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Our planet doesn’t face an ecological crisis, but a spiritual one August 31, 2015

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That’s the thought that jumped to mind when I read Dallas Bishop Farrell’s latest blog post, wherein he repeats without criticism or caveat the sacred shibboleths of the “green” movement, that humankind is destroying the world, that “global warming” is significant and caused mostly by man, and much else besides.  He also attributes to skepticism on the part of some well-informed individuals, and recalcitrance on the part of governments, to being owned by the “polluters,” I guess through nefarious financial incentives (and where else have we heard that recently?).

But as one looks around most of the world, except for those locales where utterly unaccountable socialist governments hold sway or have recently, environmental standards have substantially improved in many areas.  In fact, standards keep getting made more and more stringent in many categories of pollutants in order to justify continued, massively expensive intervention.  Western countries have led the way in implementing these increasingly stringent standards, so that while some unfortunate exceptions remain, the air, water, and soil are generally much cleaner than they were 40-50 years ago.

Bishop Farrell acknowledges none of this.  From this blog post, one would have to conclude there has never been much of anything done to improve the environment and that the world stands at a most dangerous precipice (my emphasis and comments – if you want to skip the fisking, maybe just jump down to the conclusion.  I do go a bit long in my comments below):

As politicians and other wannabes pussyfoot around the two-ton gorilla that is the ecology crisis for fear of losing the financial support of the polluters, religious leaders of many faiths are playing a prophetic role in naming the gorilla and calling out those who created it. [I’m sorry, I think this is a cheap and gratuitous insult to millions of concerned souls and, yes, scientific experts, to claim that all that don’t share Pope Francis’ (or whoever’s) fears and policy prescriptions (whatever they are) are beholden to the fossil fuel industry.]

In earlier blogs I have written of the partnership between Pope Francis and Bartholomew, the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch that has resulted in the Pope endorsing and adopting the Orthodox observance of a World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, which will be celebrated for the first time on September 1, 2015. Other religious leaders, less impeded by political correctness, are also raising their voices[I’m sorry, Bishop Farrell, but what color is the sky in your world?  In my world, where the sky is blue, those who most prosecute souls with politically correct tyranny are the very same who hold the most extreme, doomsaying environmental views]

Indeed, a world-wide chorus of concern that our planet is on the threshold of a catastrophic climate change has arisen among leaders of world religious bodies, Christian and non-Christian.  On Tuesday Muslim leaders issued an Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change, which observed that, “Our species, though selected to be a caretaker or steward of the earth, has been the cause of such corruption and devastation on it that we are in danger of ending life as we know it on our planet.”…… [This is an utterly unsubstantiated viewpoint.  There is absolutely ZERO basis for this claim in science, and yet Bishop Farrell saw fit to include it in his post, which ought to tell us a thing or two.  I think islam ought to spend all its energy curbing the murderous extremists in its midst rather than thundering on prudential issues of science they plainly do not comprehend]

……..Earlier this year, in anticipation of the publication of the Holy Father’s encyclical Laudato Si’, a group of 403 rabbis signed a Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis which noted, “Although we accept scientific accounts of earth’s history, we continue to see it as God’s creation, and we celebrate the presence of the divine hand in every earthly creature. Yet in our generation, this wonder and this beauty have been desecrated — not in one land alone but ‘round all the Earth.” [First of all, the “Shalom Center” is an extreme left wing org. Secondly, they have been roundly criticized by more orthodox Jews for many of their stands.  Third, 400 rabbis is a tiny fraction of the number in the US today. Fourth, if you read the statement at the link you will find it is riddled with factual errors, utterly unsubstantiated claims and extremist rhetoric.  Finally, appeals to authority and numbers are logical fallacies, without which Farrell’s blog post falls to pieces]

The rabbis point out that, “The worsening inequality of wealth, income, and political power has two direct impacts on the climate crisis. On the one hand, great Carbon Corporations not only make their enormous profits from wounding the Earth, but then use these profits to purchase elections and to fund fake science to prevent the public from acting to heal the wounds. On the other hand, the poor in America and around the globe are the first and the worst to suffer from the typhoons, floods, droughts, and diseases brought on by climate chaos.” [The linked declaration contained dozens of paragraphs, but this one, full of little but leftist fever dreams and utter calumny, this is the one Bishop Farrell pulls out to select.  Yes, Bishop Farrell is telling us some very important things, but not the ones he thinks.  I think we can very easily discern which way the wind is blowing in the Church.]

