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A very good crowd turned out for the Dallas Planned Barrenhood protest August 27, 2015

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Reader PM sent in these photos. I’m really bummed I did not attend, I was out late the night before praying outside the strip club but the simple fact is that I forgot to go!  I didn’t remember until the next day.  Not very useful, that.

There were several scores of people who prayed and protested outside the Banned Parenthood South Dallas mill, though, and that is a great thing:



That’s a quite sizable crowd.  Great job, everyone!

Unfortunately, PM related that there were no priests or religious in attendance.  There continues to be a general paucity of priests praying outside abortion mills in this diocese, in marked contrast to some other dioceses.  I don’t want to say too much, but I have received some fairly direct hints from local priests who would very much like to have a regular presence outside abortion mills that such is frowned upon by the chancery.  At any rate, none were present for this particular protest.

On a related note, protestant pastor Stephen Broden, who ran for Congress in 2010 and used to be on the radio with Vicki Middleton quite a bit, was present and decried the fact that major black pastors in South Dallas do very little, if anything, to oppose the deliberate placement of abortion mills in the midst of their communities.  Not only do they not oppose abortion mills, men like TD Jakes and other prominent black pastors rarely speak against abortion, for fear of alienating a good portion of their flock – of which, statistically speaking, some 60% have taken part in procured abortion.  I was further disgusted to see a recent video showing TD Jakes just blowing off the significance of the Supreme Court decision legalizing pseudo-sodo-marriage, and even more, seeming to indicate he found little morally objectionable in sodomite behavior.

It is pretty weak solace knowing that it is not just Catholic shepherds who are leaving their flocks defenseless before the ravening wolves.

Stephen Broden is an effective speaker.  He was always entertaining to watch in the KSKY studios with Vicki and Jim:

Indeed, where are the pastors of those very large black churches?  And, for that matter, where is the black community in opposing this evil that strikes them gravely disproportionately.  The pro-life movement is almost entirely a Caucasian and HIspanic phenomenon.  To some degree that is to be expected since the pro-life community is dominated by Catholics and there have never been many African-American Catholics, but STILL, when you have a genocide aimed deliberately at your community, that afflicts blacks at rates 2-4 times greater than whites or Hispanics, shouldn’t that engender some kind of response, some kind of leadership from black pastors?  It does not, though.  Pastor Broden is a rare exception.

But these pastors won’t bring up the subject of abortion because blacks overwhelmingly favor keeping abortion legal (and, as the data shows, using it themselves), and they do not want to risk angering their source of income flocks. It’s a huge scandal in its own right, but don’t look for it to change anytime soon.

Meanwhile, brave men like Stephen Broden will continue to be ostracized by the community.


1. javaqueen6 - August 28, 2015

Somewhat unrelated, but still kind of related regarding your comment, “there have never been many African-American Catholics”.

I recently returned from a 2 week trip to France. My 2 older kids & I rented a car & traversed to a good number of sacred sites in the central/southern eastern portion of the country. The number of black people at Masses & at many of these places was really noticeable. Mostly b/c I just don’t see numbers like that, ever, over here. They were also the most likely to receive Communion kneeling & on the tongue. It was a counter-cultural experience of sorts, to see that the Catholic faith is so, well, catholic.

The only other place I’ve seen a “larger” number of black Catholics at Mass was the FSSP parish in the Atlanta area. Now that was a real surprise. It was actually a rather ethnically diverse crowd with blacks, Asians & middle-easterners all mixed in the congregation. I think of traditional Catholicism being a Caucasian thing, and again, seeing it be catholic was enlightening

And while I”m on this bunny trail, the other interesting thing about assisting at Mass in France was the complete lack of “congregational uniformity”. It was rather refreshing (we assisted at Masses in 10 different churches/7 cities). All throughout Mass there was never any uniformity to congregational body position, except to stand at the beginning, sit during the readings/homily & stand for the Gospel. And no one got in a tizzy about it.

Same with Communion. There were very good numbers receiving standing on the tongue & quite a number that would kneel & receive on the tongue. And wow, not one priest seemed to have issue with this.

Years ago, we were told at one parish that we shouldn’t kneel in the kneeler-less church b/c “uniformity of motion” is part of what defined us as a Catholic community. And this ranked higher than kneeling during the consecration (& besides all that, standing is as reverent as kneeling). Another priest at another parish called out people who knelt to receive Communion as not being obedient to the bishop & following the all important USCCB uniformity-norms established for our country.

AmChurch issues.

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