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Mild suggestion on how to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of the Earth September 1, 2015

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Mud boggin:

I don’think anything demonstrates your heroic concern for the sweet, sweet earth than a roaring huge displacement V8, at least 37″ tires, a huge lift, and wasting vast quantities of fossil fuels to no particular end other than having fun.

Note the only guy to complete the course had the freshest tires. Tires make all the difference. I had Super Swampers like that at one point they are no good at all on the hard top.  They didn’t last 15,000 miles.  My Nittos have done much better.

I like this one because it’s kind of close to home:

Too bad I haven’t the time or the tires right now to do this.

OK, I’m being a bit subversive.  Maybe this is one of those surprises of the Holy Ghost.

The reality of abortion: killing your baby to play volleyball September 1, 2015

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And she acknowledges the volleyball was just a passing fancy, not even a “career.”  But never fear, she got to kill a baby later for her “real career!”  This is pretty old but new to me so I’m going to afflict you with it.

A woman of whom I have never heard but who is apparently quite convinced of her own greatness, proudly touting as she does her role in “changing the world, leading a revolution, breaking new barriers” (being involved in internet start ups is apparently world-changing), has had at least two abortions for reasons far more self-serving and prurient than those usually promoted by the pro-abort lobby.  As such, her self-revelation provides a useful example of the real motivations for the vast majority of abortions that occur, which very frequently (I would even say most often) have very little to do with being mired in grinding poverty, being literally unable to raise another child, rape, incest, or any of the other rare causes that pro-aborts like to trot out to try to make this moral atrocity seem less atrocious.  But it never is.

Note that Mz. Trunk never contemplates adoption – the baby’s life matters precious little throughout, what does matter is her reaction to the abortions and how they have made her feel.  Having said that, it is fairly apparent she’s bothered by what she’s done on some level, but again I sense that is more relevant to how her life has turned out (not well, from a relationship standpoint) and wondering if she had married her first impregnator how things may have turned out:

I have had two abortions.

The first one was when I was twenty-seven. I was playing professional beach volleyball……

…….I was [pregnant]. Fourteen weeks….

I didn’t do anything. I was in shock. My boyfriend was in shock. Neither of us had ever had a pregnancy. I couldn’t believe the whole process actually worked, to be honest. [Reason #1 not to fornicate: you never know what might result, and you never know what evil you might talk yourself into as a result]

I told my mom I was pregnant. She said, “Get an abortion.” [I’ll go ahead and spill the beans now that the author is a self-described big city Jew.  Rates of abortion among Jews are the highest among all Caucasians.  American Jews are, by and large, sexular pagan progressives.  Their Judaism is completely incidental. But I still feel my stomach turn at the thought of a grandmother telling her daughter to have her grandchild killed.  The callousness, worldliness, and hard-heartendness is just sickening]

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t really thinking I had any choices. I didn’t have a job that could support a child. [Get one.] And I wasn’t sure if I was planning to marry my boyfriend, although we were living together. [Gee, how on earth did this happen?!?  If you fornicate for years, even if you use all the contraception in the world, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT!  All contraception has a failure rate, and over years or even months you will, with near certainty, become pregnant]

My mom got militant. “You’ll destroy your career possibilities.” [No mention of the grandchild]

She riffed on this theme for a week, calling me every night. Her passion is understandable. My mom took a job when I was young because she hated being home with kids…… She was one of the first women to become an executive at her Fortune 500 company. She blazed trails so I could have career goals that required an abortion to preserve. [Nothing, at all, ever “requires” an abortion.  Women (often under pressure from men, but not always, as here) choose to have their babies ripped limb from limb in the greatest holocaust the world has ever known, 1 billion+ and counting]

Here’s what else happened: Other women called. It turned out that many, many women I knew had had an abortion. This is not something women talk about. I mean, I had no idea how ubiquitous the procedure was, at least in my big-city, liberal, Jewish world. [I’m about to bite my tongue off.]

Each of those women told me that I should get an abortion so that I could keep my options open. “You’re a smart girl. You can do anything with your life right now. Don’t ruin it….” [Ugly liberal assumption about untimely babies “ruining life.”  How about counseling each other not to fornicate so that the temptation to murder babies won’t exist?]


