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Islamic “hijra” and the European immigration influx September 11, 2015

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1 Peter 5 has an interesting post from Andrew Bieszad on the ongoing immigration influx into Europe and the what it really constitutes. Bear in mind that the vast, vast majority of those flooding into Europe – not from Syria, but from all over the muslim “ummah” – are young, single men.  Thus the concept of the “hizra,” or deliberate invasion of non-muslim territory, begins to make sense.  Islam has always sought to occupy Rome as the last unconquered bastion of Christianity.  Islam is convinced, collectively, that Rome falling to islam would mean the permanent crushing of the greatest obstacle to islam’s worldwide dominance: Christianity.

Much to ponder below:

In Islamic law and applied theology, the idea of the hijra pertains to the movement of a group of Muslims from a predominately Muslim area to a predominately non-Muslim area, with the goal of establishing Islam’s dominance in it. After Muhammad’s death, Muslims have counted two great hijras in the West. The first was the great Islamic expansion from 632 to 750, when Islamic armies conquered all of the territory from what is today central France to Uzbekistan. The second hijra included the Turkish migrations that resulted in the fall of Constantinople, and reached its zenith with Islamic armies besieging the gates of Vienna in 1683. It was during this last encounter that the horde was driven back by Polish Catholic forces into the Balkan Peninsula, breaking the strength of the Ottoman Empire.

The battle began on September 11th, 1683.

After the Battle of Vienna, European regimes began to rapidly colonize the Middle East, and the remains of the Ottoman Empire diminished, eventually being formally abolished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923 – but not before purging over a million Armenian, Assyrian, Pontic Greek, and Turkish Christians from its lands between 1915 and 1917. [And millions more later]  Muslim “revivalists” beginning as early as the 18th century [when the wahhabist sect started] reminisced about a return to the practice of “orthodox” Islam, and posited that in so doing, they could bring about a revival of the same bestial force which conquered so much of the world and subjected so many countless peoples under Islam’s burdensome yoke. [muslim leadres and scholars openly discuss islam’s conceited belief that they should spread by violence/conquering.  They love our ladies.] The first hijra conquered Jerusalem in 638. The second hijra conquered Constantinople in 1453. Two of the three oldest and holiest cities for Christians were conquered by Muslims. [Jerusalem was retaken by Christians from 1099-1187.  And they didn’t even really try that hard.]

Except for Rome.

This, now, is the third hijra. According to certain voices in the Islamic world, it will be the final hijra, the one that will conquer Rome.

In Islamic circles, there has been a long-held belief that Christianity — and specifically, the Catholic Church — is the main obstacle impeding Islam’s domination of all humanity under one religious and political system. Therefore, in order to realize this vision, the Christian faithful must not only be converted to Islam, but their sacred spaces must be taken from them and given to the dar Al-Islam – “the house of Islam.” If the Islamic conquest of Jerusalem led to the end of Christianity as the dominant religion in the Holy Land, and the same was true in the Byzantine Empire with the fall of Constantinople, the conquest of Rome and the Islamization of St. Peter’s Basilica would mean the effective destruction of the Church worldwide, and its replacement with Islam. [Meh. I’m a bit skeptical about that.  But on the path we’re on now, who knows?!?  Would the fall of Rome to islam cause people to wake up from their sexular pagan materialist dream world, or would they prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand and/or submit provided they remained comfortable.  But they wouldn’t remain comfortable for long, islam would not be able to even remotely manage the finely balanced, infinitely intricate global technological and economic construct that the world identifies with the West.]

I have written extensively about the Catholic faithful and Islam. I have constantly stressed that we must pray and make sacrifice for the souls of the Muslims, and must continue to do so. But as the example of the Church teaches clearly, despite the current reticence from our prelates, there are times when the Church’s members must fight in military combat against their enemies, not least of whom may be the armies of Ishmael. We did so before, and Europe was saved. If we are tested again and fail, many of our churches and faithful may fall under the cruel dominion of Islam. We are seeing this now in the areas dominated by the Islamic State. It is a reality that will only continue to spread if left unchecked.

