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Enzo Bianchi, close papal consultor: “Mary is not a suitable reference point for…..women in the Church” September 16, 2015

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WOW.  What a blasphemous statement.  What an insult to Our Lady and true womanhood.  It’s an insult to women everywhere, really.  What is being said in reality is: “Mary’s humility, patience, and constant correspondence with Grace are unsuitable to revolutionary ends.  Thus, she is not an adequate example for feminists and other leftists committed to working revolution in the Church and world.”

This via Eponymous Flower:

Mary can not be the reference point for the advancement of women in the Church.” In reality,  Bianchi is a layman. He gave an interview to the daily newspaper La Repubblica, which was published last September 9th. Bianchi was appointed by Pope Francis as Consultor in  July 2014 of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity[He must be popular with his ecumenical friends.  Mary is the reference point for us all, but most especially for women, of whom she represents the ideal.  Mary is the holiest pure-human to ever live.  She was not God and man, but she corresponded with grace at all times and remains the only sinless person to ever live.  Only a demonically blinded fool, and a thoroughgoing leftist ideologue, could make such an asinine statement. And yet he holds an important post in this pontificate]

La Repubblica published an interview under the title “The church of the future,” of Enzo Bianchi by Sylvia Roochney. Bianchi explained it: “In the Church there are good intentions, but about there are unreal expectations about women:  The model Maria, Virgin and Mother, can not be the reference point for the advancement of women in the church. The fashionable, subliminally alleged idea that Mary was more important than St. Peter, is a stupid idea, just as the wheels of a car would be more important than the steering wheel.” [We can see a theme among many associated with this pontificate, that the Christian ideal, adhered to and promoted for 2000 years, is now suddenly become “too hard” and “unrealistic.”  You know who also said that?  The Arians.  And the protestants.  And many other heretical sects]

Next Bianchi said, “We are not yet able to take unequivocal equality between men and women seriously. The path of the Church is still very far, because even today men solely are at the decision-levers, while women are restricted to low services,” said Enzo Bianchi. [If one considers raising up new Saints to God, or being a holy nun, or teaching children the traditional Faith, a “low service,” one is seriously sick in the mind.  This man, like all leftists, appears obsessed with marxist power dynamics.  Those dynamics are, in fact, how they create envies with which to divide society.]

That the Magisterium says the exact opposite, does not move “Prior” Bianchi. Bianchi wants to flatter Pope Francis with his sudden emphasis of the apostle Peter, although he  himself called for the  “overcoming” of  the papacy “in a spirit of ecumenism” in 2013…..

…..Bianchi is known for his heterodox statements: Last August, he claimed that “family is a form that is given by society”. Specifically, he said, so that the family could be changed by the society.


There’s been a lot of “volpi’s” get into the hen house of the Church lately, no?  Bianchi had better be careful, however, Our Lady, the hammer of heretics, is not one I would want to offend.




1. tg - September 16, 2015

Every day I read something worse. Yesterday I read in a Lifesite News about a cardinal who thinks there is good in sodomy relations.

2. tg - September 16, 2015

I pray Our Lady comes down and gets those serpents.

3. richardmalcolm1564 - September 16, 2015

Outrageous. Disgraceful.

But the feminists have always deeply resented Our Lady.

4. Brian E. Breslin - September 17, 2015

The world will not hear cries of ” Santo subito!” with Francis’ passing.

5. Lynne - September 17, 2015

I wouldn’t stand next to that prelate in a thunderstorm…

6. Jonathan Pierre Cariveau - September 17, 2015

“The fashionable, subliminally alleged idea that Mary was more important than St. Peter, is a stupid idea, just as the wheels of a car would be more important than the steering wheel.”

Using his analogy, the Theotokos is closer to the car itself than any one part of the car inasmuch as she is the personification of the Body of Christ. Using JPII’s analogy, the Mother of God is to Christ and his members as a neck is to a head and a body. In giving birth to Christ, Mary gives birth to every Christian, and it is in her that all members of Christ’s Body are joined as one.

7. camper - September 17, 2015

Not blasphemous, Tantum. Horribly irreverant, yes, but blasphemy is only reserved for insults of God Himself.

8. Margaret Costello - September 17, 2015

This man is insulting the God of the Universe’s mother. How dumb do you have to be to do that? Lord have mercy on him. God bless~

Tantumblogo - September 17, 2015

I think I’ve seen disrespect at the BVM termed blasphemy before. It might be a stretch of the term, but I don’t think it outrageous to do so. If she is the Mediatrix of All Grace, then she’s instrumental in salvation and thus capable of being blasphemed, in my mind. Anyway.

9. Mary - September 17, 2015

I didn’t know it was all about advancemnet in the church, I thought it was about saving souls. Silly me. He is a worldling.

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