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The Revolution stands in constant opposition to the Church……. August 21, 2015

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……and the two can never be effectively reconciled.

So says Fr. Augustine Berthe in his biography of Garcia Moreno.  I thought this made a pretty good companion to the previous two posts, so I’ll defer completion of the catechesis on the Sunday obligation till Monday – God willing!

I’m out of time, so here goes:

As a true Christian statesman, Garcia Moreno believed that God had sent His Son upon earth to govern nations as well as souls; and that in consequence the true Constitution of a people should have Jesus Christ for its Head, and the Evangelic Code for its formula.  Under this first and great authority, the State is formed, sword in hand, to defend the liberty and action of the Church, and to provide for the order and material well-being of the nation, so that the children of the Church should enjoy that superabundance  of all good things promised to those who seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice. This secondary organ of government should be united to the Church as the body is to the soul, and on their regular and combined operations depend the good order of State, the prosperity of society, and the true liberty of individuals.

……The revolution had so worked upon men’s minds during this last century, [written ca. 1878] that they have forgotten the first notions of social organization.  They eliminate the main wheel of this organization, that is, the Church, the source of all truth and justice, and they make the people absolute sovereigns: so that society, having neither head nor heart, neither God nor Master, becomes prey of the Revolutionists, who divide the spoils.  Thus the Revolution takes advantage of the credulity of the people under the specious names of liberty and independence.  Even certain Catholics do not escape this Liberal infatuation.  They boast of Constitutions based on the abominable doctrine of the sovereignty of the people, and on the subordination of the Church to the State, under the hypocritical formula of “a free Church in a free State.”  In his Encyclicals and in the Syllabus, Blessed Pius IX condemned the favorite theses of the radicals, “that the Church should reconcile Herself with modern civilization,” and that “liberty of worship did not lead to indifferentism and immorality.”  Garcia Moreno exclaimed on hearing some Catholics defend such opinions: “They do not understand that if the Syllabus remains a dead letter, society is at an end! If the Pope has put true social principles before us, it is because the world needs them if it is not to perish!”  

……..Parliamentary absolutism is, in fact, the most formidable engine of despotism which the world has ever known; yet it is presented to the people as a type of truly Liberal Government. It is, in fact, the masterpiece of revolutionary duplicity.

———–End Quote———-

There is a great deal to unpack in the above.  But know this, first and foremost: what Fr. Berthe’ wrote in 1878 was certainly the solid, orthodox Catholic belief of the time, espoused by popes and clearly in line with the constant Magisterium of the Church.  The vast departures we have seen in many quarters of the Church since that time are just that: departures from the constant belief and practice of the Faith.

Going through the above: the Church is endowed by God with the first portion, She should always hold men’s first allegiance.  Government that proposes “freedom of religion” in fact subordinates the Church to the State, which was exactly the goal of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, Voltaire, and all the other endarkenment theorists whose thinking is the sine qua non of virtually every government on this planet.  All these men sought a way to subordinate religion, and especially the Catholic Church, to the power of the state.  And as noted above, in so doing, they have created a society where indifferentism and immorality are rife as never before in the annals of Christendom, or what’s left of it.  You can read Ferrara’s Liberty: The God that Failed for a deep analysis of this key point.

The final key point, and it is discussed in much more depth in the video below, is this: “Liberal” government, far from endowing freedom and empowerment on the people, actually reduces them to a form of serfdom never before seen in the history of the world. Never before has government, or any authority, had the audacity to take the majority of the produce of a man in the form of taxation.  Even the lowest serfs were taxed by their liege lords at levels far below what most are taxed today in our “free republic.”  And that is only the beginning.  The Liberal government, because it claims to derive its power from the people, in the people’s name can assign itself powers orders of magnitude beyond what even the harshest medieval “despot” would have dared centuries ago.  This is an odd phenomenon, but actually a stroke of psychological brilliance: if a government claims to derive its power from God and to be aloof from the “will of the people,” men will tend to guard very jealously their own prerogatives and circumscribe as tight limits on that government as they can.  But in a government that claims to arise from the “sovereignty of the people,” that tendency to jealously guard against excesses from the government evaporates, because people have bought into the chimera that they have a say, or some form of control, over the limits of that government, and thus NSA wire taps and e-mail sifting, CCTV cameras on every street corner, and such a proliferation of federal laws that virtually every citizen of the country is an unindicted felon on numerous counts must be OK, because “we voted for this.” Or something.

Anyway, I am out of time, D is right, Charles Coulombe speaks in a very garbled way, but this is an excellent video that fleshes out many of the points above.  It’s a long interview but I highly recommend you listen attentively:

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