They now pretend to be offended by pedophilia, but that is just because it is socially expected to be offended by it. Once people start arguing that children have a right to have sex liberals will go on a crusade to defend this right.

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