In May, A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change was published stating that, “Today we live in a time of great crisis, confronted by the gravest challenge that humanity has ever faced: the ecological consequences of our own collective karma. The scientific consensus is overwhelming: human activity is triggering environmental breakdown on a planetary scale.” [Is Bishop Farrell encouraging Catholics to accept the heretical concept of karma, which is the diametric opposite of Grace?  Isn’t at least some kind of caveat needed here?]

Calling for significant changes in the structure of economic systems, the Buddhist declaration points out that, “Global warming is intimately related to the gargantuan quantities of energy that our industries devour to provide the levels of consumption that many of us have learned to expect. From a Buddhist perspective, a sane and sustainable economy would be governed by the principle of sufficiency: the key to happiness is contentment rather than an ever-increasing abundance of goods.” [Look, that last bit in particular is reasonable and fine – it’s about the most reasonable thing in the entire piece, which ought to send us screaming in terror. The point is, Bishop Farrell, and the rest of these groups, are not telling the full story and they are engaging in the worst kind of scare-mongering and propagandizing.  They do not say: “Oh by the way slashing fossil fuel consumption would cause prices of basically all items to skyrocket, even on the order of 400 percent or more current levels, would likely precipitate mass starvation and greatly decreased life expectancy worldwide – all of which suffering the poor would bear disproportionately (which is suffering that can be accurately forecast, not fake projections of nebulous bad effects from gerbal worming.  They pretend the choice is between evil oil profiteers and saintly enviros, without mentioning the COST of their favored policy prescriptions, nor the very close relationship between the environmental movement’s leadership and dedicated communists (they are one and the same).]

Prophets are never popular because they dare to speak the truth. [No really, HE REALLY SAID THAT!  Worldly statements for worldly political ends from false religions are now “prophetic!”  And the Baby Jesus cries every time a well is fracked. Even more, once again, reality is inverted.  Radical enviro-advocacy is one of the current shibboleths of the dominant left-wing elite around the world, it has the backing of powerful governments, the UN, many huge NGOs, wealthy individuals, and more.  In fact, calling for reason and true science (science by consensus has always been a complete fallacy, virtually all scientists once believed in the efficacy of leeches, that there was no such thing as germs, and that heat was transmitted by a mysterious substance known as “ether”) is the non-conformist, counter-cultural position.  Global warming claims, in point of fact, have never been less supported and under more attack within the scientific community than they are now. For instance, Michael Mann, inventor of the totally discredited “hockey stick” graph upon which so much global warming alarmism depends, has been all but totally discredited. Any experience with non-propagandist/warmist literature would make the flimsiness of warming claims abundantly clear]

Such dire warnings from across the religious spectrum echo the words of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’, the earth “now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her. We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will [I would simply add that neither Francis, nor any of those quoted above, have any knowledge of science or charism to comment with authority on these matters.  I’m waiting for Pope Francis to dogmatically declare that ]


All the above is really beside the point, however.  Environmental studies, environmental controls, remediation, research, “offsets,’ and the like are already a multi-trillion dollar a year industry worldwide.  These topics get constant attention in the press.  But what does not get constant attention, what more and more souls (including, it seems, even within the hierarchy of the Church) almost entirely forget, is the moral pollution that afflicts the vast majority of people and the enormous spiritual crisis that is rapidly leading mankind to a most cruel reckoning.  There are very few voices in Church officialdom who will bring these topics to the fore with the kind of energy and fervor that Bishop Farrel displays above, and yet there is no more grave crisis facing the world today than that of the mass apostasy of peoples and nation’s and God’s growing wrath.