..When I went back, I had a panic attack. I was on the table, in a hospital gown, screaming.

The nurse asked me if I was a religious Christian.

The boyfriend asked me if I was aware that my abortion would be basically illegal in seven more days.

I couldn’t stop screaming. I was too scared. I felt absolutely sick that I was going to kill a baby. And, now that I know more about being a mother, I understand that hormones had already kicked in to make me want to keep the baby. We left. No abortion. [This is the saddest part.  Sure, hormones, but much more than that. Everyone has the Law of God written on their hearts.  This woman got a great touch of Grace to try to shake her from her evil stupor.  She did not cooperate with it.  I wonder if there were any sidewalk counselors outside the mill?  This could have been a save.]

My boyfriend started panicking by suddenly staying really late at work and going out with friends a lot…..

People kept calling me: They said, “Think about how you’ll support the child. Think about what you’ll do if your boyfriend leaves you. You’re all alone in LA with no family. How will you take care of yourself?” [She has said most female friends already had abortion Can you see how they are trying to justify themselves by talking her into the same decision?  That’s some diabolical friends you’ve got there, darlin’.  Did they also help talk you into your later divorce?]

People gave me advice: Get a job. Once you have established yourself in a career, you’ll feel much better about having kids. Figure out where you fit in the world. Get a job, then get married, and then have kids. [She’s very fortunate to have still be able to have children after multiple abortions]

I scheduled another abortion. But it was past the time when Planned Parenthood will do an abortion. Now it was a very expensive one at a clinic that seemed to cater to women coming from Christian countries in South America. I knew that if I did not go through with it this time, no one would do the abortion. I was too far along.

So I did it.

I went to sleep with a baby and woke up without one. Groggy. Unsure about everything. Everything in the whole world. [Well, you just took part in murder. Tends to leave people shaken up]

People think abortion is such an easy choice–they say, “Don’t use abortion as birth control.” Any woman who has had one will tell you how that is such crazy talk. Because an abortion is terrible. You never stop thinking about the baby you killed. You never stop thinking about the guy you were with when you killed the baby you made with him. You never stop wondering.

So the second time I got pregnant, I thought of killing myself. My career was soaring. I was 30 [a scant three years later] and I felt like I had everything going for me — great job, great boyfriend, and finally, for the first time ever, I had enough money to support myself. I hated that I put myself in the position of either losing all that or killing a baby.

I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant. I knew what they’d say…



….I got two abortions to preserve my career. To keep my options open. To keep my aspirations within reach.

I bought into the idea that kids undermine your ability to build an amazing career.

And here I am, with the amazing career.

But also, here I am with two kids. So I know a bit about having kids and a career. [I sure hope your kids don’t read your blog. What do you think knowledge that you deliberately and with great forethought murdered two of their siblings will have on them?] And I want to tell you something: You don’t need to get an abortion to have a big career. Women who want big careers want them because something deep inside you drives you to change the world, lead a revolution, break new barriers. [But she hasn’t invented faster than light travel, or even a longer lasting light bulb. Her job is quite prosaic.  There is very little anyone can do that is more significant than bringing a child into the world, nurturing and raising it up to be a saint. But worldly people don’t see procreation in that light, too often, it’s just another item for them to check off their list of accomplishments]

It doesn’t matter whether you have kids now or later, because they will always make your career more difficult. There is no time in your life when you are so stable in your work that kids won’t create an earthquake underneath that confidence.

I think about the men I was with when I had the abortions. They were not bad men. One is my ex-husband. So much of life is a gamble, and I think I might have had as good a chance of staying together with the first guy as I did with my ex-husband.

Sorry, I have a problem with the ending.  It seems she’s much more upset about how her life might have turned out better (had a happier marriage, ideal mate, dream come true, etc) if she had kept the first kid and married donor #1 than she is about killing her children.  I can’t think of a more concrete example of how pre-marital fornication gravely affects women’s ability to be satisfied for life with just one man, thus creating tensions that precipitate women’s 80% initiation of divorce proceedings.  There is something in the female psyche, in particular, that seems to long for past loves – which also creates a craving for new ones.

