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Is the national pro-life establishment engaging in a huge sellout over Planned Barrenhood de-funding? September 9, 2015

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Erick Erickson at RedState thinks so.  In fact, he absolutely pillories the growing institutionalization of the pro-life movement, something I’ve lamented many times on this blog, arguing that many major national pro-life leaders and organizations do not actually want to see abortion go away, since their rather comfy livelihoods and the empires they’ve built depend on it remaining, for the most part, legal.  Erickson is throwing down the gauntlet for a “government shutdown” over de-funding of Planned Barrenhood, but he believes the Repubnik higher-ups and the pro-life groups have already reached a modus vivendi that they won’t do anything more than kabuki theater to that end:

For decades, the GOP and Pro-Life groups have been pouring in money from people who want to stop the killing of innocent children.


Now we have videos of Planned Parenthood pulling whole children from freezers. We have videos of Planned Parenthood cutting open the head of a little boy while his heart is beating to extract his brain. We have videos of Planned Parenthood haggling over prices. [These videos make my blood absolutely boil.  I just saw the sonogram of our baby yesterday, and I think how Planned Butcherhood uses sonograms to remove babies from women while keeping their money-making parts intact. We now have conclusive evidence that Damned Butcherhood routinely births live children to harvest their parts.  And yet the entrenched self-anointed leadership is already cowering before negative media coverage in the event Obama shuts down government over a Planned Barrenhood de-funding. And that will be the case, it won’t be the Republicans “shutting down government,” but the demonrats. The media, however, will spin it to be all the spineless, no-good R’s fault, and they haven’t got 1/10th the backbone to stand against that]

So now a large portion of the Pro-Life Movement™ and Republican Leadership are going to scramble to tell you that defunding Planned Parenthood will accomplish nothing and a government shutdown will do nothing.

Already, they are making the case that shutting down the government will not stop Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood gets money from mandatory spending, not discretionary spending. They have structured a system so they can take your money in the name of saving babies while doing nothing to stop it.

It is also utter crap.

If Republicans and the Pro-Life Movement™ want to stop Planned Parenthood, they would stop Planned Parenthood.

But they don’t really want to fight. They just want you to keep writing checks.

They will find excuses to let the killings continue and the money keep flowing all while trying to convince you not to believe your lying eyes.

I think this is absolutely true. There are pro-life organizations that are absolutely dedicated towards the true eradication of abortion and all threats to innocent life like Texas Right to Life.  Then there are other organizations who are far more institutionalized and willing to compromise.  I’m far from certain many of these groups really want to see abortion (or euthanasia, or) permanently ended. Sure, they want to report various small “victories” like certain mild limits being placed on abortion or requiring the viewing of sonograms, but it’s not clear whether these small victories are having much impact on reducing the number of abortions overall.  While surgical abortions have dropped, it seems chemical abortions have dramatically increased.

Perhaps Erickson and I and unfair in our assessments (I would say I’m not as down on pro-life groups as he seems to be), but I think there is a problem of institutionalization and mixed motives entering into the pro-life movement.  Not so much at the grass-roots, but among leadership in certain organizations.

I can say one thing – I already posted that it seems some of these major pro-life groups really believe that the post-2016 election timeframe will represent the best shot “in a generation” to repeal Roe v. Wade.  I really have no idea how they are arriving at that conclusion, it seems a forlorn hope to me (Repubniks will likely lose Senate seats and may even lose control, and who knows who the nominee will be), especially given that even with historic majorities in both houses, the R’s have managed to do absolutely NOTHING in terms of rolling back Obama’s socialist agenda or reversing destructive cultural trends.  In fact, they have willingly implemented major elements of Obama’s policies while performing kabuki theater to fool the base, pretending they tried their best but were just foiled by that cagey Obama again.

On what possible basis, then, do these pro-life groups believe that Roe v. Wade will be  under serious threat in 2017?  Even if the Republicans maintain control of both houses and win the White House, what even remote evidence is there that they will move to outlaw abortion? Give. Me. A. Break.  That is nothing but fantasy, or worse, even more kabuki theater from pro-life groups pretending if we let Planned Barrenhood pass this present crisis, we’ll get ’em next year.