———-End Quote———

There are two primary reasons for islam’s sudden resurgence, which would have been taken as a joke even 50 years ago: the vast amounts of wealth being transferred from the developed world to muslim energy producing states, which use some of those funds to spread islam around the world, and the moral enervation of the West.  The latter could be easily offset and overcome, but the latter is the key factor.  It is the prime reason for islam’s resurgence and for its successful penetration into Europe in vast numbers, as Europeans have sterilized, aborted, and contracepted themselves to the point of economic collapse without the importation of vast amounts of cheap labor.  It is also the reason why the militarily, technologically, and economically superior West appears so unable to respond effectively to islam’s rise.

There is, in essence, no basis on which to respond.  Liberalism/leftism may be a religion, but it is an empty, hollow one, that deep down even its most fervent adepts recognize. It rarely inspires in souls the kind of conviction that can lead to life-giving self-denial, at least not on the kind of scale needed to respond to the existential threat many feel islam represents.  Only true religious conviction can inspire that kind of self-giving (islam certainly does so, but in a manner which is essentially opposite from the Christian sense).  Thus, with the ongoing collapse of real Christian belief, the West is increasingly disarmed and unable to respond to this rising threat, except by abject surrender and endless posturing.

Just some random videos that may or may not have anything to do with the above:

Well, what do you know, a ripple launch of 4 Trident D-5 missiles.

The books say the CEP of a Mark 21 RV on a Minuteman III is 100 m (see towards the end).  It looks more like about 10 to me.

An oldie but a goodie:


A little break: some beautiful holy cards from yesteryear September 11, 2015

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We can’t be all down and critical all the time.  I try not to be, but there is a very great deal to be critical of right now.

Nevertheless, our Faith, in the Mystical Body, remains perfect and incorrupt.  It is always child-like and utterly sincere.  I like holy cards from many decades ago because they transmit that child-like simplicity and simple love.  I find the scenes in these holy cards quite edifying in addition to being more beautiful than most of the cards we see nowadays (some of which are quite lovely, but I see few as beautiful as some of those below).  All the images come from Holy Card Heaven, one of my longtime favorite sites.

I hope you enjoy!  As for me, we’re off to the air show at Alliance Airport tomorrow so you might be inundated with Flightline Friday’s next week!



The Heart of Jesus give us a torrent of grace.  Turgis

O, Good Pelican

pelican - this is the true bread of Heaven

He has all those freed who through fear of death throughout their whole lives to the bondage were subjugated

Pelican over chalice

Heart of Mary, Refuge of Sinners, pray for us Bouasse Lebel

Treasure of Tenderness that always overflows and never expires. Bouasse Jne+126 copy


MARY OUR CONSOLATION Mother of Mercy, we sigh unto thee in this valley of tears.Letaille (1)

Doves and the Heart of Mary (1)

I will refresh you. You suffer- I have love bandage

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

                                  Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Archbishop Lenga: “The Pope during the Synod will show which side he is on” September 11, 2015

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If you haven’t finished watching the entire video, I recommend you do so as soon as you can.  I thought there were many very good points raised.  A few more quotes below:

Speaking of Marx’s acceptance of communion for remarried divorcees and his statement that the Church in Germany “is not a subsidiary of Rome,” Archbishop Lenga said, “There was Marx, Karl Marx. And if present Marx says similar things, then there is no real difference.” [Heh.  Good point.  We need far more leaders speaking with this kind of clarity!]

Lenga, the emeritus archbishop of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, added that if the Church in Germany thinks they are so superior, “it’s some kind of Phantom, we should chase it away by the sign of the Cross.

“The Pope during the Synod will show whose side he is on,” said Archbishop Lenga. “If he accepts the statement of those who want to distribute Holy Communion to the divorced, there would be a heresy in the Church, and if he does not accept, there could be a schism in the Church.” [So we can likely expect some weasel-worded compromise that in essence gives the modernists what they want without a real explicit declaration to that end.  I expect maximum confusion and minimal clarity, but I also confidently hope for a miracle and that Christ’s truth will be clearly proclaimed]

Lenga concluded, “Either we are on the side of Christ, or on the side of the devil. There is no third option. The common people are sometimes closer to Christ than priests.” [And is it possible, generally, that the higher one goes up the hierarchy, the less faith there is?]

Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, who has been a spokesman for orthodoxy during the Synod crisis like few others in the hierarchy, says we are “already living in the time of schism” and points directly at Cardinal Walter Kasper as one of the main culprits. “These false words will be revealed,” he says. “Christ said all that is hidden will be revealed and these strategies of Cardinal Kasper and his group will be revealed as a lie, a strategy that is against the spirit of Christ and the apostles.” [I think they already have!  But only among those with eyes to see. For the rest, the media campaign and the blinding glare of the world’s allurements have kept them from seeing.  Many do not want to see.]

Cardinal Burke concurs that “we’re in a time of crisis within the church,” suggesting that “we may have to give our all (including our very lives) to safeguard and promote the truth of the faith not only for ourselves and our own generation but also for those to come.”

Burke is blunt about the current state of the Church confronting heretical positions coming from those high up in its leadership. “If this means that Cardinals will be opposed to Cardinals then we simply have to accept the fact that that’s the situation in which we find ourselves,” he said. “Certainly for my part I don’t look for this kind of conflict but in defending the truth of the faith I end up in a disagreement or conflict with another Cardinal. What has to be primary to me is the truth of the faith.

Absolutely.  Even to the point of resisting Peter to his face, regarding which Vox Cantoris gives a helpful bit of catechesis.

We’ll see what develops.  There is a petition with nearly 550,000 signatures including 150 odd prelates, there are statements by thousands of priests around the world to believe and preach what the Church has always proclaimed regarding marriage and the family, there are books being written, 15 or 20 cardinals openly opposed to the progressive effort at the Synod, and much else I’m sure that we’re not aware of.  So there remain reasons to be hopeful. As always, the key factor is the Pope. As with Paul VI and Vatican II (and to a lesser extent, John XXIII) popes almost always get what they want (and probably always get what they want since 1870).  If it is Pope Francis’ will to radically change the Church’s approach to these critical matters – and we all know what the evidence says – then we can expect great suffering ahead.  But I perhaps naively always hold out hope.  There could be a major surprise, and it’s quite possible the surprise has already happened (first there were rumors that the Synod would switch from a supermajority to a simple-majority voting pattern, but apparently even achieving the desired agenda on that basis is in doubt so now the rumors say there will be no post-synodal relatio because the outcome would not be that which is desired.  Wishful thinking?  I have no idea).

No matter what, no one, not even the Pope, can change solemnly revealed and accepted Doctrine, especially that which has been observed and practiced for centuries.  Yes, the damage that can be done is incalculable and we must stand with the Truth, always, but in the end the Truth will prevail.


Muslims proselytize in St. Peter’s square September 11, 2015

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A few days old, but important.  Besides, I forgot the book I meant to bring today that was going to be my main post.  Hopefully I’ll get to it on Monday.

A commenter brought this post at Eponymous Flower up.  Yes this was certainly a PR stunt but try some Catholic proselytizing in Mecca and see the response you get.  There is a difference, and it is significant.  In fact, it sums up the difference between the two religions on a global scale right now.  So many factors are in islam’s favor, and that stems primarily from the collapse of political and religious leadership in the West, which in turn stems from the infiltration of leftism into both.

[N]ature abhors a vacuum.  If Catholics scorn proselytism, the Muslims don’t.

Two women covered from head to toe, and three young bearded men.

They defy the hot midday heat and the sultry air. For a good quarter of an hour they posed for pictures against the backdrop of magnificent facade of St. Peter’s Basilica and the mighty dome of St. Peter.

An Islamic family, who, like thousands of tourists every day  mad a commemorative photo, on vacation.

It’s an increasingly frequent image that one gets to see in Rome at St. Peter’s Square. An image that was completely uncommon a few years ago.

There is a long way between these innocuous images and when a bearded man was photographed on St. Peter’s Square with the black banner of the Islamic State (IS). Or the photo montages with the black flag waving on the dome of St. Peter, published on the internet for the  propaganda purposes of the Islamic State (IS). The Islamists are in the center of Christianity. Images that went around the world and triggered some shudder.

If you stroll through the most visited streets around St. Peter’s Square, the Borgo Pio about Borgo Vittorio to Borgo Sant’Angelo, you may find that the many Muslims there, including the particularly strict Salafists and Wahhabis, has become customary, allowed to behold St. Peter’s.

