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Grave moral dangers of the public school system August 19, 2015

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A good video on the influences that kids get exposed to in public schools in particular, but many of these same dangers exist in private schools, including Catholic schools.  The video is not long, I especially recommend you listen to the last 15 minutes, the first part does deal with a topic that has now long passed.

If we are not guided by the Holy Spirit, we are either guided by fallen human spirit or by the evil ones.  What kind of spirits guide children in schools where God is deliberately excluded and even prayer is banned?  It’s not the Holy Spirit.  What kind of immoral things do children learn in school?  I’ve always felt one of the greatest dangers in school is not necessarily from the teachers or formal educational program – though with Obergefell and the imposition of pseudo-sodo-marriage this gets worse every day – but from the other students!  One has no control over who one’s child is exposed to at school, and to some degree, your child can be influenced by the least well-raised child there.

The Catholic schools as a system in these United States of America is a disaster. Anecdotes follow.  As to the anecdote regarding First Communion, I know this priest, and he is not unreasonably rigorous when it comes to this subject.  For younger kids, he’s pretty much satisfied if they understand what the Real Presence means. I think we can take away from this anecdote the sure knowledge that these particular Catholic HIGH school students did not comprehend or believe in the Real Presence, at least.

Great quotes by Pius XI and Leo XIII.

It is understood that for various reasons, not all people can homeschool.  I fully understand this.  Not all people who perhaps have the monetary ability to homeschool have the virtues required to do so.  That is not necessarily a knock on them.  But Father brings up a great point, if you do place your kids in public or private schools, what are  you doing to insure they are protected – inoculated, if you will – against the dangers that will be present there?  This may sound incredible, but I know Father would agree, Catholic schools are often even more dangerous than public ones for young souls!  Decades ago Ven. Bishop Fulton Sheen was warning parents not to send their kids to Catholic schools, as the majority even then fell away!  The situation has grown much worse in the intervening years.  If you do send your kids to Catholic schools, never assume they are learning the Faith there.  Believe me on this.  In fact, what is typically taught is a form of progressive indifferentism with a patina of Catholicism that often proves an irresistible formula for falling away from the Church and never returning.  There are very few exceptions to this rule, and I honestly believe there are ZERO exceptions in this Diocese.  It is possible for kids in Catholic schools to remain Catholic, but it will require constant vigilance and serious effort on the part of the parents to insure they do so.

And now I am getting reports from a number of parents that the Diocese of Dallas is moving to restrict what resources homeschooling parents use in the formation of their children, and seem to be encouraging pastors to set up much more formal, monitored programs that are required to use “approved” books and manuals.  The Baltimore Catechism, This Is The Faith, My Catholic Faith, The Catechism Explained, etc., are not on the list, but problematic USCCB-approved works are.  There may be more on this later.

A final note: I know I personally learned some really bad things at far too young an age, and was left cursed by an “oversexualization” that caused me many, many problems later in life.  I won’t go into detail but I had a friend in elementary school who (I know not how) knew WAAAAY too much and shared all that with me.  So basically by age 9 or 10 I knew all the ins and outs of the marital act, sodomy, etc., and had gone a pretty far way towards actualizing this knowledge.  If it weren’t for reticence on the part of various young girls, I would certainly have actualized all that I possibly could have.  And that, my friends, was over 30 years ago, in an affluent Dallas suburb, behavior ongoing among the honor students.  5 or 6 years later, those same honor students were getting blotto drunk on weekends and random hookups were a regular occurrence.  Stomachs were pumped, pregnancies were concealed, but most managed to muddle through. 10 years later, in the early 90s, doctors were shocked to find rates of serious STDs skyrocket among 12-15 year old girls in a different affluent suburb, this one outside Atlanta.  Some investigation found that literally scores of girls had, under the influence of satellite porn that several of their parents had subscribed to, already had hundreds of partners.  Think about that.




1. Kate - August 20, 2015

Thank you, this was the sermon that convicted me to homeschool 5 years ago. I have had to put my kids in school for a few years because of health problems, but pulled all of them out again this year. I needed this reminder as we delve back into the books amid tears for friends, it is really trying on me… Please pray for us!

Baseballmom - August 20, 2015

Prayers for you Kate. Many prayers….

2. Angelic Doctor Games - August 20, 2015

Who was this exorcist who warned against listening to or even just looking at the current president?

Tantumblogo - August 20, 2015

I think it was Fr. Gabriel Amorth. I don’t know about looking at him but I know whenever I listen to him I tend to lose my peace.

tg - August 20, 2015

I can’t look or listen to him. If he comes on the radio, I turn it off or switch stations and say “shut up, you stupid idiot”. Same for Hiliary, Nancy P. One time Mark Levin and I said at the same time.

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