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Is it remotely possible for a Catholic to support Donald Trump? August 27, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, error, General Catholic, pr stunts, rank stupidity, secularism, self-serving, shocking, Society.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks Trump a complete fraud and charlatan.  I don’t know what the heck he’s doing, he isn’t building a normal campaign organization or wooing delegates to win a nomination, he’s on a massive self-promotion tour.

He is all over the map on policy, and he has already come out with many policies that are decidedly not conservative.  He has in fact been an exceedingly liberal New Yorker all his life.

And yet he’s polling 40% support among self-identified Republicans.  Judging from much of the commentary I’ve seen from his supporters, they apparently believe him when he says he’s an outsider and anti-establishmentarian.  Please.  He’s a multi-billionaire.  He has bragged many times in the past at how he has bribed local, state, and national level politicians.  Some of that may be hubris from his titanic ego, but I doubt he’s gotten those many sweet deals without greasing a lot of wheels.  Atlantic City, for one.

And yet his supporters are just manic that he is going to “teach the establishment Republicans a lesson,” that he’ll build a wall along the southern border, etc.  It all feels very scripted to me.  I think he’s a stalking horse for the very establishment he is being crafted to oppose, a way to get Republican voters to support a hyper-liberal candidate who lauds the Canadian health care system and has been a fervent supporter of abortion on demand without limitation, pseudo-sodo-marriage, and many other moral atrocities.

From the Catholic standpoint, I have to conclude the man is a joke.  He is the epitome of the areligious self-serving “if it feels good do it” sexular pagan crowd.  Several times now he has been questioned regarding his self-declared Christian beliefs and he has revealed himself to be utterly ignorant of even the most basic aspects of anything even remotely related to Christianity.  As a for instance, see the below:

You have be pretty ignorant of Christianity to be unable to name an Apostle or even a book of the Bible.  Throwing out “Ringo” isn’t cute, it’s profoundly disrespectful, bordering on blasphemy.  Dismissing the Apostles as “they’re all great guys, really super guys, great people”……..why speak in the present tense when the last Apostle died over 1900 years ago?

Judging by the comments from Trump supporters, they apparently either feel he is trying to declare himself above this kind of “gotcha” question (is it a gotcha if he makes being a Christian a significant part of his campaign, and when so many Republicans are Christian?) by giving flippant responses, or they just explain it away as unimportant along with all the other liberal, incoherent responses he’s given.

But none of this seems to matter.  His campaign is like a replay of ’08, where Obama said all these ridiculous things, real portents of doom for his administration, and yet people just loved him the more for it, constantly projecting their own vision on the false, blank canvas of the man the media and his campaign team created.

There’s something else, though.  A lot of his support seems to be built around the desire among a good number of conservatives for revenge upon the culture they feel has turned on them.  Witness this comment (language warning):

I cannot believe I’m typing this, but Trump is turning me. He has been nothing but a lib in the past, but honestly, I don’t see how he’ll be any worse than than the other R’s and will in fact be better because he is not beholden to the donors or the donor’s butt boys in Congress and will in fact kick them and the media in the nuts. So yeah, if we are going off the cliff, I want to ride in the Trump jet.

So it’s a gotterdammerung campaign, that’s the attraction?  Elect the most destructive candidate possible to speed the collapse of the United States, and if you can work in a lot of schadenfreude on your perceived enemies in the process, so much the better?

The question is, can actively conspiring to help destroy a nation be even remotely acceptable for a Catholic?  All my study, limited though it is, says no, as does my basis sensus fidei.

Pretty sad that we’re at a place in this nation’s decline where a good 40 or 50 million people see their best alternative as bringing about a national moral, economic, and political collapse, or who are just so twisted off at being ignored, belittled and put upon by the Republican establishment that they’ll go with a far left con artist just to stick it to ’em.  But this kind of death wish assumes that whatever comes in the wake of the collapse has to be better.  History shows that is a losing bet.  Collapse is almost always followed not by enlightened, benevolent government, but by ever increasing levels of despotism, as people will sacrifice almost anything to restore order.