Bullshit.  First of all, abortion will never go away until mass contraception use goes away, and many pro-life organizations are wishy-washy at best on contraception.  Secondly, there doesn’t exist anything remotely like a public consensus on making abortion illegal, and if the R’s and pro-life groups are afraid of what the media will do in the face of a “government shutdown,” how on earth do they expect to stand the onslaught that a move to de-legalize abortion would foster?!?  There aren’t more than a handful of R’s who would touch that with a ten foot pole.

Enjoy your theater.



1. tg - September 9, 2015

I agree that some pro-life organizations compromise but how is it their fault that they can stop funding of Planned Parenthood? They don’t control what happens in the government. I blame the weak Republicans. I stick with Texas Right to Life, American Life League. Human Life International, and Students for Life. Priests for Life also does not compromise but they will constantly ask for money.

Dismas - September 9, 2015

Just real quickly…if the Catholic Church is not the single Church on the face of the earth founded by Jesus Christ to carry out His mission, then what authority does that Church have?

Now one can answer this question with a lot of objections, but the fact remains that any “Catholic” pro-life organization that downplays this crucial fact – this crucial dogma – undercuts the very foundations that uphold the pro-life principles.

So now turn to these various organizations mentioned and peruse their literature. Once you determine that they are the indifferentists that they are (a heresy) then contact them and see what they tell you about this topic.

As with many neo-Catholics, orthodoxy is defined by one’s position on pro-life issues. Pretty much with a “period” after that sentence. All of the important dogmas that substantiate the right of the Catholic Church to speak definitively on this topic are quickly dispensed with. It becomes sort of like tying the laces of both your shoes together before a race.

Read the position of most of the “official” protestant sects on abortion. Now if a “Catholic” pro-life group cuddles up to these sects…if a Catholic pro-life group affords credibility to the “anonymous Christian” position, then why should a person prefer Catholic teaching over the teaching of one of these sects on abortion?

Tantumblogo - September 9, 2015

TG did you read the post? They are collaborating with the Republicans to give up without a fight, more or less. They fear the media reaction to a “shutdown” would hurt Republican chances in the 2016 election, still well over a year away. They are doing this because they claim, fantastically, that after 2016 they can push to somehow repeal Roe v. Wade via legislative action. That is sheer fantasy, as much as i pray it would happen.

I can also add that working in pro-life I see quite a bit. There are very compromised organizations I’d rather not mention, but most of the national-level organizations, even ostensibly Catholic ones, compromise on critical issues like euthanasia and contraception, and really do not push to make abortion permanently illegal. The claim that 2017 will be the magical year to banish abortion is just political theater, they don’t really believe that. And yes they have a primary concern about maintaining/growing their funding.

John Laws (@jlaws) - September 10, 2015

A few problems I’ve observed during my time as an ‘insider’:
1. Colonization of the movement and , through it, the Church by politicized Evangelicals. These neo-Cathoiics then push out more orthodox Catholics.
2. Preservation of their political connections, and hence ambitions, at the expense of their own organizations.
3. Cultivation of media relationships that lead to self-censorship and relegation to the condition of managed opposition.
4. And yes, a craven subservience to money.

Some of the founders of the movement were the very best of their generation. It’s a tragedy that their legacy and intellectual capital is being squandered.

tg - September 11, 2015

Is American Life League one of them? Judie Brown will not compromise. Many bishops including Cardinal Dolan will not have anything to do with her. He rather dine with Obama than her. In her book, she wrote about her problems with church leaders. It’s hard to believe she would be one to compromise. I think the pro-life organizations that are in league with the Republicans should be named.

Cristero - September 12, 2015

She may not compromise in the sense you are referring to.

Read their glossy publication “Celebrate Life”. See how many articles and examples you can find of false ecumenism and the suggestion that aborted babies go to Heaven. When you identify this stuff, write her or call her. See how far you get.

If, for example, members of the methodist sect are good Christians whose example we should follow, then why should we not follow the sects teaching about abortion?

