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Strong Polish video on the crisis in the Church, sodomy, adultery, and the Synod September 10, 2015

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I know much of my readership crosses over with Rorate Caeli so many readers may already be aware, but Rorate requested this video be given wide coverage and I am happy to oblige.

A quite good video out of Poland, below, featuring Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Pawel Lenga (who continues to impress me), and Bishop Schneider.  Poland, of course, just elected a visibly Catholic president and government.  That president famously rescued a fallen Host at an outdoor Mass.  Yes there are many signs the post-conciliar rot, from which the Eastern Bloc countries were somewhat shielded until the end of the Cold War, is infesting Poland.  But there is equally apparent a strong resistance to that rot.

This video is plainly part of the latter.  As Rorate notes, topics such as the evil of sodomy are discussed in unusually blunt terms, which is always welcome:

A few quotes:

Archbishop Lenga: “I think there is no spirit of the Gospels nowadays. Therefore there is no great message in what the high-ranking hierarchs say. There is no great power in it. It is only a bunch of beautifully spoke words, but there is no truth in it”.

“… if we believe that homosexuals brought something into the Church, it is nothing but debauchery and licentiousness. … The Holy Scripture beautifully says that such people will not get into Heaven. It is not our statement, we did not invent it, but we should repeat it at all levels of our hierarchies and throughout out ministry, that this cannot be done.”

Sometimes in the Church you do not talk about Christ, you do not speak like Christ, you do not say “yes yes no no” and this causes misunderstandings in the perception of sin. People wrongly think there is no need of confession because the sin is how you see it and explain yourself. God is merciful and good.  In some countries Christ is no longer crucified, He is already resurrected, not to worry about His sufferings.  This is not the truth about Christ. Where there is no truth there are misunderstandings in the Church [about Christ, sin, suffering, etc.  Moral relativism lets people create a “god” of their own choosing and liking]

Christ is the same now as He was in the past.  He is not different. But those who act in His Name are not of His flock, they have long been wolves in sheep’s clothing. Thank God, the laity today is much stronger [so, I suppose, it can oppose the wolves who should be the shepherds]

Bishop Schneider: “That even some Bishops in their public pronouncements contradict some respect[s] of the Catholic doctrine, especially of the moral issues.”

“It is our duty, our first duty, to be faithful to God”

This crisis is manifesting itself mainly in a situation of confusion. From the outside we have the clear and immutable teaching of the Church, of the 2000 year old Magisterium, which was very clear, but on the other side there are phenomenon which contradict this clear and always valid teaching of the Church.  The Renaissance popes accepted, at some times, the spirit of the world……..at some times, a neo-pagan spirit entered Rome in the forms of “culture.”

When one had observed carefully what happened in the last Synod…..they could observe in a Church meeting of Catholic bishops even in Rome, that there were pronounced words and affirmations which contradict the Divine Truth. For example, some members of the Syond that they have to evaluate, positively, homosexual relationships.

Polish historian: “…..the people of the Church, for which we should apologize, put themselves over what we call Rome, this means the eternal Rome, the eternal teaching of the Church immersed in Tradition and the Holy Scripture.”

“The new pastoral care is as elusive as the spirit of the Council. Everyone is talking about it, but no one really knows what is going on.” [Because modernists seek to spread as much confusion as possible, confusion which gives them room, they hope, to implement their destructive agenda.]

Cardinal Burke: “….It is heresy to teach that homosexual relations are not disordered or to teach that they have positive elements.”

There is much more from Cardinal Burke and the others.  The quotes above all come from the first half of the video.

I don’t know much about Archbishop Lengua, aside from the fact that he has been strongly opposed to the grave and destructive novelties proposed at the Synod and gave some heartening quotes in this extensive interview.



1. S. Armaticus - September 10, 2015

It’s a good idea to put it up anyways. Catch the stragglers that way. 🙂

Tantumblogo - September 10, 2015


S. Armaticus - September 10, 2015

You are welcome.

2. tg - September 10, 2015

Thanks for the post. We should all pray for the Polish and African bishops and all faithful bishops. I ask Our Lady and other saints to come down to that Synod and stomp the serpents that will be there.

3. Anne - September 10, 2015

Excellent video. Hubby and I watched it last night.
Very clear and straightforward. I, too, enjoyed Bishop Lenga’s way of speaking the truth with such a kind expression.

Interesting anecdote:
My mother once knew a lady who could see her guardian angel. Her angel would always bow when this lady encountered a priest. One time, her angel did not bow. She asked her angel why and the angel told her that the man was not a priest, but an imposter.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing….

4. Baseballmom - September 11, 2015

“And on this Rock I will build MY Church, Peter. Not YOUR Church, but MY Church!”

Pope Francis, are you listening?

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