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“I want them all [Christians] to die in a fire” September 9, 2015

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A few brief quotes from Maggie Gallagher (quoting a lot of Irish today!) on the subject of the growing progressive hatred of Christians.  I disagree with Gallagher that because the views below are representative of only a minority of progressives, we need not be overly concerned.  The numbers are less important then who these progressives are.  They are the most well-educated, well-connected elite among progressives, and the history of the past several decades has conclusively shown that the views this elite holds almost always trickles down to the great majority of the rank and file.  If the best educated, best paid, most influential progressives are burning with a de-humanizing, irrational hatred for Christians (that is, realizing the basic nature of leftism), history indicates that before very long, the vast majority of progressives will share these views.

I picked this up via CMR, I cut to the chase with the most bombastic quotes:

………they found is that religious prejudice is much more prominent than racial prejudice…….

………But the difference that leapt out for Yancey and Williamson is between the social groups who are anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim or anti-black, and those who dislike conservative Christians: the anti-fundamentalist animus was the prejudice of the powerful, not (like hatred of Muslims or Jews) of the relatively powerless. “Our research confirms the finding of our 2010 study that people who harbor animosity towards conservative Christians hold relatively high levels of social power.”………

…….“I want them all to die in a fire,” said one man with a doctorate. “I would be in favor of establishing a state for them. . . . If not then sterilize them so they can’t breed more,” said a middle aged man with a master’s degree. [Note how comfortable the extreme  left is with the language and tactics of the cruelest totalitarian states.  This is straight out of Nazism]“The only good Christian is a dead Christian,” said another under-45-year-old man with a doctorate. “I abhor them and I wish we could do away with them,” said a middle-aged woman with a master’s degree. “A tortuous death would be too good for them,” said a college-educated man between the ages of 36 and 45. “They should be eradicated without hesitation or remorse,” said an elderly woman with a master’s degree. [Again, almost verbatim a Hitler phrase]

……Yancey and Williamson asked these anti-Christian progressives…….what laws they would support to “deal with” conservative Christians……[A] substantial minority (37 percent) could think of many laws they wished to pass, from stripping churches of tax exemptions, to banning homeschooling[They hate, hate, HATE us for homeschooling. They recognize why most parents homeschool and the threat that poses to the satanic sexular pagan dystopia they want to foist on us all]

Astonishingly, many well-educated progressives in this sample supported laws stripping conservative Christians of basic human rights: “Restrict their ability to become judges, senators, representatives, member of Cabinet, military chief of staff and other powerful members of government,” said a man over 75 with a bachelor’s degree. [Because Christians aren’t quite human] “Should not be able to make decisions regarding the law, they should somehow have to be supervised if they are working with other people (drastic, I know),” said a woman under 45 with a master’s degree. “We should put in place mandatory extreme prison sentences for anyone or any group that attempts to take away civil liberties guaranteed by our constitution,” said a middle-aged man with a master’s degree. [Apparently, and I mean this with all sincerity, something about succumbing to an extremely militant, leftist viewpoint also means jettisoning and and all sense of irony.  Don’t you find the idea of someone advocating for the stripping of someone else’s rights under the guise that the dreaded “other” somehow threatens those same rights a bit ironic?] “Churches should not be allowed to provide orphanages and adoption programs,” said one elderly man with a doctorate. [What’s with all these oldsters hating on the Church?] I think we should restrict the indoctrination of children in religious dogma and ritual” said a middle-aged man with a master’s degree. Conservative Christians should “not be allowed to hold political office, be police etc., serve in the armed forces,” said another middle aged man with a doctorate. [And again, who wants to strip whose rights?]

Yikes. Mind you, 37% of self-identified progressives held opinions generally of this kind, if not always quite so virulent (I’m frankly not sure), but, again, the survey identifies these folks as the “thought leaders” of the left.  It is their ideas that tend to influence the rank and file and drive the progressive agenda.

At root, leftism – or the Revolution, still ongoing – is about total rejection of the idea of a higher Being to which submission is required, and the indulging of all the passions as a sort of demonstration of the rejection of God.  Indulging of the passions is the Revolution’s prime selling point to the masses – “you get rid of your delusions about God,” they claim,”and we’ll make it so you can enjoy your every whim of perversion and license!”  That’s the basic tradeoff.

But there is a further aspect to the tradeoff that goes unspoken: not only do you have to give up your ideas regarding God, you have to accept the leftist overlord in the position of God, determining what kind of job you can have, how much money you can make, intimate aspects of family life, government intrusion into every possible minute aspect of daily life, etc.  That’s the great “trade” they propose – you give us unlimited power, and we’ll give you unlimited sexual license. At least for a brief while. Almost all totalitarian leftist states have required – of necessity, they have found – a return to at least some kind of moral order after their absolute suzerainty is assured.  There are variables…….the USSR under Lenin and early in Stalin’s rule was as amoral and licentious as they came, but the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot instilled an almost monastic life of forcible self-denial on virtually everyone not of the highest elite immediately upon taking power.

