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Rome names square after Luther; Vatican says great! August 26, 2015

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The Vatican has given its backing to a central Rome square being named after Martin Luther, a church reformer excommunicated by the pope nearly 500 years ago……..

……..Luther was excommunicated in 1521 and was never allowed to return to the Catholic Church, but now the Vatican’s views have changed. [As much as I’d like to, I really don’t think I can rebut this statement]

Next month a hilltop square in Rome is due to be named Piazza Martin Lutero, in memory of Luther’s achievements. The site chosen is the Oppian Hill, a park area that overlooks the Colosseum.

The move has been six years in a making, following a request made by the Seventh-day Adventists, a Protestant denomination, Italian daily La Repubblica said. The original plan was to inaugurate the square in time for the 500th anniversary of Luther’s historic trip to Rome in 2010. City officials were not able to discuss the process behind naming the square or the reason for the holdup.

Despite Luther being thrown out of the Catholic Church during his lifetime, the Vatican reacted positively to news of the square’s upcoming inauguration. “It’s a decision taken by Rome city hall which is favorable to Catholics in that it’s in line with the path of dialogue started with the ecumenical council,” said the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, deputy director of the Vatican press office, referring to a gathering of churchmen to rule on faith matters.

The move contrasts sharply from views held by Luther around the time of his visit to Rome, when it was said he repeated the saying“If there is a hell, Rome is built over it.”…… [also: “Rome is a satanic city,” “Rome is the seat of the antichrist,” and “The Pope is the devil’s servant.”]

…….within Italy there are very few Protestants; just 435,000 Italian citizens identify as Protestant, according to research published in 2012 by the Center for Studies on New Religions. Catholicism continues to be the dominant religion, with 97.9 percent of Italy’s 60 million residents having been baptized Catholic as of 2009.

Which makes one wonder if this was really an innocent decision made by Roman city authorities, of if there might even have been Vatican pressure applied to induce them to rule favorably.  Given that the officials sat on the request for 6 years, and then, a couple of years into Francis’ reign, there is suddenly a change, I have to wonder if there is not a connection.

But with only a handful of Italian protestants, it seems incredible than a major Roman piazza would be renamed in Luther’s honor.  What an affront to the millions of Catholics killed at protestant hands, and the great sufferings of so many Saints to win souls back to the Faith!

This different religion thing is getting out of hand, is it not?



1. The Lord's Blog - August 26, 2015

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

2. frankljs - August 26, 2015

I keep pinching myself trying to wake up from this ecumenical madness. We are surrounded by ignorant sell outs, incessant apologies, and approval seeking prelates who will sell the church for not 30 pieces of silver, but for as little as a handshake and a smile. How embarrassing.

3. Dismas - August 27, 2015

Tantum I am glad you are a young man. If I had all day long to do this I still could not keep up with all of the anti-Catholic anecdotes about the men at the top of the Catholic Church.

4. BOB - August 27, 2015

are you kidding me martin luther the anti semetic nutjob who caused Christian disunity.Also seven day Adventist are the most anti catholic of all.

BOB - August 27, 2015

how about this we start talking about the positives of the catholic church and defender her as we lose our children and families to the heretics

5. RC - August 27, 2015

Clergy taunting God with their want to change Church teachings on marriage, the Vatican approving of naming a square after a one of the worst heretics in Church history. God better do something soon

6. tg - August 27, 2015

How embarrassing. Was else is new.

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