The waiters of the restaurants and trattorias that have the safest view of the  bustling throng, confirm it. They come not only as tourists. Some seem like spies, and harbingers of things to come. In the neighborhoods around the Vatican, more and more Muslims are settled. Here and there, are businesses opened that are run by Bengalis, Pakistanis, Tunisians or else a Muslim, next to a kebab shop are bags, towels …

In the weekly supplement Venerdì of the daily newspaper La Repubblica,  Vaticanist Filippo Di Giacomo has written an article: “There is an Increasingly Stronger Presence of Islamic Prayer around St. Peter”, about which he reported on the increase of Muslims in Rome and in the streets around the Vatican.

Di Giacomo also reported that it is increasingly frequented by groups of men in oriental sack clothes and beards that take selfies before St. Peter’s Basilica. With one hand they hold their smartphone, with the other hand they make a victory sign. The gesture is in need of interpretation, the first thought in any case is not necessarily reassuring.

Di Giacomo especially described the bearded men who ask tourists and locals alike in the streets and squares around   St Peter’s: “Do you want Allah? Do you like Allah? “

From 9 clock in the morning Muslims recruit for Islam in the shadow of the dome of St. Peter every day.

…….While their Islamist peers in the Middle East and Africa are hunting down Christians, raping them, driving them into exile, murdering, the  Islamists engage unmolested in prosylitism in St. Peter’s Square.

“While the Vatican is  discussing, the Vatican neighborhood already has the largest concentration of Islamic prayer rooms of Rome,” said Di Giacomo.

While the media and governing classes continue to preach “refugee” and tolerance, less ideologically blinded commentators see the massive influx of islam into Europe – totally unprecedented in history, even with past military efforts – as an invasion.

As such, it is likely not accidental in the slightest that growing numbers of muslims are ensconced directly adjacent to Saint Peter’s Square.  In fact, it is most probably the very point.  There is a message being conveyed.  While a soul could not preach Christianity within the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, let alone Mecca, without near-certain death, proselytes from islam are preaching in the very heart of Christianity.

That is the double-standard the leftist corruption of Christendom has imposed.

This will not end well.

A few telling aspects of islam on the anniversary of 9/11 September 11, 2015

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Many observers have noted on this 14th anniversary of 9/11 how many seem to have forgotten the horror of that day.  But even more, how have we gone from righteous anger at the atrocities committed by radical islam, to now seemingly cowering before its advance?  Sure, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since, including two ineptly conducted and foolishly concluded wars, but I’m speaking of how islam, in spite of all its trepidations worldwide, continues to enjoy, among the media and elites, anyway, a sort of superiority that makes questioning islam’s beliefs and actions almost verboten.  If not verboten, at least something not done in polite society, and something that could get one labeled a “racist” (though islam is not a race) or some kind of bigot, apparently the very worst thing a post-modern American can ever be called.

Well forget that.  I am going to remember.  Even more, I will share with as many as possible the foul history and beliefs of islam, its constant hostility and hatred towards the Christian West, and general incompatibility with reason and intellectual development.  Just starting randomly:

