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Pope Francis falsely accused and grievously insulted President of Paraguay during SA trip+Peronism! August 21, 2015

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Has anyone else seen this?  Reported by Sandro Magister, when in Paraguay, Pope Francis – on the thinnest of grounds – accused the government of having kidnapped citizens and held them forcibly.  The government of Paraguay is conservative.  This was after he had praised the leftist governments of Bolivia and Ecuador to the skies.  Pope Francis appears to have assumed the worst about Paraguay being a “right wing dictatorship” and using ugly, inhumane methods against its citizens, but he got one small fact wrong: the citizens were actually kidnapped by a Marxist group that has received support from leftist elements in the Church, and which has been waging a low-level guerrilla war against the government for years.  Oops:

But it can be added that Francis is also beginning to weigh the disadvantages of an excessively nonchalant communicative orality.

When for example he insists on the necessity of subjecting his own words to a correct “hermeneutic” – as he did in the press conference on the return flight to Rome from his latest journey – Francis may have had in mind the colossal gaffe into which he fell on July 11 in Asunción, speaking off-the-cuff to representatives of civil society and to the highest public authorities of Paraguay.

There, at a certain point, he said:

“Before ending, I’d like to make reference to two things. In doing this, as there are political authorities present here, including the President of the Republic, I wish to say this fraternally. Someone told me: ‘Look, Mr so-and-so was kidnapped by the Army, please do something to help!’. I do not know if this is true, or if it is not true, if it is right, or if it is not right, but one of the methods used by dictatorial ideologies of the last century, which I referred to earlier, was to separate the people, either by exile or imprisonment, or in the case of concentration camps, Nazis and Stalinists excluded them by death. For there to be a true culture of the people, a political culture, a culture of the common good, there must be quick and clear judicial proceedings. No other kind of strategy is required. Clear, concise judgments. That would help all of us. I do not know whether or not this exists here, and I say it with the greatest respect. I was told this as I came here, I was given this information here. I was asked to make a request about someone I do not know. I did not manage to grasp the surname of the person involved.” [One imagines that Pope Francis was probably here used as a puppet by the very left-wing group that did the kidnapping to embarrass and undermine the government]

The name that Francis had not “grasped” was that of Edelio Murinigo, an official abducted more than a year ago not by the regular army of Paraguay – as the pope had understood – but by a self-proclaimed “Ejército del pueblo paraguayo,” a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group active in the country since 2008.

And yet, in spite of his stated and emphasized ignorance in the case, Francis was not afraid to use the paltry and confused information gathered shortly beforehand to “fraternally” accuse the blameless president of Paraguay of nothing less than a crime compared to the worst misdeeds of the Nazis and Stalinists. [Indeed.  A diplomatic gaffe of the highest order, and one that was completely unnecessary.  Even had the accusation been true, bringing this subject to the fore at that setting would have been a grave mistake. The Pope who could not bring himself to condemn a blasphemous, politicized crucifix falsely accused another government of murderous acts. This despite the fact that leftist regimes (including the Nazis and Stalinists) have killed far more citizens than any ostensible “right wing” governments]

Another interesting article from Magister here.  Consider it a proposition for weekend reading.  This second article looks at the upcoming presidential election in Argentina and Francis’ clear alignment with the socialist-Peronist Kirchner camp.  An excerpt from this later article:

But the true political “manifesto” of pope Bergoglio was the lengthy speech he gave in Santa Cruz, Bolivia to the anti-globalization “popular movements” of Latin America and the rest of the world, which he gathered around him for a second time less than a year after the previous meeting in Rome, in both cases with a seat in the front for the “cocalero” president of Bolivia, Evo Morales……[Saying, in effect, I’ve got your six, bro!]

Rereading these two speeches, it is striking how their “distinguishing mark” – to borrow the words of Marco Olivetti – is “populism, identification with a good ‘people,’” precisely what characterizes in Argentina the socialistic Peronism of the Kirchner era, during which the recipients of state funds tripled and now total 15.3 million, 36 percent of the population.

The “people” in which Pope Francis sees the avant-garde of a worldwide revolution against the transnational empire of money is the one that he himself describes as made up of “waste-collectors, recyclers, peddlers, seamstresses or tailors, artisans, fishermen, farmworkers, builders, miners.” To them belongs – he says – the future of humanity. Thanks to a process of their rise to power that “overflows the logical procedures of formal democracy.”

