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Protest Planned Barrenhood August 22! August 17, 2015

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This Saturday, August 22 there will be a nationwide protest effort against Planned Parenthood.  In the DFW metroplex (Dioceses of both Dallas and Fort Worth), there are four Planned Butcher-baby locations.  You can pray and protest outside any of them, although only the Dallas and Fort Worth locations murder babies and sell their parts for profit.

Since August 22 is a Saturday, more people will hopefully be able to attend. I plan to go to the mill in Dallas.  The protest runs from 9a to 11a.  Take part in this nationwide campaign to wage spiritual warfare against the dark principalities and powers that keep Banned Parenthood in operation!

Friends of the Unborn. Check the list below and find the nearest PP office to you. In charity to the UNBORN who are killed every day in most cruel and painful ways, you are needed to witness publicly that you believe that murdering the innocent cannot continue.

Do not wait! Check the locations below and pray for the courage and strength to STAND UP for life against the murderers.

Your voice is needed now, and your presence is desperately needed on August 22, 2015. The killing continues because we have not seriously combated against the evil done every day. [This is a most important point. But where has the failure most manifested itself?  Is it among the laity, recent pontiffs, or the “middle management” of the Church, priests and especially bishops?  Where has the leadership been most lacking?] Let us not grow weary, but take our rosaries to the streets and bear witness to the Love of God for his children.

Thank you and God bless you!

Cedar Hill

Planned Parenthood, 140 W. FM Road 1382 (map)
Sponsor: Back to Life Movement


Planned Parenthood – South Dallas Health Center, 7989 W. Virginia Drive (map)
Sponsor: Texas Pro-Life Action Team

Fort Worth

Planned Parenthood, 6464 John Ryan Dr (map)
Sponsor: Diocese of Fort Worth Respect Life Ministry


Planned Parenthood, 810 N. Central Expy. (map)

Speaking of efforts against PP, Catholics in Charlotte staged a large rally this past weekend and had over 350 souls present in attendance! Most positively, at least 6 priests were present performing minor exorcisms on the PP facility  and blessing the crowd.  Reader MFG apprised me of this and I am glad to share his photo with you:


In addition, the event garnered strong media coverage, quite a change from Dallas where even 10,000 souls at the March for Life elicits at best a back-page 100 word mention in the Dallas Morning News and which is embargoed entirely by the radio and TV media.

Finally, MFG also shared the following, which apparently appeared on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Facebook page:


That’s a move in the right direction.  Typically, a good number of evangelical-types had to blaspheme the Mother of God and denigrate her key role in the economy of salvation as the Mediatrix of all Grace through their ignorance and hostility.  It takes a pretty rare politician these days to post something like this.  May his governance be always in accord with the virtues and Truth enshrined in Our Lady.

Not Assumption-related, but still my favorite image of the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of the Expectation:

Our Lady of the Expectation


1. M.Violet - August 19, 2015

Given the history and mandate of PP the streets of every city in North American should be overflowing with Black women and men. This business was established to effectively wipe your race off the face of the earth people.

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