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Refuting the embarrassing USCCB puff-piece on Cuba August 21, 2015

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Reader FM sent me a link to an article by the Catholic News Service – the official PR arm of the USCCB – on the ongoing normalization of relations between the United States and Cuber, which an earlier democrat called “that imprisoned island.”  Incredibly, the article repeatedly tries to claim that the Cuban economy is so pitiful, and the Church is so repressed, not because of a vicious, repressive communist kleptocracy (the Castros are reputedly worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars), but because of the 55 year old US economic embargo.

The U.S. trade embargo against Cuba turns 55 in October, and its effects are clear in the dilapidated buildings, scant food supply of Cuban stores and infrastructure around the island…….[No nuance. No mention of communism.  To the leftist who wrote this article, apparently completely ignorant of history, Cuba’s disastrous economic condition is due solely to the US economic boycott]

………”Certainly the conference (of bishops) in the United States, in conjunction with the Cuban bishops’ conference, for many years, has favored that kind of action, the lifting of the embargo,” Coll said. Such a move can bring about greater dialogue, commerce and contact with the Cuban people, their government, and foster human rights, freedom and democracy, just as it did in the similar landscape of Eastern Europe after the Berlin Wall fell, he said[This is a total rewrite of history.  What “fostered human rights, freedom, and democracy” after the Berlin Wall fell?  Why DID the wall fall?  BECAUSE THE COMMUNIST STATES HAD ALREADY IMPLODED!!! Sheesh how blindly ideological do you have to be!  The proper comparison is not the Eastern Europe, which had already thrown off the shackles of repression before relations were normalized, but with CHINA, and Vietnam fro that matter, where relations have been normalized with brutal authoritarian communist regimes, and that normalization has only helped further entrench those anti-Catholic governments in power.  The exact same will happen in Cuba, and the USCCB is rooting for it.]

“The more they were able to rely on commerce and engage in dialogue with the West, the more possible it became for their own societies to be able to open up to human rights advances and eventually to a move toward democracy rather than pulling away from the West,” Coll said. [Once again, this is inverting history.  The opening to the West prior to late 1989 was trivial and nascent, it did not involve full trade or completely normal relations until AFTER the Eastern European regimes had fallen or were in the process of imploding.  The communist regime in Cuba shows no sign of doing either]

……Even St. John Paul II, an ardent opponent of communism, favored lifting the sanctions.

“Embargoes,” he said while addressing a group of young people during his visit to Cuba in 1998, “are always deplorable because they hurt the most needy.” [Then why don’t you address how the Cuban regime embargoes the vast amount of wealth and aid they receive from other nations into their own pockets and maintaining themselves in power?  The Soviets poured billions into Cuba over 30 years but that did not help the populace at all, virtually all of it went to maintaining the regime in power. And mind you, while the US has had an embargo, Cuba has been free to trade with every European, South American, and North American nation.  The US is not so all powerful as to have condemned Cuba to grinding poverty single-handedly.  No, the communist regime has done that. The average Cuban today is must poorer than he was before the revolution, while the party elite live like kings.]

Any benefits that come from the historic thaw have the potential to affect more than just relations between Cuba and the U.S., Coll said.

“Cuba is a key that unlocks many other doors within Latin America,” said Coll. “You can think about the situation in Venezuela, for example … that’s related very much to what’s happening in Cuba.” [If you mean Venezuela is imitating Cuba’s disastrous descent into communism through leftist demagoguery, you’re absolutely right.  I don’t see how suddenly pretending Cuba is a wonderful, enlightened place is going to do anything to help Venezuela.]

Success with Cuba can lead to success addressing issues such as religious freedom, violence and poverty in other neighboring nations. And that’s very much an interest of Pope Francis but it’s also not an interest that began with him, Coll said.

“Sometimes in the press, and elsewhere, there’s a desire to talk about how Francis is a revolutionary and so different from other popes, but on Cuba policy and on many other issues, including even economic policy, I would argue that Francis is very much in the tradition of Benedict XVI, John Paul II, going back to Leo XIII, so this is a chain … it really is a pretty unbroken chain,” Coll said.

Please.  Leo XIII would have had nothing to do with Cuba so long as it remained communist and so nakedly anti-Catholic.  JPII went to Cuba and condemned the regime to its face.  Benedict XVI repeated the condemnation, though in a muted manner.  Is that what we’ll see from Pope Francis?  Or will he continue his theme of the people rising up to throw off the shackles of capitalist oppression?

Next post will examine just how socialist/communist regimes work, and how they must be opposed.

Meanwhile, the USCCB seems to have little concern for how this regime has all but destroyed the Faith in Cuba and continues to violently repress the few remaining Catholics.  It’s all our fault, somehow.

As FM said, what an absolute joke.




1. tg - August 21, 2015

You’re just full of good news today. (One of my comments in the blog on homosexuals is not showing.)

2. tg - August 21, 2015

I’m kidding about being full of good news. (I read your comment on needing prayers.)

3. tg - August 21, 2015

Is Word Press deleting certain words? You know that word that means is totally revolting to God that is used in scripture to describe a certain act.

Tantumblogo - August 21, 2015

I don’t know. I did just release 2 or 3 comments from you, though. See if they are OK

4. tg - August 21, 2015

The words starts with an “a”. Comments using that word are being deleted.

5. Baseballmom - August 22, 2015

USCCB – useful idiots.

6. The Bear - August 22, 2015

The USCCB typifies a Church of secularists that has lost a supernatural vision. They’re talking about what is most important to them, just like Pope Francis is: achieving heaven on earth, because it probably doesn’t really exist in the way Catholics used to believe.

7. Z carvajal - August 23, 2015

As a Cuban-American, I thank you. I’ve recently had to explain over and over again just what the history if Communist Cuba has been. Most Americans are ignorant, but I expect better from my Church and I don’t expect left wing ideology to be do pronounced.
Thank you! Viva Cuba Libre!

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