In the judgment of James V. Schall, former professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington, the speech in Santa Cruz is “pure Bergoglio,” with a political vision “closer to Joachim of Fiore than to Augustine of Hippo”[Ouch. Given that Joachimite ideas were condemned by the Church (though Joachim himself was not) and thoroughly refuted by Aquinas, that’s not a positive comparison.  Joachimites believed in a “new age” of the Holy Ghost in which the Church would fall away, or no longer be necessary, and Catholics, heretics, and pagans would unite in a new, worldly, invisible Church of “good works.”  Doctrine was not important, even works were not so important as intent, the desire to “do good.”  Sound familiar?  Actually I’m narrowing Joachimite belief a bit for effect, but you get the picture]

But also from Cristina Kirchner’s party and from the Bergoglian circles there have come gestures of calculated support for these perspectives of the pope.

Last March, Argentine minster of culture Teresa Parodi organized in the immense and jam-packed Teatro Cervantes, in downtown Buenos Aires, a Foro Internacional por la Emancipación y la Igualdad that lined up the worldwide “stars” of the anti-capitalist opposition. [“International Forum for Emancipation and Equality]

And on the afternoon of March 13 there came to the microphone one after another the Brazilian Leonardo Boff, the liberation theologian who converted to the religion of mother earth, the Italian Gianni Vattimo, philosopher of “weak thought,” and the Argentine Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, archbishop chancellor of the pontifical academies of sciences and of social sciences and a key advisor of pope Bergoglio. [And whom we have seen veer very hard left under this pontificate, while behaving in an indecorous and unworthy manner, ascribing, without ANY justification, the most hateful motives to critics of Laudato Si and the embrace of abortionists and population control freaks by the Vatican]

To great applause and with a satisfied Sánchez Sorondo beside him, Vattimo made the case for a new communist and “papist” International, with Francis as its undisputed leader, the only one capable of leading a political, cultural, and religious revolution against the excessive power of money, in the “civil war” underway in the world that – he said – is disguised as a fight against terrorism but is in reality the class conflict of the 21st century against the multitude of all the opponents of capitalism. [Wow.  Is this what Francis believes?]

Seeing is believing. Vattimo’s harangue, in Spanish, is between the 15 and 51-minute mark of the video of this session of the forum, followed by remarks from Sánchez Sorondo and Boff:

For fluent Spanish speakers, the video is here.

Just unbelievable.  It truly is 1963 all over again, but the second time as farce.  All these dried up old men trying to pretend they are the vanguard of something new.  I don’t know why, I just have a feeling whatever it is they are trying to achieve is going to end in embarrassing failure.  These guys are not the vibrant actors they were 30-40 years ago.  They’re very tired old men, acting out a fantasy.  Oh, incredible damage will be done, no doubt, but I have a growing suspicion that they simply won’t be able to get away with what they got away with in the late 60s – early 80s period.

We shall see.  Stay vigilant and pray pray pray.



1. Peter M - August 21, 2015

You think this is bad, Did you know the Pope was planning to cross the border in Mexico into America?

The Holy Father would enter the United States by crossing the Mexican border if he had the time, according to Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the head of a papal advisory group of cardinals, during remarks in March before a Georgetown University audience. – See more at: http://cdn.rollcall.com/news/immigration_could_get_push_from_pope_francis-243331-1.html?popular=true&pos=hatxt&cdn_load=true&zkPrintable=1&nopagination=1#sthash.qJYcMLvz.dpuf

Baseballmom - August 21, 2015

Yeah, saw that. If I could round up a thousand non-Catholics to storm one of his Masses and DEMAND TO RECEIVE ALL THE SACRAMENTS OF THE CHURCH – NOW – I would do it.

Guest - August 24, 2015

Don’t give him ideas.

2. tg - August 21, 2015

It never ends. I just read in Lifesite News that PF admires Obama. How can anyone admire someone who advocates partial birth abortions and support Barren Parenthood. PF hasn’t said a thing about the baby parts harvesting, has he? I really dread the US visit. It’s going to be sickening and embarrassing to hear the media and the Pollyanna Catholic media spinning the story.

Baseballmom - August 21, 2015

Going to check out a week before his arrival and check back in a week after he is gone…. Will be praying….

3. Magdalen - August 21, 2015

I do not know what this pope is–socialist?, other?–but I do not see him so much as a ‘son of the Church’.

4. Camper - August 23, 2015

PF and Obama are birds of a feather.

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