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NO prayer vigil this week and another important update! August 31, 2015

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Men, there will be no prayer vigil outside the “Men’s Club” this week.  There is another event scheduled that some participant (including me) would like to attend on Wednesday.  I originally planned to move the vigil to Friday, but given the holiday weekend many may be out, so I am deferring the vigil to Wednesday September 9th.  I will try to send a group e-mail to this effect.

Secondly, I’ve received a number of requests for updates on how my wife is doing with her pregnancy.  The answer is we’ve had a couple of scares but she’s still pregnant and the baby seems OK.  We’re really missing her former OB who retired after our son was born.  Please continue your prayers, we are convinced they are making all the difference!  I am very gratified I chose to enlist your aid, in the past I was more reserved.



1. A Mom - August 31, 2015

Thank you so much for the pregnancy update. I have been wondering how things were progressing, but didn’t want to ask. I will keep praying.

2. MFG - August 31, 2015

Ditto. Have a Mass card for your wife will send your way this week hopefully.

MFG - August 31, 2015

And of course that’s hopeful news. Will continue to pray.

Tantumblogo - August 31, 2015

Oh wonderful, thank you so much.

3. Kathleen - August 31, 2015

So happy to hear your wife and baby have made it through the rough patches so far.

You continue to be in my prayers.

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