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Finally, a gun for the Christians being massacred in the Middle East! September 8, 2015

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If CAIR doesn’t like it, you know it has to have at least some redeeming value.

Millions  of Christians are being persecuted, driven from their homes, beaten, raped, and murdered throughout much of the Mideast, from Iraq to Libya.  The response of the West has been paltry, at best.  The US intervention is oriented far more towards quieting political criticism at home than it is towards either defending the ancient Christian communities the US has long abandoned, or seriously attriting ISIS’ ability to continue its genocidal campaign.

Of course, there are always limitations and down-sides to mass intervention.  We – the US – more or less created the nightmare afflicting the ancient Christian communities through our original, botched invasion and occupation of Iraq.  I am far from certain that another mass intervention would not result in even worse ramifications.  However, there are ways to aid those on the ground to defend themselves without using the typical HULK SMASH methods of the US military.  One method would be to arm and equip them to have at least a fair chance of defending themselves.  This would be a relatively low-cost intervention in terms of money and especially lives.

A Florida gun-maker has come up with what might be the ideal anti-ISIS small arm: an AR-15 based platform called the “Crusader” that contains a verse from Scripture that islam finds offensive:

A new assault rifle being manufactured in central Florida has drawn fire after the gunmaker branded it the “Crusader” and said it was designed “to never be used by Muslim terrorists.”

Spike’s Tactical in Apopka etched its new $1,395 AR-15 with a Bible verse that says “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle,” MyFoxOrlando reported. [I’ve always seen it read the other way, “who trains my hands for battle, and my fingers for war.”  It is part of Psalm 143, and a very good Psalm it is]

Company spokesman Ben Thomas, a former Navy SEAL, said the scripture is something of an insurance policy to keep it out of the hands of terrorists. The idea came to him during the weapon’s development. At the time, the U.S. government was preparing to arm rebel groups in Syria.

“When you make a rifle, you have to understand that it could be used for ill deeds if it got in the wrong hands,” Thomas told the station….[Alright, this is weak.  The Scripture is plainly intended to be hostile towards islam, and not without reason. You can argue whether Scripture should be associated with a killing device, but the Crusaders certainly used much religious imagery and symbolism in arming themselves for war against islam]

……The gun went on sale this week and was quickly denounced by the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Florida, according to MyFoxOrlando.

“Sadly, this manufacturer’s fancy new gun won’t do anything to stop the real threat in America: the escalating problem of gun violence,” the council told the station. “This is just another shameful marketing ploy intended to profit from the promotion of hatred, division, and violence.” [CAIR is a radical-muslim apologist group and, I believe, element of taqqiyah aimed at disarming the West.  I discount all their feigned exasperation]

Thomas defended the Crusader, saying he would like to take a weapon with scripture etched on the side into battle and that the gun is not meant to be racist. [Islam isn’t even a race, there are muslims of every race, but racism is one of the left’s favorite tools to tar those who do things they don’t like, so it gets used.  It would be less effective to say they are “anti-muslim,” because, more and more people are, and again not without reason] 

“We didn’t say ‘No Muslims,’” he said.

The scripture is etched on one side of the magazine. Etched on the other is a symbol of a cross that dates from the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

Thomas told the Orlando Sentinel the company’s owners did not intend to insult or antagonize Muslims.

I think they’re making a mistake claiming the inscription and other bits worked into it are intended to keep muslims from using the rifle.  They’re being put on there to oppose militant islam with Christian truth, even if the application may be questionable and the truth only partial.  I sort of like it, though I’m not about to drop $1400 on an AR.  I like my guns Russian in origin.

Some other humorous aspects: the select-fire knob is labeled in Latin, “Pax” peace for safe, “Bellum” war for semi-auto, and ‘Deus Vult”- God Wills It – for full-auto?  Or just semi-auto again?  I like the Crusader’s shield, too.

crusader gun image


Note protestant Pslam numbering


I’m sure they’re nice guns. They’re loaded with Picatinny rails, flash suppressor and probably have fine, after market triggers.  I can only guess the “Deus Vult” setting would be full-auto or 3-shot groups.

OK, say they’re $1400 but they’re basically hand-made, one would hope in mass production the price would drop to at least $1000.  So, $1 billion for a million rifles, roughly.  Another $2 billion for 10 billion rounds of ammo (10,000 rounds per gun would be enough to keep them in combat for several months, maybe half a year).  So, for $3 billion at least a minimally just means of self-defense could be supplied to the remaining Christians in Iraq and Syria. Training’s another matter.

Eh, it’ll never happen, anyways.  Even should private individuals get together to donate money or arms to Christians in the Mideast, the US gov’t would do all in its power to prevent such aid from reaching them. We are in a period of unprecedented persecution when most of the great powers of the earth – governments, hostile religions, NGOs, much of private industry, the academy – appear ranged against the Church.  At some point, many of us will have to come to decisions as to whether to be martyred or resist.  There are of course moral guidelines governing that resistance, but fundamentally, we do not have to be as sheep led to the slaughter if we can enlist enough people to join us in resistance.  We’re not at that point, yet, but it doesn’t hurt to start calculating how one might respond in different situations. They may not be as far away as we would like to think.



1. Obsever - September 8, 2015

I’m all for Christians, wherever they reside, to have access to defensive weaponry, But speaking with the current European crisis looming large in our thoughts, it is fast becoming, “game over, man.” Within the next 20 years I see no hope for the survival of Christianity in Western Europe, let alone the Mid East.

2. tg - September 8, 2015

I like the name Crusader and the Latin. Was is Protestant psalm numbering?

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2015

Protestants messed with the Bible. They changed many things. They deleted 7 Old Testament books. They also renumbered the Psalms. They have various reasons of varying merit for doing so. But the end result is that the Psalms in most Catholic and protestant Bibles are off by one, after, I think, Psalm 8, and going up to Psalm 147? They did this by combining and breaking up a handful of Psalms into to, or combining two into one.

3. Margaret Costello - September 10, 2015

Our Lord is an insult to Islam thus I have no problem insulting them too if what is said is truth:+) God bless~

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