Key takeaways: they hate us with a blinding passion, they hate us not because of what we do but because of who we are, and given enough power, they will instill a persecution as severe, if not more so, than any the Church has endured in Her 2000 year history.  And all the bleating and professions of fervent progressive faith many bishops and priests make on a daily basis won’t matter a whit, because they will belong to l’infame, the object of hatred of the satanic Revolution since 1517 and before.  Unless, of course, those progressive churchmen apostasize, then they’ll be eagerly used for the confusion and destruction they can sow.

As many good priests and holy people have been warning us, we had better get prayed up.  I fear we face a very painful future, but one that is not necessarily dark, but actually full of light for us, if we remain faithful!


1. Tim - September 9, 2015

Ahhh, the tolerant left.

2. Peter - September 10, 2015

That’s also why they want our guns.

Baseballmom - September 10, 2015


3. Kathleen - September 10, 2015

Revolutions (i.e. murderous attacks upon the Church and her children) are *always* started by the elite.

They always set up the sham that it’s the little people, but it’s the elite.

4. Willard Money - September 10, 2015

Really want to go there? Would you like me to post here just a few of the comments I’ve seen from the right regarding the President or Mrs. Clinton? There are extremists on both sides.

camper - September 10, 2015

Why should we defend what a lot of apostate right-wingers say? We are not them. The Democratic party barely kept in mention of God in their platform last cycle – they were almost shouted down by the militant atheists. Besides, you are in the driver’s seat here – no one is talking about throwing sodomites in jail for life for their crimes.

The democrats are the party of oppression and immorality. Thank you big gov’t.

Tantumblogo - September 10, 2015

Sadly, it’s a fair point. But 37%?

Tantumblogo - September 10, 2015

Thinking about this more, your point is only a little bit valid. For one, there exists heavy documentation that many conservative blogs are visited by deliberate agents provocateurs, trying to discredit them by making outrageous comments. Some of these are funded by OFA and other democrat front groups, others are from overseas, especially Russia. We don’t know how many of those comments are genuine, and how many are astroturf.

Secondly, there is a substantial difference, in my mind, between what someone says in an internet combox, and what they tell a researcher under what should be cool deliberation. It is one thing to express such beliefs with internet “anonymity” and another to tell a researcher these things to his face. The latter indicates a vastly more worrisome pathology.

Thirdly, the Revolution – leftism – has virtually always waged war on the Church. Do not pretend otherwise. The historical and present-day examples are too numerous to list. So this is a part of a repeated pattern, and is supported by real-world cases of persecution being endured right now by a number of Christians. All of that persecution comes from the progressive government-media cabal.

5. Joseph D'Hippolito - September 10, 2015

It really doesn’t matter that “most gay people and a majority of progressives don’t approve of this.” The Nazis never won a majority in any Reichstag election. The Bolsheviks were the minority party in the Russian Social Democratic movement. We’re constantly being told that a “minority” of Muslims (more than 1 billion strong) either approve of terrorism or engage in it. The fact of the matter is that, in history, a vocal, organized, passionate minority will out-flank the “respectable” majority.

Let’s also not forget that the hate-mongers accurately represent the Marxist roots of “Progressivism.”

6. RVBlake - September 10, 2015

So a “well-educated” middle-aged man wishes a tortuous death on us? He can’t be that well-educated if he doesn’t know the difference between “tortuous” and “torturous”. Unless he wishes a long, winding death…you never know with Jacobins. This brings to mind Richard Dawkins’ opinion that religious education constitutes child-abuse.

7. Guest - September 10, 2015

Let’s be kind to them. It will put coals on their heads.

8. DJR - September 10, 2015

It’s not going to be that easy for these “elites” to get quite their way in the U.S. because of the dynamics here.

There are groups that, although not necessarily allied in religious belief, are allied on some very major points, and it runs contrary to the elite’s way of thinking to oppose said groups.

Example: There are many African-Americans, particularly those who practice some type of religious observance, who are absolutely opposed, and vocally so, to homosexuality. The elite cannot attack that group in the same manner it can attack, say, Catholics.

And that group can attack back.

Same thing for Muslims. The elite cannot attack Muslims in the same manner as it does Catholics, and Muslims are more strident in their opposition to homosexuality.

Can anyone imagine a “gay pride” parade marching past any of the many mosques that are being built in the U.S. and the “gays” acting in the same manner as they do when they pass Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC?

Not going to happen.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Our allies in some of these culture wars are our Muslim neighbors.

Let the elite even try attacking them. It will be returned in spades.

9. Jim the Tim - September 13, 2015

All Christs prophecies are coming true . None more so than the demonic hatred directed at him and Christians especially Catholics. Also to be educated within the World seems obviously to make that hatred stronger’ what was it that Christ said of men like this “It would be better that a millstone be put around their necks and that they be cast into the deepest ocean”.

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