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A few telling aspects of islam on the anniversary of 9/11 September 11, 2015

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Many observers have noted on this 14th anniversary of 9/11 how many seem to have forgotten the horror of that day.  But even more, how have we gone from righteous anger at the atrocities committed by radical islam, to now seemingly cowering before its advance?  Sure, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since, including two ineptly conducted and foolishly concluded wars, but I’m speaking of how islam, in spite of all its trepidations worldwide, continues to enjoy, among the media and elites, anyway, a sort of superiority that makes questioning islam’s beliefs and actions almost verboten.  If not verboten, at least something not done in polite society, and something that could get one labeled a “racist” (though islam is not a race) or some kind of bigot, apparently the very worst thing a post-modern American can ever be called.

Well forget that.  I am going to remember.  Even more, I will share with as many as possible the foul history and beliefs of islam, its constant hostility and hatred towards the Christian West, and general incompatibility with reason and intellectual development.  Just starting randomly:

  • The founder of islam is a known serial child-rapist, slave keeper and instigator of rebellion and warfare.
  • Islam’s beliefs are a melange of Arian “Christianity” (key: Christ was the best man ever, but just a man) and erroneous Jewish sects along the Red Sea coast of Arabia.  These likely included remnants of the last “messianic” Jewish cults, the Zealots
  • There is a very strong possibility that Mohammad never existed.  He could be entirely a literary fabrication.  Either way, islam is a religion built on straw.
  • Islam is unique among world religions in being spread by violence (the sword).  No other world religion uses conquest and threats of violence as its primary means of making “converts”
  • Islam is the only major world religion that justifies lying and other sins, so long as they are directed against those not of their faith.  Thus, islam really posits a dualistic world view, where only those of the “ummah” are fully human and to be treated decently, while all others are sub-human and can be abused at will.
  • Islam is fundamentally opposed to the use of reason.  Islam is a religion of rigid obedience, where every word of the 7th century text that forms the basis for the religion must be taken literally.  But even more, there is something in the muslim psyche that causes civilizations under its dominance to stagnate and then regress.  It is fatalism.  For the muslim, everything is the positive will of God.  If someone lights a cigarette around a liquid oxygen tank on a flight line and subsequently blows himself and a dozen others to smithereens, it must have been God’s will, not a stupid act of carelessness (this occurred more than once in Egypt.  The Soviets had to institute savage security measures to keep the Egyptians from stupidly killing themselves or others).  There is no little or no distinction in islam between God’s permissive will (He will allow us to do stupid things that even result in very bad things) and God’s positive will (God intervenes to cause something to occur).
  • Mohammad worked not a single public miracle.  In fact, the Koran itself claims that Mohammad did not work miracles because God supposedly did not empower him to do so.
  • Unlike Jesus Christ and some of the major Old Testament prophets, the “coming” of the supposedly last, greatest, and only really important “prophet” Mohammad was never foretold.  It just happened out of the blue.
  • Even ancient muslim scholars recognized Mohammad preached error in the so-called “Satanic Verses.”  In these verses, Mohammad, under satan’s influence, spoke diabolical error.
  • Even when not under the direct influence of satan (according to ancient muslim sources), Mohammad preached many false prophecies.  We know from Sacred Scripture that we are to judge a prophet’s veracity on whether or not his prophecies come true.
  • Mohammad modified supposed revelations from God and even begged “God” not to reveal any more to him if it further alienated the people, because, most of all, he desired to create a powerful political/religious system that would allow him to gain control over eastern Arabia. This ties in with the Satanic Verses, in which satan ostensibly tricked Mohammad into accepting some of the polytheistic practices and “gods” of the eastern Arabians in order to please them.  Mohammad later repented of this action, but many historians feel in this episode a much more earthly motive: Mohammad modified his new religion to gain new followers, and once he felt powerful enough, cast out their many gods since that was the will of the majority of his later believers.  This is not revelation; it is politics.
  • Mohammad ostensibly said: “I wish, Allah had not revealed to me anything distasteful to them” [the polytheists he desired to convert]. Is this how Jesus Christ approached preaching the Truth to the Jews?  No. In fact, it is the opposite.  Jesus Christ was willing to be hated and calumniated for the sake of the Truth, and even died or it.
  • Islam conquered some of the most well-developed, advanced regions of the world in its first 150 years.  Except for those territories retaken by Christians, most all of those regions fell into economic and technological stagnation and then regression.  By the mid-1500s western technological superiority in all areas outside warfare was marked and steadily growing. This despite the fact that starting from ~650, islam had a marked advantage, possessing all the well-developed and advanced civilizations of the east while the West was mired in post-Roman decay.
  • Only islam advises its members to wage unremitting, unyielding war against those of other religions. This is an ostensible direct command of “god.” History establishes how seriously this command has been taken. But since islam believes it is the perfection of the Abrahamic religions, sent to overtake Christianity and Judaism, and the “God” of islam is supposedly the God of Christianity/Judaism, then God has contradicted Himself at numerous turns not only within the Koran, but especially in comparison to the Christian Bible.  In fact, if islam is the supposed perfection of God’s revelation, then God contradicted Himself repeatedly because it is clear from Sacred Scripture that the Christian revelation is the last possible revelation, and that after the death of the last Apostle there could be no new public revelation.  Thus if islam is correct, then God is not God.
  • Islam is, in fact, a man-made religion inspired by satan to be the ultimate threat to the Christianity he so hates.
  • No major world religion today treats women as cruelly as islam.  Islam is the only major religion that instructs men to beat their wives.

