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When a church becomes a mosque September 3, 2015

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A former parish in Venice, dating from the mid-17th century, has been converted into a mosque.  Via JP Sonnen, he adds that they are busy making converts.

I do wonder why a mosque in Venice would have so much material in English?  Is that becoming the lingua franca of islam’s rapid expansion into Europe?

desecrated church vii

desecrated church ix

desecrated church xx

church desecrated xxvii

desecrated church xvi

desecrated church lii

church desecrated ixxx

desecrated church xxii

For just one small example why this is happening – one of potentially thousands – a Belgian priest not only fails to oppose the mass euthanasia gripping the Low Countries (as a cost saving method to delay the implosion of their  sacrosanct socialist health care schemes ), he thinks it an appropriate occasion for a “celebration.”  Because, apparently, suicide is no longer self-murder and an act from which so many Saints have warned it is almost impossible to be forgiven, but something to be celebrated and promoted.  Mind, this is no ordinary parish priest.  This guy is the poster boy for the pathetic demise of the Church since the successful pro-modernist revolution of the late 50s-60s:

A Belgian priest, Fr. Gabriel Ringlet, has suggested that a “celebration” should mark the moment of death for Roman catholics who choose euthanasia.

He also promotes the “spiritual accompaniment” of such Catholics in such glowing terms that they read like support for euthanasia itself. While Fr Ringlet says he does not aim to justify “mercy killing,” his approach is a boon to euthanasia proponents.

His book, written in French, Vous me coucherez nu sur la terre nue (“Put me out naked on the naked ground”), is coming out on Thursday. Its publication by a major French publisher, Albin Michel, rather than a Belgian one, is likely a sign that it will be used in the French “end of life” debate……

…….He went on to make Catholic-sounding arguments before giving what some consider to be a blessing of euthanasia.

“But what should one do when one is confronted with the spiritual and moral suffering of an ill person who wants to put an end to it all?” he asked. “I would like it to be natural to dare to give spiritual accompaniment in the context of such demands.”

“Accompanying a person does not mean to adhere to his or her choices. It just means being there,” he said.

Fr. Ringlet then says he considers euthanasia a form of “self-defense…[a]gainst aggressive therapy, horrible suffering.”

“Putting end to someone’s life is wrong. You’ll never hear me saying it is something good. But to let a person suffer, when medicine has become powerless is also wrong,” he said. [So, it was wrong when our Blessed Lord suffered worse pain than anyone who has ever lived for our salvation?  What of all the great good that has come from people who have joyfully accepted the suffering God gives them.  Earthly suffering can actually be a tremendous blessing, not an evil.  It is a great gift from God, if properly accepted, which can greatly ameliorate the temporal suffering due to our sins which will face us at our particular judgment, should we even be saved.  It has enormous spiritual value.]

“When you’re stuck between two evils, you have to risk making a questionable decision. [And thus we see the dread hand of moral relativism.  This man is a total relativist.  The matter is not a question of the lesser of two evils, it is a question of one glaring, mortally sinful evil – self-murder – and choosing instead to offer the full cup of suffering God may choose to give us.  And yes it’s incredibly easy for me to say that, though I’ve known a fair amount of suffering in my life.  It is this kind of mentality that is now sending souls falling into hell like snowflakes, with this pathetic priest as their cheerleader.] In the end it is up to the doctor’s conscience to decide,” he stated. [NO!] “We sometimes find it difficult to admit that there are dead-ends in some cases.”If not an absolute justification of euthanasia, Ringlet’s arguments do sound as a manner of vindicating “mercy killing”, as if there were no possible alternative.

Fr. Ringlet, who has worked as a hospital chaplain, is of the opinion that palliative care and euthanasia should not be “separated,” so that all avenues can be explored……..

………Fr. Ringlet would like to see a “ritualization” of the act. [Of course he would, because such would give the ultimate legitimacy to his complicity in murder.  Notice how leftists always want to sacralize their evil, in competition with the true spiritual goods of the Church]

“This moment of passing deserves to be personalized, and solemnized by means of a celebration, in order to appease the one who is leaving, and also those who will be left behind,” he said. “Euthanasia should not be a merely technical gesture. Why not ask the patient’s loved ones to bring a text, photos, prayers or even perfume? Why not have some essential oils for a last gesture of tenderness and benediction?” [You cannot say this is not positive encouragement of moral evil, and an attempt to make what is sinful “good.”  This guy is utterly deranged from the Faith and even natural decency, he is the perfect product of the Catholic academy.  It’s also a resurrection of pagan practices associated with celebrating “noble suicide.”]

He rejects the idea that a blessing with herbal oils would look too much like the anointment of the sick, which is a Catholic sacrament.

“The two gestures cannot be mixed up,” he said. “Nowadays, the sacrament of the sick is no longer administered at the last minute. It should be given long before, to encourage the crossing through illness.” [Many would say it has been trivialized and made bereft of meaning by its overuse.  I hated going to Masses where a mass “anointing of the sick” would happen, seeing literally EVERYONE line up to be blessed, even people in the prime of life.  I wouldn’t.  I’m not a —-ing ewe.]

When saint Francis of Assisi asked to be “put naked on the naked ground” (the words Ringlet borrowed to give a title to his book) in order to die there in total destitution, he was not asking for his death to be hastened. He wanted more suffering, not less. It was considered an heroic identification with Christ.

Dang right.  And yet this truly demented priest, in a practice common to all modernists, is twisting the sacred memory of a great Saint in order to advance their moral perversion.  I have a hard time coming up with anything that is more demonic than that.  When folks wonder whether we have modernists in the Church today……please.  Guys like this are a dime a dozen in the priesthood now.


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2. Chris - September 4, 2015

Isn’t this priest accountable to a bishop? How is he allowed to publish this? It’s directly in conflict with Church teachings. Yes, I’m naive. I know. But how long has it been since a priest writing something like this would have been disciplined? Twenty years? Fifty? Just curious.

Andres - September 5, 2015

Sedevacantism. That’s your answer.

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