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Weekend watching August 28, 2015

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Something old, something new for you to watch this weekend.  First, a very cool video, unfortunately in French, from JP Sonnen showing the Declaration of the Dogma of the Assumption by Venerable Pope Pius XII in 1950, in (mostly) glorious, living color:

The good old days, indeed. Rome and Saint Peter’s as it looked in the early 50s.  Sede gestoria and all! St. Peters brilliantly lit in candlelight! Unfortunately there was a serpent writhing just under the surface in all these scenes.  Incredible how far and fast the Church fell from this, to the first session of Vatican II.

On a more sour note (maybe watch the first video first, to feel better afterwards?) Johnnie V and Chris Ferrara discuss whether Catholics should fear the reaper Synod:

Second part here if you want to watch it.

More cowbell.



1. RC - August 31, 2015

It might be wishful thinking, or being overly optimistic but I had a conversation with a buddy of mine after Mass yesterday about Pope Francis and this synod, that like last year will more than likely be a disaster.

Under Benedict we knew that heterodoxy was widespread across the Church, however, most of them usually obeyed and never said anything. Now under Francis they feel bold and come out and say how they really feel, Dolan, Johan Bonny, Kasper, etc..

Is it possible that God is allowing Francis to happen as punishment to the Church? My optimistic thinking is that maybe the Cardinals/bishops/faithful will realize what an epic disaster that Francis has been and at the next conclave an amazing pope will be elected. I mean you pretty much have the entire continent of Africa speaking out against the synod, the bishops conference of Poland ready to resist the pope, I would like to think that people are starting to wake up and the rot that Francis is causing is the lance to the boil that will start to make it heal.

Thoughts on this?

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