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Dallas notes/Men’s Vigil Reminder September 8, 2015

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The next men’s vigil outside the so-called Men’s Club will be this Wednesday, Sept. 9 @ 8 pm!  At least, I’ll be there!  I pray many of you are, as well.  If you are new, for all the details on location, the response we get, etc., go here.

Two other local notes.  A representative from Wyoming Catholic College will be at Mater Dei parish in Irving on Thursday, October 1 at 7:15 pm.  He works in the admissions office and will be on hand to answer any questions you or a  young person you know might have regarding Wyoming Catholic College.  The meeting will be in the parish hall.

Wyoming Catholic is one of a few colleges this blogger would contemplate sending his kids to.  A representative of the university a few years ago said that tuition and fees were not as high as many other small Catholic colleges – $24,000.  That may have been all inclusive, I don’t recall.  The point being, it’s not as prohibitively expensive as many other Catholic colleges. This is not the post to re-examine my concerns over students going into huge amounts of debt for degrees that do not appreciably increase their earning power (thus justifying the investment), but Wyoming Catholic appears more affordable than most.  Plus, horseback riding and Dr. Kwasniewski.

Final note, Fr. Mitch Pacwa will be giving a presentation on “Challenges of the Christian Family in the USA” on Saturday, October 3 at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic parish at 11:30 am.  He will offer Mass on Saturday at 5:30 and Sunday at 8:30 and 11.  His presence there is part of the Lebanese Food Festival offered at the parish every year, which runs from Oct. 2-4.  This is a large festival attended by thousands every year.

I can’t watch EWTN anymore (no cable) and may as well pull the radio out of my truck because I never use it, but I always liked Fr. Pacwa.  He’s been very supportive of Our Lady of Lebanon since serving as priest there many years ago.



1. Anne - September 8, 2015

I was wondering about your opinion of some of the other conservative Catholic Universities like Franciscan, Christendom, etc. I too like Wyoming Catholic, but it is so far away from us. I like knowing what other conservative parents think.
God bless your prayer vigil! I will say a long-distance prayer. 🙂

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2015

There aren’t many really good ones. It depends on what you’re looking for, conservative, or traditional. There are more of the former than the latter. But some I would consider, in no particular order:

Thomas Aquinas College, San Diego
College of St. Thomas More, New Hampshire
Christendom College
Wyoming Catholic College

Others perhaps a rung down:

Benedictine College, Atchison, KS
University of Dallas
Franciscan University, Steubenville
Belmont Abbey College
Northeast Catholic College

Maybe Ave Maria University

Tim - September 8, 2015

You forgot St. Mary’s College in St. Mary’s, Kansas

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2015

I may have forgotten several. The list wasn’t intended to be all-encompassing. I was going more or less from memory.

Anne - September 9, 2015


Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. Our oldest just went off to college and we had a very short list of schools where he could apply. 🙂

He is attending one of the schools on your list. So far, so good! Other families we know that sent their kids to secular schools all told us that within days their child’s roommate had brought someone of the opposite sex into their room to hook up. So sad.

Parents need to be so very vigilant where they send their children to college. Especially their girls.

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2015

Oh, maybe Holy Apostles College/Seminary in Connecticutt, they are really tiny and I don’t know much of anything about them.

