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Rowan County, KY clerk Kim Davis jailed; I hope Anthony Kennedy is satisfied September 4, 2015

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We must remember who, ultimately, caused all this. Impersonal “forces” don’t make or change laws, they don’t create broad social trends.  Individual men and women do.  In terms of the pro-sodomy revolution inflicted on this country, ONE man, a supposed Catholic in good standing, a man who is regularly feted and fawned over by bishop and cardinal, has brought this nightmare upon us.  He is responsible for Kim Davis’ incarceration and the scandal and suffering of millions of souls.  Never forget that.

For it was Anthony Kennedy who wrote the ludicrous Lawrence vs. Texas decision in 2003, the decision that made Obergefell a foregone conclusion.  It was Anthony Kennedy who cast the deciding vote in favor of legalizing pseudo-sodo-marriage at the federal level in 2013, and Anthony Kennedy who cast the deciding vote in Obergefell in 2015, applying this sick and deranged law to the 50 states.  Yes I know Sotomayor also voted in favor in both cases, but does anyone really think, deep down, she fancies herself a faithful Catholic?  Anthony Kennedy does.  And not only did he cast the deciding votes, he also lectured us that the ONLY possible opposition to sodomy and its cultural glorification is bigotry.  Apparently, Jesus Christ, Saint Paul, Saint Augustine, Saint Peter…….all bigots.  What a laugh.

This pseudo-sodo-marriage law is unjust, it is tyrannical, and it will see more and more faithful souls crushed over time:

An innocent woman is in prison tonight in Kentucky. Her name is Kim Davis.

She is in prison because one of the laws of her country, the United States of America, is unjust. [Oh it’s far more than just one.  Abortion, liberal divorce, usury, invasion of privacy, violation of subsidiarity, there are thousands of unjust laws in this “land of the free.”]

She has, rightly, refused to obey that law.

According to that unjust law, she must abandon her own deeply held belief and accept the justice of the law, or be arrested and jailed.

She has chosen to accept arrest and jail rather than abandon her belief.

So begins a confrontation that was inevitable, a conflict between judicial tyranny and individual courage……

…..Kim is the first of many US citizens unwilling to abandon their principles before such an unjust law. [Will it be many?  There are apparently two other Kentucky county clerks refusing to issue psuedo-sodo-marriage licenses, and a handful have resigned, but I don’t see anything like mass opposition.  More on that later]

The consequence today? One of the saddest — and most shocking — things ever to happen in modern America: an ordinary American citizen has been dragged off to prison simply for refusing to violate her Christian beliefs on marriage. [Shades of the 60s civil rights movement, which the sodomites have tried to co-opt to their side, but which is a laugh now that they have the power of the state at their backs, which power, to a great degree, they’ve enjoyed at least since Lawrence. A lot of Christians went to jail for violating unjust Jim Crow laws]

She was sent to jail for contempt by federal judge David L. Bunning [son of Senator Jim Bunning and an unworthy appointee] after she stood by her refusal to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples seeking them under the tainted June 26 US Supreme Court decision which imposed homosexual “marriage” on all 50 states — including [the 30] states whose people and legislatures had voted to prohibit it.

Davis said she had “no choice” because issuing the licenses would have conflicted with her religious beliefs.

Though lawyers for the homosexual couples had asked the judge to fine Ms. Davis rather than send her to jail, the judge imposed jail time anyway, saying he thought a fine would be insufficient to force her compliance. [Please understand this point. If you take away nothing else from this post, please get this: YOU WILL BE MADE TO COMPLY. Or you will be made to suffer.  That’s your choice. Decide now, and prepare for your fate.]

So this is what it has come to: the US government is applying force to induce a person to do what she knows is wrong. [Ummm……they’ve been doing it for decades]
This is clearly a form of tyranny.
An unprecedented new type of dictatorship has begun to take power in America.
The Christian opposition to homosexual “marriage” has become, in the eyes of this regime, pernicious — something to be severely punished. 

I agree.  However, I fear that like abortion, over time, the matter will become institutionalized, with forces on both sides and a lot of money tied in with each, encouraging a low-level civil struggle to go on for decades, while the moral heart of this nation continues to corrode (if it even has one anymore).

Already in Rowan County, they have found souls willing to compromise and issue marriage licenses in Davis’ absence.  They always do.  They make a brutal example of a few and then virtually everyone, save a few “crazies,” quickly fall into line.  There will probably be opposition here or there, but very manageable levels of opposition.  I greatly fear that over time, even the vast majority of relatively faithful Christians will silently accommodate themselves to this unjust law.

I do have a question, though.  Is marriage now a matter for the federal government?  I thought even with Obergefell’s imposition of a universal marriage law that marriage licenses were still issued by counties within states, not the federal government.  How is it, then, that Davis is consigned to a federal prison?  Just because the case got elevated to that level?



1. c matt - September 4, 2015

She is being held in federal jail because she would not comply with a federal court order. It is not a statement or ruling on federal jurisdiction over marriage, but over compliance with the court’s order (unjust as it is). Probably should have just removed her from office (or ordered the governor or whomever has authority over her position to remove her). This judge is not only a tyrant, but an idiot. Dangerous combination.

