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Stinging criticism of papal annulment “reform” circulating among Curia? September 15, 2015

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That’s what the well-connected and heretofore (well, for the past year+, anyway) quite accurate Vatican reporter Edward Pentin claims in a new article at the National Catholic Register.  The post is packed with explosive claims and, especially given the source (mainstream Catholic news publication) deserves careful consideration (I add emphasis and comments):

Reports have emerged that a seven-page dossier, obtained by the German newspaper Die Zeit, is circulating around the curia in which senior Vatican officials have voiced discontent with the recent change in Church law on annulments, and an absence of consultation over the matter. [Well, in this, they are hardly alone. Even very mainstream individuals like Ed Peters, always deferential to the Holy See, have pointed out grave problems and easily foreseeable but disastrous consequences flowing from the Motu Proprio “reforming” the annulment process as written. The language is very vague and the timeframe called for will make careful review by bishops all but impossible.  This kind of “reform” was already tried in the US from 1971-1983 and the result was the “normalization” of Catholic divorce is regular Church practice, if not Dogma.  The annulment rate exploded to unprecedented proportions as a result.  I have seen Peters and others, however, try to cast a clear line of division between formal Doctrine and how it is applied in practice.  In reality, no such division exists, and we know from sources as close to this pontificate as Fr. Tom Rosica that the end game is to change Doctrine gradually by changing practice suddenly.  Thus, by changing practice to permit mass granting of annulments a la US practice for 45  years, what amounts to Catholic divorce will eventually be enshrined as “solemn practice,” something agreed to by the vast majority of faithful and clergy, and thus, a new and “evolved doctrine.”]

On Tuesday, the Pope made sweeping reforms to make the process of obtaining a declaration of nullity simpler, quicker and cheaper.

According to Die Zeit, the officials juridically “picked apart” the Pope’s motu proprio (papal decree) on annulment reform, accuse the Holy Father of giving up an important dogma, and assert that he has introduced de facto “Catholic divorce”. [So now the usual endless arguments regarding translation and meaning have cropped up.  Can we just stop that for now?  Along that line, I recommend you not read the comments at the link.  They are a singular example of willful denial.]

Further concerns mentioned in the document are that, despite the gravity of the issue, no dicasteries, including apparently the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as well as bishops conferences, were consulted about the decision — a claim the Register has had confirmed by numerous sources. The dossier says usual legislative channels have been “undermined” as “none of the planned steps of a legislative procedure have been followed.” [Rather like the granting of faculties to the SSPX for the year of mercy!  This papacy that was supposed to usher in empowerment and a blooming of collegiality has been the most authoritarian seen since Pius XII, and probably further back than that]

Critics say this goes against the Pope’s calls for synodality and collegiality, and resembles an ecclesialized “Führerprinzip”, ruling from the top down, by decree and without any consultation or any checks.  [Ouch.  Godwin’s Law is constantly violated in the German press!]

Instead, the papal commission that drafted the motu proprio had been ordered to keep silent throughout the drafting process, probably to avoid the reforms being thwarted by the CDF and others in the curia. But the report also alleges that even the commission did not see the final draft, and that an Italian cardinal along with two others “fiercely” tried to prevent the motu proprio being published before the synod but without success.

The Register has learned via other sources that this decision and others are effectively isolating the CDF and that the Pope is steadily making their work superfluous. [Now that I very much agree with, and numerous examples along this line could be pointed out.  Now the question one must ask is, why would that be so?  Is it because CDF and especially Cardinal Muller are seen as standing in the way of the implementation of the desired agenda of “mercy?”]

The report also voices concern that the motu proprio will lead to a flood of annulments and that from now on, couples would be able to simply exit their Catholic marriage without a problem. [Which is already much the case in the United States, where even the mild “restrictions” applied by the 1983 Code of Canon Law have done little to prevent the granting of annulments at a rate orders of magnitude greater than any other nation.  And this “reform” in general applies the liberal US policy with regard to annulments to the entire world.  It must be noted that the vast, vast majority of US annulments appealed to the Roman Rota have been overturned, with no decree of nullity granted. Thus the US practice has widely been seen as abusive and problematic.]