If aborted babies go to Heaven, what responsible parent would not abort their baby? What greater act could you do for them?

It may well seem on the surface that these objections are tantamount to picking nits, but they fundamentally undermine the authentic Catholic teaching and result in more dead babies than they save.

2. Cristero - September 9, 2015

Amen, Brother. We can name a number of heavy “pro-life” organizations that fit this description (but we won’t). Once I realized this, from personal contact with them about their tacit denial of fundamental Catholic dogma, I quit sending in donations.

Peter - September 10, 2015

Why not name them?

Cristero - September 10, 2015

Good question. I suppose because I think it would be preferable for people who have not yet realized all of this to pick up these few breadcrumbs and begin learning on their own. People are generally more convinced when they learn on their own than when someone else tells them – especially when we are speaking of sacred cows like the Catholic “pro-life” companies.

It is not hard. Read their publications. See who are in positions of authority. If you detect anything that seems to deviate from what we know is Catholic teaching give them a call or write them a letter and ask them about it.

I would prefer to name a couple of organizations which I think do not throw Catholic teaching under the bus, like Joe Scheidler’s group and the Thomas More Legal Foundation. There must be others. But if the group engages in tacitly denying the fact that Our Lord founded only one Church and that these other sects are legitimate simply because some of their members recognize the horror of abortion, it will receive no support from me.

Is there a moral authority in this universe apart from that one Church founded by Jesus of Nazareth? Emphasis on “apart.”

The whole foundation for the truth that killing your baby is immoral rests upon the moral authority of the Catholic Church. To rebut this with the “natural law” argument only confuses the issue. Certainly doing such a thing violates the natural law, but it is the Catholic Church that upholds this and defends it and provides it with supernatural authority.

If some “Catholic” group is willing to undercut this authority for the sake of false ecumenism, they do not help the cause, but hinder it.

The scourge of abortion is not a result of not enough marches, or a lack of clever slogans on tee-shirts and coffee cups, it is a result of the fact that the Catholic Church stood down. In the end it goes back to Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi. Abortion as accepted practice is one of the fruits of the New Springtime.

Peter - September 11, 2015

I would prefer to benefit from others’ opinions and experience. At least tell me whom to support, if you can’t tell me whom to cut off. I trust Tantumblogo on such issues.

tg - September 11, 2015

I agree. Name names.

Tantumblogo - September 11, 2015

Wait for monday.

3. Kathleen - September 9, 2015

While surgical abortions have dropped, it seems chemical abortions have dramatically increased.

====END QUOTE====

Chemical abortions have gone up VERY dramatically at the mill I’m at every week.

We keep abortion counts and we count the chemical abortions and over all we are seeing ****NO**** reduction in abortions — there is simply a heavy shift to the chemical abortions.

And the woman from the drug supplier that used to come to the mill once per month or two is there every single week now.

4. glmcreations - September 9, 2015

And somehow, somedays, a baby is saved-a baby whose value is beyond price, a single baby of infinite value. Remember the guy on the beach throwing one by one stranded starfish into the sea, and someone comes up and says “You cannot make a difference, thousands of them will die. Give up.” And the man picks up one more, throws it into the sea, and says “It made a difference to that one.” Ditto re Texas Right To Life and its outstanding efforts, and real-world results- this is one that is NOT a “prolife business.” Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

Tantumblogo - September 9, 2015

Oh that’s true. I’m not defeatist on the pro-life movement at all, and my wife and kids pray outside mills regularly. I would do so if I didn’t have to work! They were there just last week. Interestingly, Planned Barrenhood’s huge mill in Dallas was closed on a Friday before a holiday weekend. Strange, they’ve been closed a lot lately.

5. Ms. DFW Catholic - September 10, 2015

I’ve been a pro-life volunteer since the late 1980’s starting with the first Rescue in Austin. I’ve never heard this charge leveled against pro-life groups. I would unfortunately believe it of Republicans, however as one who has been voting “pro-life” since the 80’s (since I was old enough to vote). By the way, OR in Austin was led by a Protestant.