Overall -liberal, New York (I assume), worldly, no Jesus Christ, aggressively careerist mom, at least somewhat rejected by same – the poor woman hardly had a chance.


The Canadian bishops have systematically undermined the pro-life movement for decades September 1, 2015

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While we in the United States may find much to be desired in the leadership we see from our bishops individually and collectively in the USCCB, in reality, we’re actually relatively well off.  In most Western countries, episcopal leadership is far more problematic than even our own.  Canada is certainly a glaring example of this broad failure of leadership.  Even worse than failing, Canada’s bishops, as indicated by a scathing letter sent to blogger Vox Cantoris last week from a Steve Jalsevac of Life Site News, have taken very destructive steps behind the scenes to block progress of even the most basic pro-life legislation.  Thus, in Canada, there has been very little successful incremental action against abortion as their has been in the United States, and Jalsevac points out concrete examples of how the bishops themselves have helped block such action.

The letter is long and painful to read.  It encapsulates more than just the broad episcopal failures to protect life and advance a moral culture, but also the refusal by Canadia’s political leadership to do so, as well.  A few highlights, or lowlights, below (my emphasis):

As you well know, there has been no religious leadership anywhere in Canada comparable to that in some quarters in the United States. In fact, terribly damaging, behind the scenes and also deliberate undermining of our efforts by Canadian bishops and the CCCB are one of the great scandals in the Church in Canada. The Catholic Church has far more influence in Canada than in the United States because Catholicism is the dominant Christian religion here. [I don’t know how much influence the Church has up there, but I’ve a fair idea of how little it has down here, so I accept this claim more or less at face value]

As the result of a massive (that is no exaggeration), united effort by all the major pro-life organizations in Canada, we were extremely close to winning  protection for the unborn in the Charter of rights. However, this was suddenly lost at the last minute because of Cardinal[Gerald Emmett]Carter’s[of Toronto, 78-90]betrayal via a secret agreement with Pierre Trudeau that ensured public funding for Ontario Catholic Schools. We were devastated by Carter’s betrayal. Grown leaders were in tears.

The omnibus bill that legalized abortion, divorce and more in Canada was quietly given approval to John Turner in a private meeting with the CCCB  executive before the vote while the pro-life movement across the nation was vigorously opposing the bill. It was years before we learned of this betrayal. 

The CCCB seriously undermined the huge, united effort of the entire Canadian pro-life movement to pass the motion proposed by MP Gus Mitges to amend the Charter to include the unborn, which had a good chance of succeeding.

The CCCB also actively undermined the efforts of the pro-life movement to defeat the Reproductive Issues Bill C-13 because of serious flaws in the bill.

It took several years for more than one retired bishop to come to the March for Life in Ottawa. Distributing flyers simply noting the positions of the various local candidates on the life and family issues is almost universally forbidden by bishops in Canada, whereas such distribution is very common and encouraged in many dioceses in the United States. [Remember Bishop Farrell’s joint statement with Bishop Vann, then of Ft. Worth, on the inadmissibility of drawing false equivalency between support for abortion and things like favored decreased federal spending or favor for the death penalty?  Haven’t heard much on that in years] So a crippling handicap that the Canadian pro-life movement has had all along has been roadblocks put in our way to prevent the most natural pro-life voting base from becoming well informed at election or even nomination times. Worse, most of the bishops have been strong Liberal Party or NDP supporters, no matter what the position of the candidate on the life issues. [And we’ve heard legions of anecdotal reports about Obama stickers on the backs of priest’s and bishop’s cars around this country]

It was Catholics who supported and elected lesbian Kathleen Wynne as an MPP. Friar Rick of St. Bonaventure’s parish took her around door to door to homes in his riding promoting her election……

….Opposition to aborted baby photos is stronger in Canada. The United States has nothing like the enormous, negative influence of Quebec on religion and politics on the entire nation. The majority of PMs since the 60s have been Quebecers – a province of mostly faithless, rebellious, former Catholics who despise Christian morality.   Thankfully, there were a good number of wonderful bishop appointments in the province under Benedict. But change will take a long time.

And a serious miracle, to boot.