“A number of monsignors who are officially in charge of directing the affairs of the Church at large, are beside themselves” and feel obligated to “speak up”, according to Die Zeit. They are also concerned about the “extremely vague” language used in the motu proprio, especially the reasons for a speedy trial, such as “lack of faith” or other motives that are not clearly defined.

……..Yesterday, it emerged that 50 concerned theologians have appealed to Pope Francis to uphold the teachings of Humanae Vitae (Bl. Paul VI’s encyclical banning contraception) and Veritatis Splendor (Pope St. John Paul II’s 1993 encyclical underlining the Church’s moral teaching).

The signatories, who include Jesuit Father Kevin Flannery, professor of moral philosophy professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and philosophy Professor Robert Spaemann, a close ally of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, argue that a specific paragraph in the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) for the synod is gravely flawed, effectively emptying Humanae Vitae of its central teaching. 

Appeal to numbers is a logical fallacy, but when one has a huge number of the faithful, and especially the best formed, most involved faithful, rising up begging the Holy Father to reiterate clearly the solemn Dogmas of belief, when one sees books from over a dozen Cardinals, again including many of the best, arguing against the direction that is so clearly desired for the Synod at papal behest, when one sees symposiums being held and various appeals being sent from some of the best, most devout Catholic minds around, it is correct to suspect that something is seriously awry in the highest leadership of the Church. It seems many, many souls are greatly disturbed at the obvious, apparent direction of this pontificate and the novel, one might even say revolutionary, agenda that they see taking shape.  Given how this agenda was largely suppressed (at the highest level) in recent pontificates, it is little wonder many souls look on the Pope as the ultimate driving force behind this sudden resurgence of progressive fervor.  Personally, I do not see how there can be any other logical explanation.

If you haven’t made your voice heard by signing a petition, sending a letter, or by some other means, I implore you to do so now.  Time is very short.  Yes, it certainly does appear that this agenda, from wherever it comes, is most resistant to any appeals, but that does not mean we should not continue the effort.  As has been noted many times, the faithful have not only the right but the duty to help insure the integrity of the Doctrine of the Faith.  This duty has been abrogated by far too many at all levels of the Church for decades.  It’s past time for the faithful to do more in its defense.

We certainly live in interesting (re: terrifying) times.  Prayer and penance are our ultimate recourse.


Non Sequitur – Alliance Air Show report September 15, 2015

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In a nutshell, I wasn’t real impressed with the Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth.  No tickets but parking $30? A really small static display?  Didn’t even reply on my request for press pass?  We had fun but I’ve been to a lot better.  The old Carswell shows were great, way more to see and a lot more room to move around.

I didn’t take enough pics.  I tried shooting a number of videos with the phone but they didn’t come out very well.  My favorite part of air shows is meeting the crews of static display aircraft and learning more about their birds.  The CV-22 guys were kind of jerks but the BUFF crew was friendly.  The pilot of the A-26 Invader below with my daughter in the photo was a great guy.  He flew MC-12 Liberty’s over Iraq and now flies T-38s at Vance.  I hope he gets that fighter slot he’s pining for, but one could do a lot worse than fly a warbird like this in one’s downtime (I had to block out unfortunate nose art):


P-51D from Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison

                       P-51D from Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison


OK so this was my one big disappointment.  I have seen the Blue Angels umpteen times before and while they are always impressive I didn’t want to hang around until show’s end to see them. But I have never seen an F-22 fly and really wanted to. Unfortunately the kids ran out of patience before they took off.  Well, maybe at some point I’ll see one fly.  70,000+ lbs of thrust is not inconsiderable!


There were two F-5Bs there.  Both looked to me like they belonged to a private outfit that provides “bad guy” aircraft for military training here in the US.  I had never seen a B model in person before. They had large chaff and flair dispensers added above the afterburners on each side of the fin and some kind of sensor in the nose.  Some older dude claiming to be a Vietnam Vet (but who got a bunch of stuff wrong) told me they belonged to Ross Perot and Jr, but why would they need planes with chaff and flare dispensers?  Are they airborne mercs flying missions over Sudan and Iraq in their spare time?


B-52s are not small.

