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The United States exists in a dangerous duality where the law is used against some as a weapon, while others can do no wrong…. September 8, 2015

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……all dependent on which side of the political-cultural divide one finds oneself.  If you are a progressive, woo-hoo!, you can smoke grass, allow theft of classified documents, and engage in union thievery/thuggery, secure in the knowledge you’ll never be prosecuted. But if you’re a Christian conservative, know that all the massive power of the Leviathan State will be – is being – ranged against you.  Know also that many legal experts now view in the mind-boggling panoply of federal laws the potentiality for each and every citizen to be guilty of a good number of federal felonies of which they remain blissfully unaware. Ignorance of the law being no defense, when the decide to come for you, there will be a ready-made case for potentially dozens of felony charges and very long prison sentences.

Think I’m exaggerating a bit?  Is Tantumfrogo falling further into conspiracy nuttery?  Well, read the analysis below by Sean Davis – a very, very partial analysis – of the immense, politically-motivated legal double standards existing in this country at this time, and see if you think I’m exaggerating.  The key point to bear in mind is that Rowan County, Kentucky county clerk is ostensibly languishing in jail for failure to perform her duty as a county clerk in issuing marriage licenses to sodomites (but we all know it’s really about her opposition to pseudo-sodomite marriage).  But look at how many other instances of failure to enforce the supposedly sacrosanct law are willfully ignored in pursuit of leftist hegemony (I add emphasis and comments):

Davis’s arrest was met with cheers by same-sex marriage advocates who for some reason did not demand imprisonment of officials who lawlessly issued gay marriage licenses in clear contravention of state and federal laws. Take, for example, Democrat Gavin Newsom, who is currently the California lieutenant governor. Back in 2004, when gay marriage was banned under California state law, Newsom openly defied the law and used his power as the mayor of San Francisco to force taxpayer-funded government clerks to issue gay marriage licenses…….

…..Just like Kim Davis, who is an elected Democrat, Newsom justified his lawlessness by citing his own conscience and beliefs about right and wrong rather than deferring to the actual laws of his state. [Party affiliation today means less than tribal signaling, having the “right” beliefs and being part of the “right” crowd.  Rule of law is rapidly becoming a joke in this country under these circumstances. It also highlights what I think is brilliant advice from Plinio Correa de Oliveira – it is 100 times more important to gain a cultural victory against the Revolution than to pass a law or prevent a law from passing. The Revolution moves primarily in the culture, and after having subsumed the culture, then enacts laws in its favor.  Preventing a bad book from being published, deconstructing a blasphemous movie, or opposing some immoral cultural trend (as Davis is doing) is much more important than political efforts]

If you look for evidence of gay rights advocates chastising Newsom for his blatant lawlessness, you won’t find it. Because it doesn’t exist. You similarly won’t find any evidence of these principled law enforcement purists chastising California state officials for refusing to enforce or defend the Prop 8 ballot initiative in California, which was passed overwhelmingly by California voters. [Of course not, because all this garbage about the supposed sanctity of the law and the purported duty of elected officials is just a smokescreen for this: do as we will, shut up, or get crushed]

And don’t you dare look for evidence of high-minded progressives demanding prison sentences for the Washington, D.C. bureaucrats who openly defied federal court orders to issue concealed carry permits in the nation’s capital. Nope. Instead of enforcing the law as handed down in multiple Supreme Court cases, D.C. officials kept manufacturing new reasons to justify their refusal to comply with federal gun laws.

Don’t even get me started on federal laws regarding drug possession. You won’t find progressives calling for the prosecution of scores of Colorado officials in open defiance of federal drug bans, or calling for the heads of federal officials who refuse to enforce federal drug laws in Colorado. No, those federal laws are icky. Sure, they’re indisputably the law of the land. And sure, officials have a duty to equally apply and enforce standing law, but icky laws are different. Only non-icky laws need to be enforced. [This ties in closely with calls for more “anti-gun” laws.  There are already copious laws on the books, which, if reasonably enforced, would prevent a large number of the atrocities committed that the media and leftists use to call for more……federal gun laws. That is why so many Second Amendment advocates view these calls as being directed more at law-abiding citizens, with the intent of dis-arming them in the face of an increasingly totalitarian state, than the criminals who already operate with near impunity in spite of the plethora of laws on the books.]

Perhaps natural marriage advocates should abandon their religious liberty arguments and instead declare whole cities to be marriage sanctuaries. That strategy has worked splendidly for open borders advocates. Who cares what the federal law requires when it comes to illegal immigration? Those laws restricting citizenship rights to citizens are icky, so they don’t need to be enforced. Sanctuary cities are great, so long as they provide sanctuary from icky laws of which progressives disapprove. [We were at a park in a rougher side of town just yesterday.  The park was equipped with “drug-free zone” signs.  I had to laugh at all the discarded beer cans and even the roach clip I saw on the ground.  But that’s the left, they’d rather construct a fantasy than deal with the reality]

Oh, and those laws regarding the proper handling of classified national security information? Meh. Yeah, those are icky, too. So lay off Hillary Clinton, you dirty law truther. Who cares if she ignored clear law and policy by setting up an unsecured, unsanctioned e-mail server which was then used to house and distribute classified information? Who cares if President Barack Obama himself signed the executive order mandating the protection of national security information, the unauthorized release of which could damage American safety and security? Who cares if she intentionally sent classified information to people outside the government who were never cleared to receive it? Progressives think that law is icky, too, so you’ll have to excuse them from not caring about Hillary’s blatant violation of it (laws regarding the handling of classified information are totally not icky, though, when applied to Republicans like David Petraeus or Scooter Libby).

The point is obvious.  This nation is becoming a land of politically motivated enforcement and non-enforcement of laws. To put it bluntly, this is no longer a nation of laws, but of men, of will to power, of a deeply totalitarian impulse to serve and advance ONE political agenda at the expense of all others.

There are many other recent, horrifying examples that could have been included with the above.  Things like the use of the IRS to target and persecute conservative groups viewed as being hostile to the present presidential administration, or the refusal to enforce sanctions against employers who knowingly employ large numbers of illegal aliens.  What we are witnessing is a descent into one-party rule and selective enforcement of the law to insure that rule.  It is difficult to distinguish this kind of self-serving application from any of the far-too-numerous banana republics around the world.  Yes, things have perhaps not gotten quite that far, yet, but almost all the trends are in a disconcertingly negative direction.

Ah, well…..’Merica!




1. c matt - September 8, 2015

I think you misunderstood the sign. “Drug free” obviously meant the drugs are for free.

2. Tyler Rose - September 9, 2015

Tantum you have landed on a very crucial topic here. What you say is correct. Given the abundance of laws, we are all lawbreakers. Was the England we declared independence from a place of greater liberty and freedom that the situation we find ourselves in today?

Apart from the law-enforcement problems we have, we are literally being choked to death by the cancer of bureaucracies, which, by the way, provide a perfect analogy to cancer in the body.

In civil society, laws rarely apply to the ruling political class. If, for instance, what seems to be happening to H. Clinton seems to be an exception, one wonders what more terrible thing is being diverted from our attention in her case, just as Monica was a diversion for the more serious crimes of WJ Clinton.

No, laws are intended to be used against the wage-slaves whose toil and effort are used to support the very class that oppresses them.

And does the same situation not exist today in the ecclesiastical sense? Is Church law today applied for the benefit of the pewsitters who actually support the Church, or for that apostate hierarchy who has co-opted Her?

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