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Orthodox holy man – Get ready, the end is near! September 15, 2015

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I am guessing the “Elder Proclus” below is a Romanian Orthodox monk/hermit.  I assume he is Romanian Orthodox as that is the language spoken.  Stay away from the comments.  They are full of anti-Catholic bile, and quite the opposite of what this holy man preaches, even if he belong to a schismatic Church.  He would hardly be the first seemingly very holy soul I have encountered among the Orthodox Church.

There is great wisdom in these two videos.  Humility is the seed bed of the interior life. Without humility we cannot progress in sanctity.  It is so very easy for us to think ourselves right in everything.  It is perhaps even easier to put others down, especially in subtle ways in our interior conversation.  I think the “elder” is quite wise to advise that we should enter Mass or any other gathering of the faithful so cognizant of our own sins that we feel ourselves the very worst person there.  Such beliefs about the self can be found in the lives of many, many Saints.  This man also stresses the need for Confession and the paramount need for good and holy priests.

“Now, we are very weak Christians. We are not like Christians from the old times, we have no power…..And there is only one way for us to overcome: humility!”

This Elder Proclus speaks to me with the voice of a man who has not spoken in a long time, or only rarely.  Perhaps most worthy of note of all his words are his statements that the end times are near and that all the demons have been loosed from hell to afflict souls on this Earth.  That’s a most troubling statement but given what is going on in the world, I have a hard time disputing it.  Pray and get ready!

Another video with more discourse on humility:

If we think we’re so holy, we’re being deceived by the devil.  The Lord is all good, but He does not forgive pride.

There are more videos of this man but I did not find anymore with subtitles.  Yes certainly the Orthodox have their problems (don’t we all) but I found quite a bit that was edifying in this man’s comments.  I think humility is a great failing for me.  I am not nearly so humble as I should be.

See, if you want to do ecumenism, this is the kind of folks ecumenism could be done with – the Orthodox.  There are very significant points of difference but these guys are not protestant, they get the interior life, have the Mass, and there is a huge basis for dialogue and cooperation.  Unfortunately the Orthodox are frequently very hostile towards Catholics, especially the more devout (and the reverse is also true, but usually not so fervent).

Another important note: you can obtain a plenary indulgence by devoutly kissing a Crucifix and repeating either or both of the prayers below.  The indulgence can be obtained today (Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary) and yesterday (Exaltation of the Holy Cross), so if your time travel machine is working you can score twice!  The indulgence can be gained for yourself or the souls in Purgatory.

“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Forgive us our Trespasses as we Forgive Those who Trespass Against Us


“I beg the Blessed Virgin Mary to Pray to the Lord Our God for Me.”

Thanks to reader D for ALL of the above!  Really good stuff.


1. Peter - September 16, 2015

That demons are loosed all over the world would explain a lot!

2. Guest - September 16, 2015

In my thoughts I can’t help but think that liberals are fools. Whenever I see something happening in the world, I always wonder why modern people are so easily deceived/foolish. They can’t see reality because they let ideology color their perceptions rather than let reality color their ideology. You can’t even get them to admit this is wrong because “everyone has a bias”. Try explaining to a liberal that Islam has never been a religion of peace since it’s founding. The facts plainly point this out but a liberal won’t care. He just doesn’t want to sound like a “bigot” by having unacceptable points of views. The very people who think that they are wise and sophisticated are being misled by the devil.

Scriptures say that those professing to be wise would become fools. Now is thinking that liberals are fools pride or simply staring reality in the face? I don’t want to suffer from pride but I can’t change these thoughts. I blame terrible, godless education and terrible, anti-god media that convinces the masses that there is no objective truth. I myself used to be a liberal when young.

tg - September 16, 2015

Well said. Humility is hard because sometimes you know you are right about how stupid people are today. I have to watch my spiritual pride too.

3. dymphna - September 17, 2015

Should we be paying attention to heretics?

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