The B-52 guys had some awesome shirts for sale.  I bought one.  It might be my new favorite T-shirt.  Here’s the old favorite:


The new:



I was quite impressed with the Breitling team.  They flew a really impressive routine in their Czech-made L-39s.  Sort of like a Blue Angels routine but at 2/3 speed.

BTW, it appears to be girl #6.  Not quite certain but it looks pretty likely.

Well, now at least I can blow away that “look what you put your wife through to get your boy” meme.  No, I didn’t do it for a boy, I did it for no reason at all!  Just because I could!  Bwahaahahaahaahaaahahahaha!

Replacement for Bishop Robert Finn named for KC-Missouri September 15, 2015

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It is Bishop James Johnston of Cape Girardeau:

This morning in Rome, Pope Francis announced that he has appointed me to be the next bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.  I have accepted his appointment, trusting in the love of Jesus Christ and God’s mysterious providence.  In doing so, I cannot deny my sadness at the prospect of departing the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.  These 7 ½ years as your bishop have been some of the happiest of my life.  I love all of you and will always love this great diocese.

My installation in Kansas City is set for November 4, 2015.  I will serve as the diocesan administrator here, until that date, after which a diocesan administrator will be elected by the diocesan college of consultors.

None of us can totally plan out our lives.  I trust in God’s plans for me and the Church and am confident that “all things work together for the good for those that love God” (Rom 8:28).  I am eager to serve the people of northwest Missouri as best I can as their new shepherd.  I ask you to pray for me, and for the Dioceses of Springfield-Cape Girardeau and Kansas City-St. Joseph.

Eponymous Flower notes that Bishop Johnston is probably not as well disposed towards the TLM as Bishop Finn was:

Edit: here’s the Bishop according to wiki who’ll be replacing the last actually conservative Bishop of Kansas City who was ousted not so much by due process but in trial by media.  He is hedging his bets in the Inmemorial Mass of All Ages:

Considered somewhat conservative in his views, Johnston supports the celebration of Tridentine Mass, but has said he does not “hold a great personal attachment to it” due to his relatively young age. He also supports the use of Gregorian chant and polyphony. He has cited Dolly PartonChet Atkins, and Alan Jackson as some of his favorite musical artists.

Age has nothing to do with it.  Bishop Sample is relatively young and he has a great attachment to the TLM.  This kind of language seems to imply an accepting of the false concept that adherents to the TLM are just very old holdovers from the pre-conciliar days who simply could not get on the post-conciliar bandwagon.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In my experience, attendance at TLMs skews far, far younger than at the vast majority of Novus Ordo’s.  The TLM holds great interest for a growing number of young people.

From the perspective of many good Catholics one of the most pressing concerns is the fate of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.  Many hoped and prayed that the whoever was appointed to replace Bishop Finn would at least maintain a benign indifference to this holy order of nuns, if not shower them with as much love and affection as Bishop Finn consistently demonstrated.  I think that pious hope can certainly be sustained now that the appointment is made.  At least KC is not confronted with a known progressive ideologue.

However, prayers on behalf of these nuns are certainly still warranted for many reasons.  They’ve experienced trials in the past and it was something of a miracle for them to find such a good home in Kansas City-St. Joseph.  One never knows what the future may hold.  I do hope they find other dioceses to expand into that will give them a bit more security.  Nevertheless, for now, they have what they have.

Orthodox holy man – Get ready, the end is near! September 15, 2015

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I am guessing the “Elder Proclus” below is a Romanian Orthodox monk/hermit.  I assume he is Romanian Orthodox as that is the language spoken.  Stay away from the comments.  They are full of anti-Catholic bile, and quite the opposite of what this holy man preaches, even if he belong to a schismatic Church.  He would hardly be the first seemingly very holy soul I have encountered among the Orthodox Church.

There is great wisdom in these two videos.  Humility is the seed bed of the interior life. Without humility we cannot progress in sanctity.  It is so very easy for us to think ourselves right in everything.  It is perhaps even easier to put others down, especially in subtle ways in our interior conversation.  I think the “elder” is quite wise to advise that we should enter Mass or any other gathering of the faithful so cognizant of our own sins that we feel ourselves the very worst person there.  Such beliefs about the self can be found in the lives of many, many Saints.  This man also stresses the need for Confession and the paramount need for good and holy priests.