I could go on and on. Christians have been pointing this stuff out for 1400 years.

Far from stemming from and being a perfection of true Christianity (as opposed to Arianism), islam is in fact of the major world’s religion the LEAST compatible with Christianity, excepting possibly hinduism.  Many muslim converts to the Faith note that as the learn the Bible they quickly come to see that the Koran and the Bible are veritable opposites.

Which brings me to the last point: we can see from the above (and much, much more: there are literally hundreds of books on this subject), islam and Christianity are about as alike as oil and water.  And yet so many in the Church today (I would say even more among the leadership than among the laity) who try to pretend that islam is basically benign and just sort of a zany sidekick to Catholicism (kind of like having a “zany” ax-murdering cousin).  Even worse, they pretend that islam is salvific and essentially on a par with the Church Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, founded.

It’s beyond crazy.  It’s like a death wish.



1. L. Chapman - September 11, 2015

I wish this entire e-mail could be a billboard. Most of us are ignorant of these facts.
Thanks for spelling it out succinctly.

2. c matt - September 11, 2015

In these [“Satanic Verses”], Mohammad, under satan’s influence, spoke diabolical error.

The entire Koran is one big Satanic Verse. If not a complete fabrication, the best ol’ Mo can say is that he was visited by a demon that tricked him into believing it was St. Gabriel.

Tantumblogo - September 11, 2015

I don’t disagree. Perhaps I did not make the point clearly, Mohammad himself admitted to being under satan’s influence, and many early muslim “scholars” reported this fact.

3. Brian E. Breslin - September 11, 2015

Tantum, this could be the best of yours I have ever read. Good work, man! I agree wholeheartedly with L. Chapman – this SHOULD be a billboard. You have pointed out very well that our hierarchy does treat Islam as if it were salvific. Your point by point description of Islam is the the most succinct ever. Excellent, Tantum, excellent.
But I miss Flightline today nevertheless.

Tantumblogo - September 11, 2015

Thanks very much! It was something I just threw together last minute since I forgot the Catechism book! I guess I should do that more often. And maybe I should make a more scintillating title for the post.

4. Peter - September 12, 2015

What Catholic prelate has ever said Islam, in and of itself, is salvific? That would be shocking.

mariarosa99 - September 14, 2015

Bergolio encourages the Muslims in their faith: https://harvestingthefruit.com/pope-francis-encouraged-muslims-to-find-hope-in-the-quran-11-things-to-know-and-share/
Would he do this if he didn’t think they could be saved by so doing?
Benedict stated facts about Islam at first, only to eat his words later in apology, stating that they did not reflect his own views, then worshipped in a mosque! Does this not give Muslims the impression that their religion is salvific, and that they need not convert?
John Paul II, General Audience, May 5, 1999:
“Today I would like to repeat what I said to young Muslims some years ago in Casablanca: ‘We believe in the same God…’” Where’s the incentive to embrace Christianity, when we already “worship the same God”?
Oh, for another like St. Francis of Assisi, who looked the Muslim Sultan of Egypt in the eye in 1219 and declared that, “…Christians were right to invade the lands that you occupy, because you blasphemed Christ’s name and stopped everyone you could from worshipping Him. But if you were willing to know our Creator and our Redeemer, to profess Them and render Them homage, Christians would cherish you as they cherish one another.”

5. RC - September 12, 2015

Doesn’t the Pope want every parish in Europe to take in a Muslim family? It’s suicide

6. aloi - September 14, 2015

•Islam is the only major world religion that justifies lying and other sins, so long as they are directed against those not of their faith.

Not so.
Read the Talmud.

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