So, vote for Trump, America’s Kerensky?

I tend to doubt many readers are feeling drawn towards supporting Trump, but if there are any, I’d be interested in hearing the reasons for that support.  I do agree that the Republican party has undergone an institutional crisis and transformation into something almost totally indistinguishable from the demonrat party, but how does Trump address that crisis?



1. Tim - August 27, 2015

Who is elected to office doesn’t matter if Russia remains unconsecrated. This whole mess can end with Francis and the Bishops publicly offering a 5 minute prayer. If the Vicar of Christ and his bishops cannot or will not obey a simple command delivered by the Blessed Mother, then what good can ANY politician do? Electoral politics are currently a farce.

2. Tim - August 27, 2015
Tantumblogo - August 27, 2015

Can you give me a synopsis?

Tim - August 27, 2015

She’s not for Mr. Trump and thinks he may be part of “the plan”. She also states that she believes that Mr. Trump sees a money making opportunity here. Ann is not shy about what she believes. I only listened to it once, but I think it’s interesting. I stopped when she got to Planned Barrenhood….preaching to the choir and I have work to do. The Trump part is about from 5:00~20:00 mark.

I do like that he is shaking up the mealy mouth liars that are the usual fare. The solution lies with the Pope, not the criminal politicians. Pray he garners the courage to consecrate Russia with all of the bishops.

Tantumblogo - August 27, 2015

“The solution lies with the Pope, not the criminal politicians”

Agreed. But that doesn’t mean we cannot discuss other things going on, like what the heck people see in this naked left wing charlatan (oops, I guess I tipped my hand).

The interesting thing is that support for Trump is almost religious conviction – asking critical questions or pointing out grave inconsistencies almost always results in a personal attack, being called “cuckservative,” being told you must love Jeb Bush, etc. Total emo response.

Tim Thunell - August 27, 2015

I agree that we should discuss and be aware of what these people are up to. I’ve been a political junkie most of my life and since I started practicing and studying the Faith I have gradually become more and more disillusioned with politics and politicians.

3. Murray - August 27, 2015

Disclaimer: Not a US citizen, but a denizen of the religious traditionalist branch of the alt-right.

Trump supporters run the gamut, from low-information voters attracted to populist rhetoric, to those who believe he’s actually sincere about his political beliefs, to those who have no deep affection for the man himself, but who appreciate the effect he’s having in forcing previously taboo issues into the public eye. If I was a voter, I’d be an uneasy member of the last group.

The backdrop to Trumpism is the dawning recognition that mainstream “conservative” parties in the West are uniformly worthless. They’ve successfully conserved nothing in the past 70 years, but have instead functioned as the Outer Party, the controlled opposition that provides the illusion of political choice in order to legitimate the program of the Inner Party, made up of the political left, the bureaucracy (aka the “permanent government”), the judicial branch, academia, and the media. The Inner Party wins every sociocultural battle against the feeble protests of the Outer Party, and shortly thereafter the Inner Party’s newly won gains become the new baseline for “conservatism”. For example, National Review is now completely comfortable with things they used to rail against such as feminism, multiculturalism, open borders, abortion, same-sex marriage, and the general degeneracy of modern society. They may have some polite debates over some of these issues, but the Overton Window moves inexorably to the left.

Note that only one of the several branches of the Inner Party is open to the democratic process–the political left–and while democracy is necessary to maintain the figleaf of the popular will, it’s the least effective means of enacting the left’s agenda. Instead, they use the media and academia to propagate leftist ideas, the bureaucracy to manage the day-to-day business of actual government (hello, IRS), and the judiciary to force through policies that they can’t get people to vote for.