“Now, we are very weak Christians. We are not like Christians from the old times, we have no power…..And there is only one way for us to overcome: humility!”

This Elder Proclus speaks to me with the voice of a man who has not spoken in a long time, or only rarely.  Perhaps most worthy of note of all his words are his statements that the end times are near and that all the demons have been loosed from hell to afflict souls on this Earth.  That’s a most troubling statement but given what is going on in the world, I have a hard time disputing it.  Pray and get ready!

Another video with more discourse on humility:

If we think we’re so holy, we’re being deceived by the devil.  The Lord is all good, but He does not forgive pride.

There are more videos of this man but I did not find anymore with subtitles.  Yes certainly the Orthodox have their problems (don’t we all) but I found quite a bit that was edifying in this man’s comments.  I think humility is a great failing for me.  I am not nearly so humble as I should be.

See, if you want to do ecumenism, this is the kind of folks ecumenism could be done with – the Orthodox.  There are very significant points of difference but these guys are not protestant, they get the interior life, have the Mass, and there is a huge basis for dialogue and cooperation.  Unfortunately the Orthodox are frequently very hostile towards Catholics, especially the more devout (and the reverse is also true, but usually not so fervent).

Another important note: you can obtain a plenary indulgence by devoutly kissing a Crucifix and repeating either or both of the prayers below.  The indulgence can be obtained today (Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary) and yesterday (Exaltation of the Holy Cross), so if your time travel machine is working you can score twice!  The indulgence can be gained for yourself or the souls in Purgatory.

“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Forgive us our Trespasses as we Forgive Those who Trespass Against Us


“I beg the Blessed Virgin Mary to Pray to the Lord Our God for Me.”

Thanks to reader D for ALL of the above!  Really good stuff.

A brief survey of a day in the ongoing collapse of Western Civilization…… September 15, 2015

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…….or, I have a whole pile of links, few of which are worthy of an individual post, so I’ll put them out as a sort of compendium of the fall.  Sorry if this post is a downer, but these kinds of things happen every day, and I’ve really only caught a very few of the examples that are out there.

OK, first up, a 14  year old boy who kissed a 13 year old girl on a dare now faces assault charges. The charges are apparently being pressed by the school.

Look, if I’m the girl’s dad I might give him an experience to make sure he’ll never make the same mistake twice with my daughter and probably anyone else’s, but I don’t see a need to very likely ruin a kid’s life over something as silly as this. Certainly something like this could be dealt with on the school level with detention or something without the need to put the kid up on a FELONY CHARGE!!! Stupid and draconian acts like this are a direct result of the “rape epidemic” rhetoric and the unthinking, one size fits all policies implemented by more and more school districts.  Reason# 99,437 to homeschool your kids, especially boys.  There is an open and avowed war on boys in the public school systems and it extends right into college.  Fatherhood/masculinity are the glue that hold the family and thus civilization together, and so much be destroyed in the leftist’s unquenchable thirst for unlimited power.

Next up, everything wrong with Kalifornia in one photo:


I paid less than $2 here in Dallas most recently.  Nearer to the refineries in Corpus Christi there are stations in the $1.70 range.  And Kalifornia legislators are still pushing to cut “fossil fuel consumption” by 50%………in 15 years!  Good luck with that.  There is a war by the wealthy but leftist coastal elite in California against pretty much everyone else.

Third, the Obama Administration has passed a decree demanding that all combat slots in the military be opened to women. Many have already been open for some time.  The experience has not been good.  Even the most fit women experience severe injuries and general bodily breakdown over the course of a combat tour.  They simply are not strong enough to carry the same loads at the same speed over the same distance as male soldiers.  The Marines have been reluctant to open these slots to women for this reason, and as what was supposed to be part of an unbiased, scientific process to determine if women could hold up under the strain, were directed by the Secretary of the Navy (Ray Mabus) to perform studies of the performance of all-male versus male-female groups of soldiers.

