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Flightline Friday: ground-pounder edition September 10, 2015

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An early Flightline Friday for those who just can’t wait.  This one is a bit of a mixed bad.  I stumbled on quite a bit of helmet-cam footage from soldiers in Afghanistan.  It gives you a pretty good idea of what combat is like in the early 21st century. So much for the “end of history” and a long period of peace.  Each of the videos below does have an Air Force connection of one kind or another.

I must warn, this being actual footage of soldiers in combat, there is occasional use of foul language.  I think active combat is one of the few occasions in which such language can be excused.

The first video shows a bit of footage of what I am fairly certain are a small group of special forces operators in contact with islamists in a mountainous region of Afghanistan.  The terrain and weather is actually quite lovely.  It is sad that is has been the scene of such brutal warfare over the years.  You also get a bonus of a bunch of A-10 runs firing the mighty GAU-8 Avenger 30 mm cannon.  You will hear an initial buzz – that is the rounds impacting the target area – and then a second buzz, which is the sound of the cannon fire arriving several seconds later:

General firefight, units not specified (supposedly special forces), fight ended by two JDAMs (GPS guided bombs).  I guess the beards and ATVs indicate they are special forces:

A video showing major assets used by the Strategic Air Command from its formation in 1946 until its 20th anniversary in 1966. Note this only shows aircraft and other systems already retired by 1966.  Thus, no B-52s, B-58s, LGM-30 or LGM-25C.



1. Christopher - September 10, 2015

I miss JDAMs. With today’s technology, they’re so simple, yet so incredibly powerful. They don’t look nearly as threatening as some of the older guided bombs–they’re actually quite aesthetically pleasing, to me, anyway, with their smooth curves and sleek profile. When I look at one, it’s hard to keep in mind the death and destruction that it delivers.

Well, now I’ve gone and waxed poetic about a bomb.

Woody - September 11, 2015

Reminds me of the ending of “Dr. Strangelove”!

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