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I’m starting to love this lady! KY county clerk still refuses fake sodo-marriage license even after Supreme Court order September 1, 2015

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We must obey the laws of God, not the laws of men, when the two are in conflict.  Good for Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who, the day after the US Supreme Court refused to reverse a lower-court decision which attempts to force Kim Davis to grant marriage licenses for pseudo-sodo-marriage, she turned around and refused to do so in front of a media circus.  This woman may be a protestant, but she has a faith that puts almost all Catholics in this country to shame:

A county clerk in Kentucky who objects to same-sex marriage on religious grounds denied licenses to gay couples on Tuesday, saying she was acting “under the authority of God,” just hours after theSupreme Court refused to support her position.

In a raucous scene in this little town, two same-sex couples walked into the Rowan County Courthouse, trailed by television cameras and chanting protesters on both sides of the issue, only to be told by the county clerk, Kim Davis, that she was denying them marriage licenses.

Ms. Davis at first remained in her office with the blinds drawn, while a deputy clerk told two couples, April Miller and Karen Roberts, and David Ermold and David Moore, that no licenses would be issued Tuesday…..

…….Lawyers for the plaintiffs filed a motion in District Court asking a judge to hold Ms. Davis in contempt of court, and to assess fines for refusing to issue marriage licenses. A hearing was set for Thursday.

In an interview, Ms. Miller said, “We were hopeful that we would get a license this morning, but we also understood that she has taken a pretty strong stand, so it was not a surprise.” She and Ms. Roberts were the first through the door when the clerk’s office opened at 8 a.m. — their third attempt to get a license in Rowan County.

They might be able to get a license in another county. “But it would set a dangerous precedent to let it go,[Understand fully what they are saying by this.  Christianity will not be permitted in the public square.  You will be hounded and hunted if you do not comply with your perverse overlords] Ms. Miller said. “We had no idea that this would blow up into national news.”  [Which is why your attorneys and PR people contacted the press, no doubt?]

…….After the state’s governor [Steven Beshear, democrat, go figure] told county clerks to issue marriage licenses to all eligible couples, Ms. Davis filed suit in federal court, arguing that she should be excused from the obligation, given her religious beliefs. A District Court judge ruled against her, as did the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and she appealed to the Supreme Court.

On Monday, a stay granted by the District Court expired, and the Supreme Court rejected without comment Ms. Davis’s emergency application for a new stay, pending the outcome of her appeal. That left her no legal grounds to refuse to grant licenses to same-sex couples……….

…….Ms. Davis told the Supreme Court that her Apostolic Christian faith forbade her to affix her name to a document endorsing the view that the marriages of gay men and lesbians were authentic. “This searing act of validation would forever echo in her conscience,” her lawyers told the court.

A fellow Kentucky clerk, Casey Davis, who has protested alongside Ms. Davis, insisted Tuesday that “we’ve not tried to prevent,” same-sex marriages, “we’ve only tried to exercise our First Amendment rights.”

Ann Barnhardt is surely controversial but I do like one thing she has often said: nobody can make you do anything.  Nobody can make you violate your conscience.  They can fire you, lock you up, threaten your family, even kill you, but they cannot make you cooperate in evil.  One chooses to cooperate with evil in order to avoid these other things.  It’s incredibly easy for me to sit here at a keyboard and type that, but it’s nonetheless true.

I thank God there are at least a few souls willing to give witness to their faith, and willing to suffer for it, against the increasingly militant sexular pagan culture.  I notice Mrs. Davis always dresses modestly and I doubt that’s just an accident.  The virtue she is showing now in this moment of extremis has probably been honed through much smaller acts of virtue over a period of many years.  A lesson to us all.

There have been a few reports of Catholics resigning from office rather than take part in this moral outrage but I do have to wonder if the bishops of Kentucky or elsewhere have offered any support to Davis and the few others actively obeying the dictates of Christianity and their conscience?  We hear a great deal about solidarity with the poor, the downtrodden, and the outcast – well, this brave woman is being reviled coast to coast, I doubt there are many more outcast than she right now.

I pray for this woman.  I don’t know what cost obeying her conscience will pose for her, and I don’t know if resignation is an option, but I pray she stands fast in her faith.  She’s certainly edified me by her example, protestant or no.



1. tg - September 1, 2015

I totally agree. It does seem the Protestants are more against sodomy than Catholics. I pray a Memorare for all persecuted Christians red or dry every day and include them in the Sorrowful mysteries.

2. Mike - September 1, 2015

Too bad our Catholic clergy can’t hold a candle to the example of this courageous woman on this issue.

Tim - September 1, 2015

Sadly, you are correct.

3. FranR - September 1, 2015

The obverse of Ann Barnhardt’s stand is one we should also take to heart: people only do that which they believe … if one says they do not believe evil, but do not correspondingly perform the good, that person demonstrates a falsehood in their life.

4. Jim the Tim - September 1, 2015

This is why when The Apostles said to Christ that there were men preaching and casting out Devils in his name should they stop them and Our Lord replied “whomever is for me is not against me” As Catholics we must stand with our other Christian Sisters and Brothers who show this faith . At least she did not stand back and utter those words “who am I to judge”. Also remember the Samaritan woman at the well who had ,had 5 husbands she was the first whom Jesus revealed that he was The Christ.

5. The Lord's Blog - September 1, 2015

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

6. tg - September 1, 2015

I’ve recently discovered Ann Barnhardt. I saw the You tube video on the economic collapse. It scared me but I also learned from it.

Tantumblogo - September 1, 2015

She’s really a dear.

tg - September 1, 2015

She didn’t scare me. I liked her bluntness. I meant the result of an economic collapse and what is going on with the banks, etc. I learned some economics basics also that I hadn’t forgotten. I haven’t heard the term “man hours” since high school.

Tim Thunell - September 1, 2015

Watch her videos on the Vendee. Wow!

Ada - September 2, 2015

She is an example of living faith to me, such an inspiration! I pray for her kind of courage to stand firm without compromise in all my affairs using God’s word as the standard. I join other faithfuls in interceeding for the enforcement of her victory.

7. Tim - September 2, 2015

“This woman may be a protestant, but she has a faith that puts almost all Catholics in this country to shame:”

This is the truest and saddest statement in this post.

8. Mike - September 2, 2015

Unfortunately this woman loses all credibility defending marriage when you look at her own history. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/09/01/kentucky-clerk-fighting-gay-marriage-has-wed-four-times

Tantumblogo - September 2, 2015

That’s really awful. But, we can all change and have a true conversion. I pray that’s the case with her.

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