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Non Sequitur – Alliance Air Show report September 15, 2015

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In a nutshell, I wasn’t real impressed with the Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth.  No tickets but parking $30? A really small static display?  Didn’t even reply on my request for press pass?  We had fun but I’ve been to a lot better.  The old Carswell shows were great, way more to see and a lot more room to move around.

I didn’t take enough pics.  I tried shooting a number of videos with the phone but they didn’t come out very well.  My favorite part of air shows is meeting the crews of static display aircraft and learning more about their birds.  The CV-22 guys were kind of jerks but the BUFF crew was friendly.  The pilot of the A-26 Invader below with my daughter in the photo was a great guy.  He flew MC-12 Liberty’s over Iraq and now flies T-38s at Vance.  I hope he gets that fighter slot he’s pining for, but one could do a lot worse than fly a warbird like this in one’s downtime (I had to block out unfortunate nose art):


P-51D from Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison

                       P-51D from Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison


OK so this was my one big disappointment.  I have seen the Blue Angels umpteen times before and while they are always impressive I didn’t want to hang around until show’s end to see them. But I have never seen an F-22 fly and really wanted to. Unfortunately the kids ran out of patience before they took off.  Well, maybe at some point I’ll see one fly.  70,000+ lbs of thrust is not inconsiderable!


There were two F-5Bs there.  Both looked to me like they belonged to a private outfit that provides “bad guy” aircraft for military training here in the US.  I had never seen a B model in person before. They had large chaff and flair dispensers added above the afterburners on each side of the fin and some kind of sensor in the nose.  Some older dude claiming to be a Vietnam Vet (but who got a bunch of stuff wrong) told me they belonged to Ross Perot and Jr, but why would they need planes with chaff and flare dispensers?  Are they airborne mercs flying missions over Sudan and Iraq in their spare time?


B-52s are not small.

The B-52 guys had some awesome shirts for sale.  I bought one.  It might be my new favorite T-shirt.  Here’s the old favorite:


The new:



I was quite impressed with the Breitling team.  They flew a really impressive routine in their Czech-made L-39s.  Sort of like a Blue Angels routine but at 2/3 speed.

BTW, it appears to be girl #6.  Not quite certain but it looks pretty likely.

Well, now at least I can blow away that “look what you put your wife through to get your boy” meme.  No, I didn’t do it for a boy, I did it for no reason at all!  Just because I could!  Bwahaahahaahaahaaahahahaha!



1. pak152 - September 16, 2015

was there all day, bought the photopit/ramppass/premium parking. was disappointed that the signage wasn’t clear nor that the folks at the entrance gate didn’t know about the photopit/ramppass ticket (get in at 7 before everyone else)
the photopit was a great idea, plenty room, nice box lunch, plenty of bottled water. only downside was that they parked a loud speaker smack dab in front of the pit, also when the BAs were driven out in the cars the cars were parked in the pits line of sight to the right. that made it difficult to get good shots of planes flying right to left
too bad the Cavanaugh’s SkyRaider was not able to fly (don’t know why as it went out to the flightline then returned to be replaced by a Navy T-28) F22 was fantastic, but tracking that low-vis paint against the sky was tough. had 2 cameras (18-200 and a 150-600) shot about 6k of images
breitling team was good

2. Dave Heath - September 16, 2015

As a former BUFF C/D model weapons loader at Grand Forks AFB, ND back in the 70’s, I can attest to their great hugeness – being only 5’4″ provided me with daily workouts trying to load munitions and to assist in manually swinging open the bomb-bay doors, a feat a bit strenuous for even a body-builder type. Getting to the cockpit. however, is another story…. Ugh!

Many fond memories abound with those planes, who entered service the year after I was born.

I wonder if they’re on Social Security and Medicare yet…

Tantumblogo - September 16, 2015

Heh. No doubt some would like them to be!

So here’s a story from Alliance, told to me by the B-52 aircraft commander. The outrigger wheels on the B-52 are 155 feet apart. The taxiways at Alliance are only 75 ft wide. It took him an hour to taxi in. He had to have plane walkers on both sides. They had enough fuel that the outriggers were touching the ground. So they wound up offloading a lot so they were off the ground (though the wind can make them set down).

Alliance is a marginal field for B-52s.

So which is colder, Grand Forks or Minot?

Dave Heath - September 16, 2015

Neat story!…similar to the KC-135 that took a taxi turn at GFAFB too sharp and ran a wing into a drift. Or the C-141 jockey that taxied his right gear off the tarmac at my old ANG base in Illinois. Had to fly a crew in from NJ to fix that one.

As for temperature difference between GF and Minot, it’s directly dependent on which direction you’re going and how hard the wind is blowing, is it not? 😉 Besides, GF is closer to MN, so its always colder…

All I know for certain is working at -50 wind chill on the flight-line dressed like an Eskimo was no fun…and made it very difficult to load a missile, esp. when the wind catches the fins and it starts rolling away on its wheeled rack…you could barely run fast enough to catch it!

3. David - September 16, 2015

Second the parking. Went with two buddies and arrived early afternoon. Had a pre purchased ticket that included parking and it took us at least 45 minutes to find the correct lot, even after asking two parking attendants. Got to see the Blue Angels, and talked to a retired USAF LTC who flew cargo planes back and forth from Vietnam.

We stayed until about 1800 hours, which gave us time to walk around. Several displays remained open, and it allowed time for the traffic to die down.

It had been years since I had been to an air show. My Dad would take my brothers and I once in a while to one at Ellington Field outside of Houston.

4. David - September 16, 2015

I forgot to get the t-shirt that said,

“If I was flying, Goose would still be alive.”

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