2. Tim - September 4, 2015

“I hope Anthony Kennedy is satisfied”……He never will be because he is an agent of Satan. Satan and his minions seek to be “gods” and by definition God is infinite, therefore satisfaction is not possible. Even if every soul that ever existed was damned, they would not be satisfied. Their blind hatred and rage is unquenchable. That is why we should be content with our station in life, that frees us up to grow in virtue and gives us time to subdue our passions. The most unhappy I’ve been in my life was when I was pursuing gain and earthly things, things have improved vastly since I have gradually put those things aside(not to the finish line there but improved by the Grace of God).

Pray for this woman who, although protestant, has shown more conviction and courage than most Catholics.

3. ChronicSinner - September 4, 2015

Curious how we have heard nothing from the bishop in charge of the flock in Rowan county. I wonder if the Holy Father will have anything to say on the incarceration of Miss Davis during his visit? Also, is the local judge who threw her in the clink, Catholic…thought I read somewhere yesterday that he is.

Tantumblogo - September 4, 2015

If you read the rest of the first link – which I don’t recommend – you will see Dr. Moynihan forecasting that Pope Francis might send some representative to visit Davis in prison as a show of solidarity. He claims he has heard “rumors” to that effect. Please. That will never happen. It shows the level of delusion of papal apologists right now.

4. V.E.G. - September 4, 2015

Keep soldiering on, Kim Davis!

5. Peter - September 5, 2015

Ought a catholic clerk deny a marriage license to a divorced catholic man and his new female fiancé?

Tim - September 5, 2015

Without a proper annulment(that’s another can of worms), yes.

Peter - September 5, 2015

Assume no proper annulment. Does the clerk sin if he issues the marriage license?

Tim - September 6, 2015

If the clerk has full knowledge of the situation and is a catechized Catholic, yes they sin. Mortal or venial? That’s between them, God and their confessor.

marakitteh - September 6, 2015

All right…. so, should the law protect devout Catholic clerks who have no desire to sin, the Protestant who doesn’t accept the Catholic Church’s authority but who has a secular divorce decree as required by law, or both?

I say both. I have read the text of Kentucky marriage licenses, and they say nothing of “holy matrimony” or reference to God’s law – in fact, there is a codicil statement that says specifically all that the certificate attests is that the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky have authorized the marriage, not the laws of God.

If that distinction isn’t enough, all but one of her subordinates agreed to issue licenses instead, so neither her nor her son are forced to violate their beliefs. The judge was willing to release her if she accepted that compromise, but she refused it as well.

If her conscience cannot allow even subordinates she employs to follow their own consciences instead of hers, I truly see no ethical path for her other than resignation. If a US Army commanding officer converted to Quakerism, which strongly supports pacifism, they don’t have the right to forbid everyone under their command from fighting as well.

6. Tim - September 5, 2015

This chilling quote pretty much sums it up as far as where our culture and nation currently stands:

U.S. District Judge David Bunning

”The idea of natural law superseding this court’s authority would be a dangerous precedent indeed.”

7. Tim - September 5, 2015
TLM - September 5, 2015

God Bless him! At least we know there’s one that will put himself in harm’s way to stand up for his faith.

8. Tim - September 5, 2015

This pretty much sums it up:

U.S. District Judge David Bunning

”The idea of natural law superseding this court’s authority would be a dangerous precedent indeed.”

9. TLM - September 5, 2015

Along with Anthony Kennedy, I also hope John Roberts is satisfied. He as well is SUPPOSED to be a Catholic in good standing. He and his wife, who is (or was) a pro life activist belong to the Church of ‘The Little Flower’ which is supposedly a very orthodox Catholic Parish. So much for expecting any kind of a Catholic vote out of a ‘Catholic’ Judge. It ain’t happenin in 2015.

10. Baseballmom - September 6, 2015

The difference between sodomite coupling and abortion is the fact that all kinds of folks are being dragged into this mess without their consent. Those involved in procuring or providing abortions are a much more closed group of people. Those on the periphery (landlords, supply people etc) do not come face to face with the killing. This is our last chance to wake up and expel the demons in our land….perhaps we will….

11. aloi - September 8, 2015

It’s being reported on various blogs that this woman is 4x divorced with children from more than one of her ex-husbands. If this is true, is it easier to believe that she’s genuinely righteous, or that her sudden self-made fame is a hypocritical show of self-righteousness?

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2015

All the divorces and other activities occurred before her conversion in 2010. None of us are perfect, and perhaps we should be less ready to fall for media smear campaigns against enemies of the leftist revolutionaries.

Yes, it’s unsettling to read, but if we Christians are to be true to both our own imperfections and the entire concept of conversion and repentance, I think she should be given the benefit of the doubt. She dresses very modestly and appears willing to suffer a great deal for her convictions. There might be some lessons for many of us there.

tg - September 8, 2015

I agree. Many Christians and Catholics have done terrible things before their conversion or re-conversion. (I know I have.) Those who are judging this woman’s motives and calling her a hypocrite should read about Mary Magdalene or Mary of Egypt or St. Augustine.

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