  • The founder of islam is a known serial child-rapist, slave keeper and instigator of rebellion and warfare.
  • Islam’s beliefs are a melange of Arian “Christianity” (key: Christ was the best man ever, but just a man) and erroneous Jewish sects along the Red Sea coast of Arabia.  These likely included remnants of the last “messianic” Jewish cults, the Zealots
  • There is a very strong possibility that Mohammad never existed.  He could be entirely a literary fabrication.  Either way, islam is a religion built on straw.
  • Islam is unique among world religions in being spread by violence (the sword).  No other world religion uses conquest and threats of violence as its primary means of making “converts”
  • Islam is the only major world religion that justifies lying and other sins, so long as they are directed against those not of their faith.  Thus, islam really posits a dualistic world view, where only those of the “ummah” are fully human and to be treated decently, while all others are sub-human and can be abused at will.
  • Islam is fundamentally opposed to the use of reason.  Islam is a religion of rigid obedience, where every word of the 7th century text that forms the basis for the religion must be taken literally.  But even more, there is something in the muslim psyche that causes civilizations under its dominance to stagnate and then regress.  It is fatalism.  For the muslim, everything is the positive will of God.  If someone lights a cigarette around a liquid oxygen tank on a flight line and subsequently blows himself and a dozen others to smithereens, it must have been God’s will, not a stupid act of carelessness (this occurred more than once in Egypt.  The Soviets had to institute savage security measures to keep the Egyptians from stupidly killing themselves or others).  There is no little or no distinction in islam between God’s permissive will (He will allow us to do stupid things that even result in very bad things) and God’s positive will (God intervenes to cause something to occur).
  • Mohammad worked not a single public miracle.  In fact, the Koran itself claims that Mohammad did not work miracles because God supposedly did not empower him to do so.
  • Unlike Jesus Christ and some of the major Old Testament prophets, the “coming” of the supposedly last, greatest, and only really important “prophet” Mohammad was never foretold.  It just happened out of the blue.
  • Even ancient muslim scholars recognized Mohammad preached error in the so-called “Satanic Verses.”  In these verses, Mohammad, under satan’s influence, spoke diabolical error.
  • Even when not under the direct influence of satan (according to ancient muslim sources), Mohammad preached many false prophecies.  We know from Sacred Scripture that we are to judge a prophet’s veracity on whether or not his prophecies come true.
  • Mohammad modified supposed revelations from God and even begged “God” not to reveal any more to him if it further alienated the people, because, most of all, he desired to create a powerful political/religious system that would allow him to gain control over eastern Arabia. This ties in with the Satanic Verses, in which satan ostensibly tricked Mohammad into accepting some of the polytheistic practices and “gods” of the eastern Arabians in order to please them.  Mohammad later repented of this action, but many historians feel in this episode a much more earthly motive: Mohammad modified his new religion to gain new followers, and once he felt powerful enough, cast out their many gods since that was the will of the majority of his later believers.  This is not revelation; it is politics.
  • Mohammad ostensibly said: “I wish, Allah had not revealed to me anything distasteful to them” [the polytheists he desired to convert]. Is this how Jesus Christ approached preaching the Truth to the Jews?  No. In fact, it is the opposite.  Jesus Christ was willing to be hated and calumniated for the sake of the Truth, and even died or it.
  • Islam conquered some of the most well-developed, advanced regions of the world in its first 150 years.  Except for those territories retaken by Christians, most all of those regions fell into economic and technological stagnation and then regression.  By the mid-1500s western technological superiority in all areas outside warfare was marked and steadily growing. This despite the fact that starting from ~650, islam had a marked advantage, possessing all the well-developed and advanced civilizations of the east while the West was mired in post-Roman decay.
  • Only islam advises its members to wage unremitting, unyielding war against those of other religions. This is an ostensible direct command of “god.” History establishes how seriously this command has been taken. But since islam believes it is the perfection of the Abrahamic religions, sent to overtake Christianity and Judaism, and the “God” of islam is supposedly the God of Christianity/Judaism, then God has contradicted Himself at numerous turns not only within the Koran, but especially in comparison to the Christian Bible.  In fact, if islam is the supposed perfection of God’s revelation, then God contradicted Himself repeatedly because it is clear from Sacred Scripture that the Christian revelation is the last possible revelation, and that after the death of the last Apostle there could be no new public revelation.  Thus if islam is correct, then God is not God.
  • Islam is, in fact, a man-made religion inspired by satan to be the ultimate threat to the Christianity he so hates.
  • No major world religion today treats women as cruelly as islam.  Islam is the only major religion that instructs men to beat their wives.

I could go on and on. Christians have been pointing this stuff out for 1400 years.

Far from stemming from and being a perfection of true Christianity (as opposed to Arianism), islam is in fact of the major world’s religion the LEAST compatible with Christianity, excepting possibly hinduism.  Many muslim converts to the Faith note that as the learn the Bible they quickly come to see that the Koran and the Bible are veritable opposites.

Which brings me to the last point: we can see from the above (and much, much more: there are literally hundreds of books on this subject), islam and Christianity are about as alike as oil and water.  And yet so many in the Church today (I would say even more among the leadership than among the laity) who try to pretend that islam is basically benign and just sort of a zany sidekick to Catholicism (kind of like having a “zany” ax-murdering cousin).  Even worse, they pretend that islam is salvific and essentially on a par with the Church Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, founded.

It’s beyond crazy.  It’s like a death wish.