I must really ask, both in respect to Bishop Farrell’s missive and Laudato Si, where is the faith?  Where is the idea that God will always provide for us if we are faithful to Him in the context of what the Church has always prescribed for sanctity?

If we spent more time encouraging souls to be truly virtuous and, by some great miracle, could work a great conversion on the culture, all these purported worldly crises would disappear into the ether. Environmentalism doesn’t make souls holy, but being holy by default would produce souls who have all the necessary characteristics to insure proper care for the environment.

Instead of conversion and trust in God, what we are confronted with, generally speaking, in the above is a vision of an enraged Gaia preparing to smite mankind for our offenses against her.  It is amazing that the same men who can hardly find a breath to criticize fornication, pornography, contraception, etc. – that is, real sin – can get so exercised over imaginary ones like this.  But really, I shouldn’t be amazed at all, because it’s entirely the point.

I’ll just repeat, Bishop Farrell’s words above are most revealing, but not for the reasons he may think.  Those with eyes to see, let them see.



1. Baseballmom - September 1, 2015

Spiritual crisis TB? Really? You are soooooo not with the times dear, everyone dies and goes to “a better place” (to say “heaven” may offend some folks and we WOULDN’T want to do that now, would we???). Our planet is wailing in pain because we exist…. You must get with the times man, get with the times!

2. Woody - September 1, 2015

You know, I read this old book about how the world comes to an end. The good bishop need not worry about global warming but he really should be worrying about other things he is responsible for. Which brings a thought to my mind about global warming. Could it be that as hell gets more and more crowded, that causes the earth’s temperature to rise? Run that one by his fellow “religious” cohorts.

Mrs. Pat Scott Houston, Texas - September 1, 2015

good observation!!

3. Peter - September 1, 2015

The homilies of a lot of our priests, deacons and bishops these days are like the old Pharisees – they hector us on the modern external rituals we are supposed to follow– clean off your plate, conserve resources, eschew air conditioning — and even when they skirt near Christianity it’s all about external doing — give your time, talent and treasure, be nicer to immigrants, work at the food bank, etc — all good and praiseworthy on their own (like washing your hands before eating) but spiritually empty because it is just an endless list of duties with nary a whisper about cleaning what is inside, cleaning what defiles us.

4. Brian - September 1, 2015

This is not, nor has it ever been about ecology. Those who promote this scam are about control, not weather. The only way to justify one-world unified response and ultimately one-world government is to manufacture a global fear; a global ecological disaster.

We see UN, nation states and religions (including our Shepherds and their patrimony!) all aligning behind this idea that borders need to be transcended for the sake of the planet. It is clever and it is all misdirection.

We must not be distracted by the insanity of the professed ecology “cause”. This is all and only about World Rule by centralized elites.

Read this book: Lord of the World, by Robert Hughs Benson. And get ready.

5. Brian - September 1, 2015

It would have been a nice courtesy if you would have informed me that you are blocking my comments and possibly why. I don’t know how much time I have wasted posting comments that just disappear. I think, surely, he is not blocking me. I love this blog. There must be a technical mistake.

But then this fits in with our experience at a certain, unnamed Irving parish. Very, very, frustrating because we love the TLM and being new to Dallas we wanted to begin fresh as with our wonderful TLM home in Seattle. But we will not be back. The Pastor is fantastic. But socially we have all hit a brick wall here and that is abnormal in our many years of married family life. My primary memory, since we are leaving, is getting booted out with my kids, blocked if you will, from a pew which I did not know belonged to an old-timer and his family. We were forced to pick up our things and leave.

Again, great theology. Fantastic blog. But very, very frustrating for yours truly. I have wasted much time and that mistake will not be repeated. This blog is now blocked.

Ben - September 1, 2015

Though it’s possible that someone was rude to you, there is also a high probability that you are a troll from the Bishop’s office. If so, woe to you.