At the closest abortion center to where I lived, a small group of faithful Protestants, many of them young people, kept vigil on Sat. mornings. A local priest would often have 8 am Mass at his parish and then lead a group of Catholics to pray the rosary. I would attend Mass and then usually stay awhile with the Protestants, who were generally already there (since it opened in the morning) although most of the Catholics would leave. On a positive note for the Catholics, the Protestants said that clients, I mean victims, of the center were more open to listen on the occasions when the Catholics came to pray the rosary.

I would say that — “If the Catholic Church (TM) Wanted to Stop Planned Parenthood, WE Would Stop Planned Parenthood.” However given the fact that I read that the judge in Kentucky who jailed the woman who refused to issue “gay marriage” licenses was born Catholic, and that the lady who was jailed belongs to some sort of “Apostolic” (non-Catholic) faith, I would say that WE aren’t doing enough of ANYTHING Catholic…

P.S. I have never been paid for pro-life work in the over quarter century I have been active. The vast majority of pro-life workers are NOT paid, as far as I know. However of course the Dallas CPLC has a number of paid people now. I can’t find fault with their motivations, unless someone knows something I know. The “paid” people I find the most fault with are the paid Catholics who don’t do enough for Life. For example, how many tracks of the yearly UD Ministry Conference are devoted to Life Issues ? I challenge anyone to find much. Same with continuing ed. for catechists in the diocese. While I am not teaching CCD this year, I have yet to see a cont. ed. class that focuses on Life Issues. On the other hand, during the more than a decade I taught First Communion class on Sunday I do recall at least once seeing two that focused on Quinceanera preparation (remember this is a cultural tradition, not a sacrament). I also have a family member who is a deacon in this diocese. I don’t remember seeing any “pro-life” tracks offered as a choices for their (mandatory) continuing ed. It may be there and I haven’t seen it. Diversity training seems to be ususally offered, however. And of course, some in the Church are now attempting to redefine Social Justice Issues under the pro-life label, so who knows what course offerings for clergy or laity we’ll begin to see listed under “pro-life.”

glmcreations - September 10, 2015

Dear Ms DFW-re “social justice” – I keep asking liberal/dissenting protesting Catholics to show me the words “social Gospel” in Holy Scripture. I’m still waiting. I do see over and over again Jesus has a preferential option for all of us and especially a preferential option for all sinners-but again I cannot find the words “preferential option for the poor” in the Bible. I think POFTP is the slogan for Democrat tax-funded parish business franchises. Guy McClung, San Antonio. Texas

Cristero - September 10, 2015

Ms. DFW Catholic your contribution here is excellent. You confirm much of what we have been saying. If you have not heard any of these objections before, it is because there are few forums for those who have detected these problems within the Catholic pro-life movement. But these objections are not new.

Your praise for our protestant brothers and sisters in the fight is well-placed, and your observation that they are often more dedicated and fervent than Catholics is also well-taken. In fact, I would say that one of the most effective pro-life groups is Life Dynamics, a protestant operation.

What you do by pointing these things out is to confirm that Catholics have dropped the ball. And when the Catholic Church drops the ball, it matters not how many sects pick it up. The results are there for all of us to see.

We draw a distinction between saving babies and the topic of abortion as a publicly-approved and supported enterprise enshrined in law. As someone else here has well-said, the glory of one single baby saved is incalculable. And in this sense we heartily welcome our protestant brethren to the fight.

But neither protestantism nor a compromised Catholicism is sufficient to counter the diabolic effects of a culture given over to paganism. If we have not yet proven that to ourselves, one wonders what it will take to do so.

Evil was always with us, and when the Catholic Church worshipped and operated as it was intended to do, that evil remained relatively bottled up.

It is no coincidence that the “legalization” of abortion followed the “illegalization” of the authentic Roman Rite.

6. RVBlake - September 10, 2015

Mitch McConnell has stated that attempting to de-fund PP was pointless until after Obama’s departure. What stalwart leadership. I could envision Protestant pro-life groups balking at a position of no contraceptives.

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