It’s interesting to see another perspective. Frankly, the episcopate in Canada is probably more orthodox and less undermining of things like the pro-life cause than many of those in Western Europe, so that gives a fair understanding of the level of decay in the Church today.  And the above doesn’t even mention the great scandals associated with the Canadian bishop’s “social justice” advocacy wing, Development and Peace.  They are legion.

So while we may lament the great failings we see in the leadership in our own country, understanding that even the very best would have been considered average, at best, 100 years ago, I always try to keep this cynical thought in mind: there are always worse alternatives.  Aside from eternity in hell, things can always fall apart just a bit more.  So have a certain amount of thanks for whatever good we have, because we’re not guaranteed even that.

I’m starting to love this lady! KY county clerk still refuses fake sodo-marriage license even after Supreme Court order September 1, 2015

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We must obey the laws of God, not the laws of men, when the two are in conflict.  Good for Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who, the day after the US Supreme Court refused to reverse a lower-court decision which attempts to force Kim Davis to grant marriage licenses for pseudo-sodo-marriage, she turned around and refused to do so in front of a media circus.  This woman may be a protestant, but she has a faith that puts almost all Catholics in this country to shame:

A county clerk in Kentucky who objects to same-sex marriage on religious grounds denied licenses to gay couples on Tuesday, saying she was acting “under the authority of God,” just hours after theSupreme Court refused to support her position.

In a raucous scene in this little town, two same-sex couples walked into the Rowan County Courthouse, trailed by television cameras and chanting protesters on both sides of the issue, only to be told by the county clerk, Kim Davis, that she was denying them marriage licenses.

Ms. Davis at first remained in her office with the blinds drawn, while a deputy clerk told two couples, April Miller and Karen Roberts, and David Ermold and David Moore, that no licenses would be issued Tuesday…..

…….Lawyers for the plaintiffs filed a motion in District Court asking a judge to hold Ms. Davis in contempt of court, and to assess fines for refusing to issue marriage licenses. A hearing was set for Thursday.

In an interview, Ms. Miller said, “We were hopeful that we would get a license this morning, but we also understood that she has taken a pretty strong stand, so it was not a surprise.” She and Ms. Roberts were the first through the door when the clerk’s office opened at 8 a.m. — their third attempt to get a license in Rowan County.

They might be able to get a license in another county. “But it would set a dangerous precedent to let it go,[Understand fully what they are saying by this.  Christianity will not be permitted in the public square.  You will be hounded and hunted if you do not comply with your perverse overlords] Ms. Miller said. “We had no idea that this would blow up into national news.”  [Which is why your attorneys and PR people contacted the press, no doubt?]

…….After the state’s governor [Steven Beshear, democrat, go figure] told county clerks to issue marriage licenses to all eligible couples, Ms. Davis filed suit in federal court, arguing that she should be excused from the obligation, given her religious beliefs. A District Court judge ruled against her, as did the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and she appealed to the Supreme Court.

On Monday, a stay granted by the District Court expired, and the Supreme Court rejected without comment Ms. Davis’s emergency application for a new stay, pending the outcome of her appeal. That left her no legal grounds to refuse to grant licenses to same-sex couples……….

…….Ms. Davis told the Supreme Court that her Apostolic Christian faith forbade her to affix her name to a document endorsing the view that the marriages of gay men and lesbians were authentic. “This searing act of validation would forever echo in her conscience,” her lawyers told the court.

A fellow Kentucky clerk, Casey Davis, who has protested alongside Ms. Davis, insisted Tuesday that “we’ve not tried to prevent,” same-sex marriages, “we’ve only tried to exercise our First Amendment rights.”

Ann Barnhardt is surely controversial but I do like one thing she has often said: nobody can make you do anything.  Nobody can make you violate your conscience.  They can fire you, lock you up, threaten your family, even kill you, but they cannot make you cooperate in evil.  One chooses to cooperate with evil in order to avoid these other things.  It’s incredibly easy for me to sit here at a keyboard and type that, but it’s nonetheless true.