Kathleen - September 1, 2015

The blog SOFTWARE eats comments.

Tantum has a full time job and a big flock of kids to take care of so he can’t keep the hiccuping software under constant watch.

It’s eaten a bunch of my comments. We can’t take it personally.

I try to remember to write things in a text file first.

Tantumblogo - September 1, 2015

Thank you Kathleen.

Tantumblogo - September 1, 2015

Hey Brian settle down I’m not blocking your comments! I’ve received a huge number of late and I’ve been digging them out of the spam filter but I think this comment getting through proves you’re not being blocked by any action by me, you’re getting occasionally flagged by Akismet. This is a constant frustration for me and I’ve spoken of it many times. IF you were banned, NONE of your comments would get through. So ipso facto I don’t have you on a banned list.

As for your experience at MD you’ve been several times, then? In what sense have you hit a brick wall. I would say you’ve had an unfortunate experience, there are lots of very open and friendly people but it might take a little bit of time figuring out who is who. There is a constant influx of new-comers and occasional attendees that make it hard for the more permanent crowd to always ID someone who’s trying to participate in the community life and welcome them. I’d say, don’t give up, yet!

Ben - September 1, 2015

95% chance he’s a troll, Tantum.

Tantumblogo - September 1, 2015

We’ve had a Brian around here for a while who has been OK but not sure if they’re the same. I don’t have time to run down every commenter’s IP.

Tantumblogo - September 1, 2015

So I found one comment in spam. It’s released. Patience.

Judy - September 1, 2015

My family just started attending Mater Dei about two years ago. We have NEVER encountered the rudeness of which you speak. The parishioners were very helpful in every way possible. But because there are three different Masses offered, people will not know that you are new. They will just assume that you have been here all along attending Mass at another time. Like any other parish, the best way to meet people is to volunteer your time. We are unique in that we also have the socials after Mass to spend time with each other, really talking, instead of a “Hey, how’s it going?” while munching a doughnut outside of the church building. It is sad that you are willing to let one incidence of miscommunication of some sort block you from experiencing all that this parish has to offer.
Online comments get eaten by the software all the time.

Mary - September 1, 2015

Brian, as all people have human flaws, there are a few who would like to think they own a pew. Father made mention of this at one of the first Masses in the new building – that no pew belongs to any one family. I apologize that you had to suffer through that. Father would be happy to hear your complaint and make another announcement or address that family in private. Please don’t think the entire parish is like that. Please come by the parish hall after the 9 or 11:30 Mass and meet new people, you will find many of us are very friendly. If you have homeschooled (or future homeschooled) children, contact the parish office so they can get you in touch with the right people.

Tantumblogo - September 1, 2015

I’d add just a bit more. I know experiences like this can be very unpleasant and hurtful, but keep in mind that assisting at Mass is less about our experience – though this is greatly important – than it is rendering honor and glory to God in the most efficacious, glory-filled manner possible. I strongly believe the TLM does that to a much greater extent than the NO, but that’s my opinion. Maybe you are long gone for good, but if not, I pray you reconsider and try it out again. I promise to give up my favorite pew.

Brian - September 2, 2015

To the Moderator, Tantum, the gentle readers of his blog and most especially MD Parish and its Pastor: I Am Sorry for my above embarrassing calumny.

I am sorry to Tantum for going on a tantrum and making accusations that were untrue, but most importantly which were said in anger and pride.

I am sorry also for including the fine Parishioners of MD Parish. They are Godly people worshiping God in a uniquely devoted way.

Finally I am sorry to the Pastor of MD, a typically Godly FSSP Priest. I am sorry that I brought shame on his Parish by my public comments.

Blog reading and posting is really unhealthy for me and I am ending that practice.

Again, Pax to Tantum, MD and most especially MD’s Pastor and its Vicars.


Tantumblogo - September 2, 2015

Don’t worry about it. Already forgotten.