2. camper - September 8, 2015

About colleges, I can tell you a fair bit. Thomas Aquinas College (“TAC”) is definitely the most competitive in the Liberal Arts. I believe that even those who are really only middle class/poor should spend a year at TAC. Elsewhere one doesn’t get the same amount of Aristotle in depth, and learning Aristotle is deeply important – one just isn’t educated without it.
Another deeply important goal for anyone is to learn the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle and really Austrian Economics, without the Enlightenment-style political theory. For that, one can read essays on lewrockwell.com or perhaps more formally at mises.org. Anyone with academic pretenses who doesn’t know Austrian economics is contemptibly ignorant and ludicrous, definitely including anyone from Cal Tech, Oxford, or Harvard – or TAC. The only exception to this are permanent residents of a few select jurisdictions around the world. America is definitely not one of them.
If one can’t go to TAC for some reason, (only serious poverty is good enough) then one should read the _Closing of the American Mind_ by Allen Bloom and study the information on the admissions website of TAC. TAC is much better in the liberal arts than Harvard or Oxford. One needs to read _Closing_ to understand why.
UD does not enforce a dress code and some women on campus walk around in short shorts. This is terrible for your son and should be a deal breaker for men. The theology department at UD, which is always the most important department and the most important bell-weather at a Catholic university, has modernist influences, including the Chair, who spends a lot of time researching Jewish and Mohammedan theology and philosophy and has a Ph.D. from Chicago. UD does not push the strict Aristotlean view in theology, which means its theology department is distinctly outclassed by TAC. UD also has one of the ugliest campuses in the nation according to rankings of campuses. That is important because an ugly campus tends to nurture socialism and utilitarianism in students. One siginificant advantage of UD is that it requires a course in market economics. Despite its disadvantages, UD is a good choice for women who want to study computer science – assuming the year at TAC.
I don’t know a great deal about Wyoming Catholic, but Dr. Kwasniewski, for instance, is problematic to bad because he is a distributist, which is false Catholicism, even if it is quite popular among nominal trads and their nominally conservative allies. As I understand it, Wyoming Catholic is “TAC lite” plus horses.
Wyoming Catholic is derided at TAC, which initials, by the way, are said to stand for “that arrogant college”. Just so you know.
Steubenville was reviewed by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, an organization with which you ought to be familiar, in 1997 and the review concluded that the place simply was not very rigorous. Steubenville is definitely pious, but it is the sort of piety that manifests itself in rock masses and respect for JPII. There is a group of trads at Steubenville that goes to mass in Pittsburgh every Sunday. The president of Steubenville does not have a degree in theology, which is basically a real scandal. (Neither does UD’s president – he’s a lawyer whose undergrad degree was from Benedictine.) Steubenville recently instituted some 40 hours of requirements, no doubt to be able to compete with UD. Benedictine, to my knowledge, does not have these. A good idea is to go to TAC for a year, then do engineering or computer science at Benedictine, since it is faster, or a public university for women.
Smart Catholics need to know theology and a good bit of apologetics, particularly as the West descends into a new dark age and the potential for totalitarianism increases.
Another bit of advice – it is important to have serious earning power for the youth because the age that is coming will be economically brutal. Law school is a terrible choice. Anyone who can study engineering or computer science – not medicine, should and should try to get permanent residency in Hong Kong, Singapore, Andorra, or Liechtenstein, which are relatively safe havens economically. Anyone who does not have permanent residency in one of these places will suffer tremendously. PR status in one of these places is probably worth more than an outstanding education b/c times will be so bad.
Another thing about Benedictine – the chair of Philosophy is a TACer, which is a very good sign about Benedictine. Franciscan, in contrast, only has a TACer on the faculty of the Classics Department. – not nearly as good.
Another thing – you should try to get your children through college early. Engineering if possible, but above all, get it done as quickly as possible. 19 is definitely not to early to graduate from college, and if I have children, I will push them to finish by the age of 17. The modern educational system is designed to help teachers more than students. Youth ought to be married at a relatively young age because of our hypersexualized culture, so you should push them a great deal, if possible. I’m repeating this because spam-blocker is overactive again.

3. David - September 8, 2015


I know Holy Apostles has some lay programs and some online degree programs now, but my understanding is that it is primarily a seminary for “late” vocations, and some religious orders send seminarians there as well. Fr. Brian Mallady is on the faculty there.

I also like Fr. Pacwa. I have met him several times and heard him speak. He is one Jesuit who has had to find his own assignments. The order could really benefit from his wisdom and example.

4. David - September 8, 2015

I do know Holy Apostles will accept pre theologate seminarians who are not endorsed via a diocese or religious order. The pre theology candidate pays his own dime during this time. Pre theology takes about two years. The student must become sponsored by a diocese or an order before starting major seminary. Vocation directors often visit Holy Apostles to find some of these seminarians.

become sponsored by a diocese or an order before beginning major seminary.

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2015

Thanks for the additional info.

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