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Fr. Carota on living in the present moment August 18, 2015

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Super post from Fr. Carota:  don’t let your legitimate worries and concerns get the best of you and ruin your relationship with God and His Church (all as in original I add only comments):

Every one of us has a list of serious concerns right now, (or what we call problems).  Having problems is simply part of being human.  Believe it or not, everyone, no matter how it may appear, has problems, concerns and cares.

So there is IMMEDIATE HELP to help us deal with our problems.

  1. First, turn to God right now in prayer and trust, with blind faith, so that He will help us right now with our problems.  It may not be instantaneous, but He will show us a way to get through what we are now experiencing.
  2. Then, put these problems in perspective, so that you stop worrying and have PEACE right now.  That is what this article is about.

So the first thing to do is write down a list of everything that you are worried about right now, (use the list below as suggestions to get you personal list started).

I am worried right now about;

  • Our pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests,
  • Our Church,
  • Our country,
  • Our president,
  • My family,
  • My marriage,
  • Our children, grandchildren and godchildren……..
  • My Temptations,
  • My vices…..[More suggestions at Fr. Carota’s blog – you get the point]

Now take time to go over this list and write down exactly what it is that you are concerned about this problem.  Then put your worries in order, according to how serious or urgent the problem is.

Then go over this list, starting with the worst problem, with these criteria.

  • Am I absolutely sure this problem will happen?  When?
  • Do I have the resources, knowledge and intelligence to handle this problem?
  • Is there a solution I have forgotten about?
  • Who can I get to help me with this problem?
  • Am I making my problem bigger than it really is?
  • When will I begin, (not procrastinate), to deal with my problem?
  • Is this problem something I have no influence over and need to let go of?
  • When I worry about this problem, do I pray to God, Mary, the Angels, saints for help?
  • Does fear keep me from confronting my problems?
  • Are my fears realistic?
  • Have I overblown the problem?

Now you need to come up with a Godly attitude about the situation, or problem, you are so worried about.  Here is an example.  Say you are worried about your husband who has left you.  A Godly attitude will tell you to do all you can to be reconciled, but keeping in mind that you only can control your own actions, not his.

The other very very important ATTITUDE to have is reminding ourselves that we only have this moment right now.  We have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER WHAT COULD HAPPEN THE NEXT MOMENT.  Yes, we have control in the sense that we can make wise decisions right now on how we will live the next moment, but in all truth, we only have this moment.  We could die right now.  The people causing the problem could die, move, change their mind, repent, at any time too…….

Be not therefore solicitous for tomorrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.  Matthew 6:34.

The passage that comes right before this shows how to avoid problems and to receive from God what we need.

Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

If we are seeking to serve Christ the King first in our life, then all else will eventually fall in place for our good………

……….Please keep your list of problems and concerns.  A week, a month, a year later, review it again.  You will be very surprised that most of what you were concerned about never came to anything and that somehow or other you pass through the rest, (hopefully with prayer for God’s help, good decisions and actions and the help of good people).

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know, that in the end, God is incharge and will take care of us and bring good out of all our sufferings and problems.  We are truly in HIs loving hands……..

………Above all, pray for those who are going through difficult situations and problems.

———-End Quote———-

I note from the above that I do worry and get excited about things that I have no worldly or natural control over.  I worry about the upcoming Synod, about Pope Francis, the Kasperite gambit, the modernist revolution, etc.  I have precious little way, aside from prayer and penance, to influence any of those things.  I try to make people aware of what’s going on and, I think more importantly, to help reassure souls that action X is wrong and why matter Z is scandalous.  But that’s a very long way from solving what tends to concern me.

Some folks may not like this post. They may think it overly minimizes righteous indignation at the state of the Church and the ongoing scandals we are surrounded with.  That’s not my intent, nor do I think it is Father Carota’s, either.  I would hope that anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that I am not some on-the-payroll apologist or Pollyanna.  The point is that while we all get scandalized by things, don’t let  yourself get scandalized out of the Faith!  That does happen, and we may have even more abundant reasons in the future to be tempted to do just that.  Certainly be concerned and involved but use that as something that draws you closer to our Lord and a more perfect practice of virtue, not as an excuse to give up, become a rage-aholic, or God forbid, leave the Church for the sects or somewhere else.

In Narcotics Anonymous, there is a saying, which I will paraphrase as: don’t mess yourself to get revenge.  Sometimes when recovering addicts get really hurt by someone they are tempted to use again.  They go back into active addiction to hurt the one who hurt them back, but the one who really pays the price for such folly is the addict.  Likewise, many of us feel hurt and wounded by the leadership of the Church of late.  You get the point.

Turn it to something else.  Keep that fire of zeal that scandal can inspire but direct it towards becoming a Saint.

h/t reader Skeinster



1. tg - August 18, 2015

Thanks for the post. I’m going to do the list as Father suggests. I agree with your comments.

2. H-town - August 19, 2015

In this life not a single day will stand still for us. Each of them flies quickly away. Each seems to be gone before it even comes. Take this day on which I speak to you; much of it has already disappeared. We can’t even hold onto this moment where we are now. It flies away and another one comes only to fly away in turn. What is it you love so much in this life? You embrace it and hold onto it and try to keep it. But it does not stand still and it does not let you stand still. All those things you considered precious fly away. Do you want to find a stable place to stand? Stand with the Lord Jesus who remains forever and listen to him. With him you can stand secure forever.

A most unhappy reality is this: we can stem neither the flow of time, nor the drifting away of those we have loved. True, those we love and have loved are separated from us for a while as the currents move us in different directions; but the happy fact is that we will all meet at the same destination. There the river of our times empties into that eternal sea where God waits to embrace us.
-St. Augustine

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