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A little break: some beautiful holy cards from yesteryear September 11, 2015

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We can’t be all down and critical all the time.  I try not to be, but there is a very great deal to be critical of right now.

Nevertheless, our Faith, in the Mystical Body, remains perfect and incorrupt.  It is always child-like and utterly sincere.  I like holy cards from many decades ago because they transmit that child-like simplicity and simple love.  I find the scenes in these holy cards quite edifying in addition to being more beautiful than most of the cards we see nowadays (some of which are quite lovely, but I see few as beautiful as some of those below).  All the images come from Holy Card Heaven, one of my longtime favorite sites.

I hope you enjoy!  As for me, we’re off to the air show at Alliance Airport tomorrow so you might be inundated with Flightline Friday’s next week!



The Heart of Jesus give us a torrent of grace.  Turgis

O, Good Pelican

pelican - this is the true bread of Heaven

He has all those freed who through fear of death throughout their whole lives to the bondage were subjugated

Pelican over chalice

Heart of Mary, Refuge of Sinners, pray for us Bouasse Lebel

Treasure of Tenderness that always overflows and never expires. Bouasse Jne+126 copy


MARY OUR CONSOLATION Mother of Mercy, we sigh unto thee in this valley of tears.Letaille (1)

Doves and the Heart of Mary (1)

I will refresh you. You suffer- I have love bandage

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

                                  Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary



1. Margaret Costello - September 11, 2015

Thanks for the uplift:+) They are preeeeeeetty:+) God bless~

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