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Mild suggestion on how to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of the Earth September 1, 2015

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Mud boggin:

I don’think anything demonstrates your heroic concern for the sweet, sweet earth than a roaring huge displacement V8, at least 37″ tires, a huge lift, and wasting vast quantities of fossil fuels to no particular end other than having fun.

Note the only guy to complete the course had the freshest tires. Tires make all the difference. I had Super Swampers like that at one point they are no good at all on the hard top.  They didn’t last 15,000 miles.  My Nittos have done much better.

I like this one because it’s kind of close to home:

Too bad I haven’t the time or the tires right now to do this.

OK, I’m being a bit subversive.  Maybe this is one of those surprises of the Holy Ghost.



1. Cristero - September 1, 2015

Ha! Great! Nuke the baby harpseals!

2. EFH - September 2, 2015

What? no Coal Rollers?

If you aren’t familiar with “coal rollers” search YouTube (try searching “rollin coal” also)

When someone removes the Diesel Particulate Filter and changes the fuel curve on the engine computer, those truck exhaust streams look like old coal fired locomotives thus “coal rollers”

3. Baseballmom - September 2, 2015

Oh TB!!! You are baaaaaaaaad!!!!!

4. Frank - September 2, 2015

Great idea! Similar to a strategy I saw advocated on my favorite climate change skeptics’ web site a few months back, when there was some dippy “movement” to have everyone drastically reduce their use of energy for one day. I followed the site’s suggestion and turned on every light in my house that night. I doubt anyone noticed but it made me feel better.

5. Tim - September 2, 2015

Love the Confederate Flag on the front bumper!!!!!

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