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The proto-restoration makes a little progress August 17, 2015

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Some good news for a change.  The proto-restoration makes a bit of progress of late.

Instance one: the remodeled FSSP parish in Minneapolis:

New is on the right

New is on the right

This church was far from the worst in its prior condition, but I think the improvement is palpable, no?  Please can we get rid of the carpet in our churches?  It is a daily prayer for me that altar rails be reinstalled in all Catholic parishes, too, and that table altars be gotten rid of!  Personally, I could do with more visible art on display including murals on the walls, but the Fraternity seems to be more low key?

I know the priest in Minneapolis.  He’s a good man.  I miss him!

Via Sensus Fidelium, a Missa Cantata was offered in Lima, Peru recently.  The video isn’t that great, but you can still enjoy the panoply of Catholic art and images of Saints present in this church.  Now that’s definitely more my style, save for the overly bright lights surrounding the altar. Nevertheless, this is glorious.  More like this:

On another positive note, America Needs Fatima’s petition to the Holy Father to defend the immemorial Doctrine of the Faith on marriage, the family, and other moral doctrines has been signed by nearly half a million souls.  If you have not signed the petition, yet, I urge you to do so, for what its worth.

Along similar lines, the Credo Priests effort to get US-based priests to sign an oath to always uphold and defend the moral doctrine of the Faith no matter what comes out of any Synods of dubious doctrinal authority now has nearly 1200 signatures.  However, that’s still only about 2.5% of American priests, vice the nearly 10% of priests from England and Wales who signed onto a similar effort in their own countries.  I was also surprised at the paucity of priests from the Fraternity of St. Peter on the list – fewer than 2 dozen by my count have signed on (though I thank and pray for those who have).  I have to believe that is because they are unaware of the effort.  If you don’t see a good priest’s name on the list and you have some means of contacting them, inviting them to do so with great charity would be a wonderful thing to do.  I believe the list is still being actively updated.




1. AnnaMaria - August 18, 2015

I think all of us should contact our priests if they are not on the list. To all the FSSP Priests in Texas, Please sign!
I see many priests I know that are not on there, but ought to be.

2. c matt - August 18, 2015

That restoration is a 100% improvement. Some Icon type mural on the back wall might be nice, but then might also distract from the tabernacle, which appears to be its own mini-castle – I like!!!

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