Over the past few decades, one of the key strategies of all western leftist parties has been the liberalization of immigration laws in order to import new client voters. Immigrants reliably vote left to an overwhelming degree, even those with so-called “natural conservative” ethnic or religious backgrounds. In order to get this program past strong popular opposition, the Inner Party has marshalled all its branches in a full-court press, and has been wildly successful in changing the ethnic composition of their host countries. Sure, it causes serious social fragmentation, but the elites can insulate themselves from most of that, and the upside is that social disorder creates lots more jobs for the permanent government, hence even more clients/dependents for the Inner Party. For them, open immigration is the Golden Goose, a snowballing win/win process.

And what has the Outer Party’s response been to this fundamental societal transformation? Some pro forma grumbling quickly morphing into open acquiescence. Wouldn’t want to alienate the donor class, after all, or be called nasty names by the shrieking harpies of the left.

Note also that the Outer Party wins elections, often with resounding margins, as in the 2010 and 2014 US congressional ballots. Does this ever result in any significant movement towards conservative outcomes? Does Obamacare get repealed? Does Planned Parenthood get defunded? Does the Iran deal get halted? Does government spending ever decrease? To ask the questions is to answer them.

Enter Donald Trump. Yes, he’s a bit of a buffoon (but so are Jeb Bush, Joe Biden, Chris Christie, et al), and he’s not conservative (but then, neither is anyone else), and he’s not going to end abortion or stem cultural degeneracy (ditto), and he’s a fake Christian (mostly ditto), but he’s got three huge things going for him:

1. He has exposed the mendacity of the Republican elite, accustomed to foisting their handpicked candidates on the base and expecting everyone to line up and vote R.
2. He’s the first political figure in decades (possibly since Reagan) who refuses to be cowed by manufactured outrage, and who calls the media on their herd mentality.
3. He has picked up on the enormous groundswell of discontent at the Inner Party/elite program of population replacement.

Solely as a result of Trump, we’re seeing the hated, ineffectual Republican elite in a panic, the despised media confounded and set back on its heels, and immigration dragged back into the public eye after having been consigned by both party elites into the outer darkness.

What’s not to like about this? The longer Trump stays in, the more damage he does to a thoroughly corrupt and co-opted political establishment and its media enablers, and the more he forces ordinary people to think about the longer-term effects of population replacement. Without him, none of this would have occurred.

4. Murray - August 27, 2015

Check your spam filter, Tantum. I just dumped an excessively huge wall o’text comment in there, with a couple of hyperlinks. Feel free to delete if it’s too much.

5. MFG - August 27, 2015

I realize he’s a fraud and he’s pulling a fast one on conservatives. Why do so many support him? He’s the only candidate speaking as though the U.S. is in a major crisis. Many of us sense the U.S. has only 5-10 years left before it implodes. Yet all the other candidates do not sense the urgency and instead focus on technocratic solutions. If they truly believe there is a crisis they would not care about the political correctness and mundane speeches.

Trump on the other hand is acting like there is a crisis and throwing out the usual campaign techniques.

The problem isn’t him though, it’s the establishment GOP who created this guy by failing to do anything these last 15-20 years. Heck we can’t even defund Planned Parenthood after all the videos.

Can you imagine if the Bishops spoke out on moral issues like Trump does on immigration? The culture of death would be rolled up in months. 🙂

Baseballmom - August 27, 2015

“The problem isn’t him though, it’s the establishment GOP who created this guy by failing to do anything these last 15-20 years. Heck we can’t even defund Planned Parenthood after all the videos.” MFG, YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!! Thank you.

6. Ann Malley - August 27, 2015

I’m pro-Trump in as much as he is saying things that most are afraid to say and holding his ground (Even if he’s only making promises in order to get the vote.) The just-saying-it is refreshing. Especially when we look at the reality that all politicians are compromised, if not now, then once they take office.

Having someone speak openly on stage with politicians about what it means on the other end to donate money to a campaign is something Americans need to hear. It wakes folks up to the reality of the game of politics. And it is that.

It would seem that I’ve completely lost my ‘trust’ in any candidate to actually do what he/she says they will.

I only hope Pope Francis doesn’t endorse Bernie Sanders the Socialist. That’d be the real cherry on the cake.

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