Well, the results came in last week and demonstrated that the all-male units outperformed the female units in the large majority of measures (93 of 134), with the mixed-gender units only out-performing the male units in a handful of non-combat tasks.  Naturally, even though he directed the study and promised to stand by it, Ray Mabus has now rejected its finding and is still insisting that the Marines open all combat slots to women.  This will only further diminish combat efficiency and lead to many unnecessary deaths, male and female, as overall unit efficiency is badly compromised.  Even though women have performed well in a number of fields, their downsides have been enormous.  For instance, on any given at-sea deployment, 30-40% of female sailors will have to be medically evacuated due to pregnancy.  This leaves ships badly short-handed and forces male sailors to often pull double or even triple duty.

Fourth, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised NOT to bring to the floor a measure to de-fund Planned Butcherhood, even as another video today shows Planned Barrenhood trumpeting the income they make off the sale of murdered baby parts.  He has acquiesced into a demand to vote on the 20 week abortion ban but this is just more kabuki theater since he refuses to pass bills on an up and down vote, as his predecessor Harry Reid did when the demonrats had the majority, but continues to enforce rules requiring a supermajority to pass legislation.  When the dems retake the Senate, we can be sure they won’t be so chivalrous.  The end result is that the leftist program continues to advance and the Repubniks continue do to virtually nothing to oppose it.

Finally, and this one really torqued me off, some left-wing scienticians at a conference in Britain deplored the “fact” that the plaque attached to deep-space probes Pioneer 10 and 11 were “sexist” and “racist” because they ostensibly showed the man (below) in front of the woman, and were obviously “white” (the people are naked so don’t click if you don’t want to see that):


The screeching Victorian hysteric Dr. Jill Stuart had this to say before retiring to her fainting couch:

“The plaque shows a man raising his hand in a very manly fashion while a woman stands behind him, appearing all meek and submissive,” Stuart said, according to an article in the Guardian. “We really need to rethink that with any messages we are sending out now. Attitudes have changed so much in just 40 years,” she continued.

Even worse: The man and the woman were both white.

Dr. Stuart got literally everything wrong.  First of all, the creators of the plaque, Dr. Carl Sagan and his then-wife, were thoroughgoing leftists themselves and were deeply inculcated in the same kind of balkanizing grievance politics that so concerns Dr. Stuart; they took all kinds of pains to avoid being “racist” or “sexist.”  Secondly, the man’s hand is raised not in a gesture of manly triumph but of welcome.  Thirdly the woman is not “behind” the man but beside him.  She is smaller because, guess what, women are on average that much smaller than men.  And far from being an example of white pride, the image is actually a carefully constructed computer composite of the average human being alive on earth at the time of the Pioneer mission (early 70s). It was painstakingly crafted at great expense to be representative of all mankind (and there are details that make this plain, like the broad noses and the woman’s hair).  The humans were even sized proportional to the outline of the Pioneer’s main dish to give any aliens who find it (won’t ever happen) an idea of human size. So they can decide how best to eat us.

I knew all the above from memory but the (notably far right wing) Wikipedia page confirms it.

I guess I should not be surprised that a scientician of today would be either too ignorant or too ideologically blinded to have recognized any of the above.

REMINDER – PRAYER VIGIL OUTSIDE THE MEN’S CLUB FRI 09/18 @ 8:30p! September 15, 2015

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I will be praying outside  The Men’s Club, 2340 W. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, on FRIDAY SEPT 18 @ 8:30p.  I will actually be across the street in the parking lot of the US Post Office.  This is directly across from the entrance to the inappropriately named “gentleman’s club.”  

We’ve had some good turnout.  I pray all of you are able to come back out this time.

The post office parking lot is well lit and set back some distance from the very busy roadway.  It is public land so we cannot be harassed for being there.  It’s really an ideal situation, we are basically impossible to miss by patrons leaving this sexually oriented business (SOB).  Men over 18 only.  All men are welcome.  You don’t have to be a member of a particular parish.  I will stay for at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half, depending on how many show up.

Just to be clear we have had no occasions of sin stemming from being adjacent to a strip club.  We are out in public and have experienced no scandal at all to this point.

No protesting, just prayer.  If we are approached by anyone associated with the SOB let one man interact with them while the rest provide prayer support.

This is a small way to push back against the culture of license, perversion, and death.  Maybe it’s even a way to get that canonized “smell of the sheep” we hear so much about.

PS – I think everyone who has come out has enjoyed it.  Every time is different.