I hope you do give Mater Dei a try again. Or a few tries. Go to the social after Mass. You’ll meet some folks

6. Ben - September 1, 2015

Since my comment on the bishop’s website will be banned, I repeat it here:

Make no mistake: your position is very popular with the anti-Church crowd. It is a very easy position to take because you won’t suffer for it. In fact, it will help your career. You allowed Joe Biden to take the Holy Eucharist, so you have zero moral credibility. You don’t even know what holiness or theological authority are. You are engaging in group-think. You’re contemptibly ignorant and bumbling, and you’re a menace to civilization. If there were real justice in the world, you would be defrocked immediately.
What I didn’t include is that he’s a demagogical monster, though arguably that follows from what I wrote.

He needs to be denounced as swine outside the Cathedral for having given the Holy Eucharist to Joe Biden, VP on a Sunday. Giving the Holy Eucharist to Joe Biden is, in the words of the Council of Trent, a “monstrous” crime. The way to write that he is swine in Spanish, in case one can only make one of the Spanish masses, is “El Obispo Farrell es puerco.” Denounce the monster! Defend property! Defend God’s honor! Demand his resignation!

7. Ben - September 1, 2015

“Forced to pick up your things and leave”? That doesn’t happen at Mater Dei. They are wonderful people. How dare you slander the people of Mater Dei! The only reasonable conclusion is that you are a troll from the bishop’s office. Just for you, therefore, I write the message I left on the bishop’s blog, which, no doubt, he will ban because the truth could wreck his career:

“Make no mistake: your position is very popular with the anti-Church crowd. It is a very easy position to take because you won’t suffer for it. In fact, it will help your career. You allowed Joe Biden to take the Holy Eucharist, so you have zero moral credibility. You don’t even know what holiness or theological authority are. You are engaging in group-think. You’re contemptibly ignorant and bumbling, and you’re a menace to civilization. If there were real justice in the world, you would be defrocked immediately.”

The bishop needs to be confronted for allowing the Holy Eucharist to be given to Joe Biden. It would have been better for him to resign than do such a thing. Someone in the diocese needs to demonstrate in front of the Cathedral on Sunday. The bishop is swine for giving the most Holy Eucharist to Biden. The way to write “The bishop is swine” in Spanish is “El Obispo es puerco.” Who will defend us from these monstrous bishops?

8. Guest - September 1, 2015

I attended an international school. All the scaremongering is only to create a global authority that supersedes every national government. The UN is very good at using innocent sounding phrases to mask their evil purposes. It sounds so reasonable that anyone who denies their ideas must be an ideologue or a fanatic. But in fact they are sophists who abuse language to persuade people to support their schemes.

9. Obsever - September 1, 2015

So called ‘global warming’ is complete nonsense, the climate in Northern Europe is still nowhere near as mild as during the medieval warm period which ended ca. 1300.
Anyway, why are these technically illiterate bishops and cardinals snuggling up to the UN and approving its diabolic plans? We can only guess.

10. drprice2 - September 1, 2015

If you want to be clever about it, you could point out that it’s a shame that fewer and fewer people will hear the Catholic message in the developed world, given that tens of millions have stopped practicing the Faith, and fewer and fewer people are baptized or married within the Church in America.

11. MFG - September 1, 2015

It’s disappointing there is such a weak and worldly response to “global warming” – we really need a devout and Catholic response than the generic polemics offered by politicians that then our shepherds use.

The industrial revolution (which “causes” modern climate change) and the flood – the greatest climate change on earth were both caused by Tantum’s great phrase “moral pollution”. Why was this overlooked?

12. tg - September 1, 2015

Is today supposed to be that environmental wacko day the church is supposed to celebrate? I think I’ll turn my AC higher to celebrate.

13. Brian E. Breslin - September 2, 2015

Good call, Tantum, on the spiritual desolation in today’s world. Also, It seems as if your Bishop writes directly from the talking points of the enviropravdists. Good luck down there with that kind of leadership.

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