I thank God there are at least a few souls willing to give witness to their faith, and willing to suffer for it, against the increasingly militant sexular pagan culture.  I notice Mrs. Davis always dresses modestly and I doubt that’s just an accident.  The virtue she is showing now in this moment of extremis has probably been honed through much smaller acts of virtue over a period of many years.  A lesson to us all.

There have been a few reports of Catholics resigning from office rather than take part in this moral outrage but I do have to wonder if the bishops of Kentucky or elsewhere have offered any support to Davis and the few others actively obeying the dictates of Christianity and their conscience?  We hear a great deal about solidarity with the poor, the downtrodden, and the outcast – well, this brave woman is being reviled coast to coast, I doubt there are many more outcast than she right now.

I pray for this woman.  I don’t know what cost obeying her conscience will pose for her, and I don’t know if resignation is an option, but I pray she stands fast in her faith.  She’s certainly edified me by her example, protestant or no.

Very Big News: Pope Francis grants absolution powers to priests of the Society during Year of Mercy September 1, 2015

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I know this is getting talked about everywhere, but it’s pretty big news!  Pope Francis has decreed that in the upcoming Year of Mercy, which corresponds to the 2016 liturgical year (beginning at the start of Advent in 2015), priests in the Society of St. Pius X will be able to licitly hear Confession and grant absolution for the duration of the Year of Mercy.  I agree with Rorate that full regularization of the Society will not happen through negotiations but through a great, unilateral act of leadership on the part of  the Holy Father.  There are further hopeful statements with regard to the canonical situation of the SSPX in Pope Francis’ statement, the key text of which is below (you can go here to read all of it):

A final consideration concerns those faithful who for various reasons choose to attend churches officiated by priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X. This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one. From various quarters, several Brother Bishops have told me of their good faith and sacramental practice, combined however with an uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint. I trust that in the near future solutions may be found to recover full communion with the priests and superiors of the Fraternity. In the meantime, motivated by the need to respond to the good of these faithful, through my own disposition, I establish that those who during the Holy Year of Mercy approach these priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive the absolution of their sins.

There are some other interesting aspects to the letter, as well.  There is mention of the opening of the Holy Door’s of various Roman basilicas and corresponding Holy Doors at selected sites in each diocese (including the cathedral?), to obtain the Indulgence for the Holy Year:

To experience and obtain the Indulgence, the faithful are called to make a brief pilgrimage to the Holy Door, open in every Cathedral or in the churches designated by the Diocesan Bishop, and in the four Papal Basilicas in Rome, as a sign of the deep desire for true conversion. Likewise, I dispose that the Indulgence may be obtained in the Shrines in which the Door of Mercy is open and in the churches which traditionally are identified as Jubilee Churches. It is important that this moment be linked, first and foremost, to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist with a reflection on mercy. It will be necessary to accompany these celebrations with the profession of faith and with prayer for me and for the intentions that I bear in my heart for the good of the Church and of the entire world.

A list of major events planned in Rome for the Year of Mercy is here.  I was a bit surprised there was no special event planned for the family and/or parents, given how much focus there has been on the family with the Synods and all.

I’ll say, I’m not entirely surprised by this.  I felt Pope Francis might use this Year of Mercy to take some conciliatory step towards the Society of St. Pius X.  We now see what that step is.  While this noble act, which seems to constitute a limited extension of faculties, is perhaps not the great breakthrough many have hoped for, it is a most significant and appreciated step in the right direction.  Give credit where due, this is one of the most positive developments of this pontificate.

I think it also a significant commentary on how Pope Francis views the SSPX viz a viz their canonical standing in the Church.  While recognizing their existing irregularity and, I might add, piously hoping for the resolution of their current situation, this gesture seems to this blogger to indicate that Pope Francis does not view the SSPX with the same hostility that some others do, and seems to hold them as basically Catholic.

I think it also interesting to contemplate in a quiet moment the influence Bishop Schneider’s positive assessment of the Society stemming from his recent apostolic visitation may have had on this generous act.  I doubt the two are entirely unrelated.

To be sure, the fundamental problem still remains.  Nevertheless, if I am reading the reaction of a fair number of commentators and pious souls right, many people are energized with new hope for the final resolution of the SSPX’s canonical situation.  May that day come very soon.