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Archbishop Lenga: “The Pope during the Synod will show which side he is on” September 11, 2015

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If you haven’t finished watching the entire video, I recommend you do so as soon as you can.  I thought there were many very good points raised.  A few more quotes below:

Speaking of Marx’s acceptance of communion for remarried divorcees and his statement that the Church in Germany “is not a subsidiary of Rome,” Archbishop Lenga said, “There was Marx, Karl Marx. And if present Marx says similar things, then there is no real difference.” [Heh.  Good point.  We need far more leaders speaking with this kind of clarity!]

Lenga, the emeritus archbishop of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, added that if the Church in Germany thinks they are so superior, “it’s some kind of Phantom, we should chase it away by the sign of the Cross.

“The Pope during the Synod will show whose side he is on,” said Archbishop Lenga. “If he accepts the statement of those who want to distribute Holy Communion to the divorced, there would be a heresy in the Church, and if he does not accept, there could be a schism in the Church.” [So we can likely expect some weasel-worded compromise that in essence gives the modernists what they want without a real explicit declaration to that end.  I expect maximum confusion and minimal clarity, but I also confidently hope for a miracle and that Christ’s truth will be clearly proclaimed]

Lenga concluded, “Either we are on the side of Christ, or on the side of the devil. There is no third option. The common people are sometimes closer to Christ than priests.” [And is it possible, generally, that the higher one goes up the hierarchy, the less faith there is?]

Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, who has been a spokesman for orthodoxy during the Synod crisis like few others in the hierarchy, says we are “already living in the time of schism” and points directly at Cardinal Walter Kasper as one of the main culprits. “These false words will be revealed,” he says. “Christ said all that is hidden will be revealed and these strategies of Cardinal Kasper and his group will be revealed as a lie, a strategy that is against the spirit of Christ and the apostles.” [I think they already have!  But only among those with eyes to see. For the rest, the media campaign and the blinding glare of the world’s allurements have kept them from seeing.  Many do not want to see.]

Cardinal Burke concurs that “we’re in a time of crisis within the church,” suggesting that “we may have to give our all (including our very lives) to safeguard and promote the truth of the faith not only for ourselves and our own generation but also for those to come.”

Burke is blunt about the current state of the Church confronting heretical positions coming from those high up in its leadership. “If this means that Cardinals will be opposed to Cardinals then we simply have to accept the fact that that’s the situation in which we find ourselves,” he said. “Certainly for my part I don’t look for this kind of conflict but in defending the truth of the faith I end up in a disagreement or conflict with another Cardinal. What has to be primary to me is the truth of the faith.

Absolutely.  Even to the point of resisting Peter to his face, regarding which Vox Cantoris gives a helpful bit of catechesis.

We’ll see what develops.  There is a petition with nearly 550,000 signatures including 150 odd prelates, there are statements by thousands of priests around the world to believe and preach what the Church has always proclaimed regarding marriage and the family, there are books being written, 15 or 20 cardinals openly opposed to the progressive effort at the Synod, and much else I’m sure that we’re not aware of.  So there remain reasons to be hopeful. As always, the key factor is the Pope. As with Paul VI and Vatican II (and to a lesser extent, John XXIII) popes almost always get what they want (and probably always get what they want since 1870).  If it is Pope Francis’ will to radically change the Church’s approach to these critical matters – and we all know what the evidence says – then we can expect great suffering ahead.  But I perhaps naively always hold out hope.  There could be a major surprise, and it’s quite possible the surprise has already happened (first there were rumors that the Synod would switch from a supermajority to a simple-majority voting pattern, but apparently even achieving the desired agenda on that basis is in doubt so now the rumors say there will be no post-synodal relatio because the outcome would not be that which is desired.  Wishful thinking?  I have no idea).

No matter what, no one, not even the Pope, can change solemnly revealed and accepted Doctrine, especially that which has been observed and practiced for centuries.  Yes, the damage that can be done is incalculable and we must stand with the Truth, always, but in the end the Truth will prevail.



1. Marguerite - September 12, 2015

Since Pope Francis recently approved a streamlined process for declarations of nullity for divorced Catholics, it’s unlikely he would also permit the reception of Holy Communion before the annulments are granted.

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