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Your wish is my command: rating some of the pro-life groups September 16, 2015

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So the topic of which pro-life groups are really committed wholeheartedly to defending the sanctity of life from conception to natural death came up last week.  There is also the allied topic of which of those are committed to the restoration of the Faith.  The latter significantly narrows down the list.  I’ll provide two lists, those which to my knowledge correspond to the former and latter, and then some which are good regarding pro-life issues themselves but perhaps have some problems with false ecumenism or things of that nature.

So, first up, the completely reliable pro-life groups who also get the need for liturgical reform/Church restoration:

Texas Right to Life
Pro-Life Action League
Human Life International
Thomas More Law Center – not a pro-life group per se’ but their work does a great deal to advance the restoration of the moral order and pro-life concerns

There may be more, these are the only groups I can unequivocally recommend at present.

So now a lot of folks may be saying, what about this group!  What about that one!  They’re really strong, aren’t they?

When one begins to dig a bit deeper on some of the groups below, problems can emerge. They may fight for the right to life from conception to natural death, but they also support and advance other things which may actually militate against that pro-life stand.  For instance, if a pro-life group highlights the work of protestants who maintain that contraceptive use is completely moral and admissible, does that not undermine their own opposition to abortion, since contraception creates the environment in which abortion flourishes?  Or they may be weak on the finer points of end-of-life definitions or organ donation.

I won’t point out the problems as I perceive them.  I’ll just say that the groups below are generally good on the life issues and some others but may have some weaknesses in other areas such as having a recognition of the solution to the crisis in the Church, adoption of certain post-conciliar novelties, etc.  You can make your own decision or do your own research to determine whether or not to support these groups.  For me, they do not have the total freedom from concerns that the groups above do.

American Life League – Catholic group, strong on pro-life issues, contraception, some aspects of crisis in the Church.  But they have some issues.
Bound4Life – protestant group
Life Dynamics  – protestant group
Operation Rescue
Priests for Life
Live Action – they do a lot of good expose work, I’m frankly not certain on their stands with regard to some of the associated issues
Center for Medical Progress – they’ve burst on the scene and are doing a lot of very good expose work a la Live Action but I don’t know enough about them to unequivocally recommend

Finally, a few pro-life groups I don’t recommend for a variety of reasons:

National Right to Life
Texas Alliance for Life
Pro-Life Across America
ost diocesan CPLCs.  They feel it urgent to work with every self-identified pro-life group, including protestant and some visibly problematic ones, and so refuse to take the proper stands on key matters like contraception, organ donation, hard and fast end of life definitions, opposition to organ donation, and the like.

If there are groups not on the list, it’s because I don’t know enough about them to comment. I would say, overall, that most pro-life groups have problematic aspects when it comes to things like the crisis in the Faith, contraception, vaccines derived from fetal cell lines, and the like.  That is why the list of really solid is very short.

I fear this post will start a major row with supporters of some of the groups not receiving my unequivocal support take exception.  We’ll see.  My intention is not to hurt them but to help others to make the best decision possible.  Understand these are my personal appraisals and not declarations from on high, so their value is necessarily limited.

Not that that won’t keep some folks from getting steamed, most likely.


1. glmcreations - September 16, 2015

Tantum-I have no problem with your lists. But you need to be commended for something else: You let your yes be yes and your no be no, and Jesus will NOT vomit your out of His mouth for being lukewarm. Hidden behind the “Let’s all play nice” strategy has been dissent, division, and heresy ever since the late 60s. Hidden behind the “let’s tolerate all” scheme is the intolarance of folks like you and me who say how the cow ate the cabbage, and, yes indeed it is a cow and it is cabbage. Keep on keeping on and follow the “Crockett Rule” “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” I have taken lately to repeating something -before I write-from the old Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass when you bless yourself three times before the Gospel: “May the Lord cleanse my heart and my lips so that I may worthily and fittingly proclaim His holy Gospel.” Thank you for proclaiming, thank you for this and for all you do. Guy McClung, San Antonio

2. Mike - September 16, 2015

What are the issues with the American Life League?

Tantumblogo - September 16, 2015
Tyler Rose - September 16, 2015

I can answer from my experience. Pay attention to their glossy magazine “Celebrate Life.” See how long it is before you find serious heresy.

Now one serious heresy I have found in there is their willingness to allow the suggestion that aborted babies go to Heaven. I work with young ladies considering abortion. These young ladies are grasping at anything. Let it be floated out in the gestalt that aborted babies go to Heaven and see the effect it has. I have seen it.

I e-mailed ALL a number of times over this issue pleading with them to desist from this and to consider the damage they were doing.

They referred me to JPII’s catechism and asked me to leave them alone.

Sure ’nuff, there it was. Right there in the Green Catechism. All the backing you need to suggest that there is genuine hope that aborted babies are saved.

This stuff goes round and round, feeding back on itself and transforming an entire society.

Lynne - September 17, 2015

One of the reasons why I don’t bother with the Green Catechism.

3. Mrs. Maureen Avila - September 16, 2015

My favorites are Priests for Life and American Life League.
I admire Fr.Frank Pavone of Priests for Life for his voter’s guides and his work to educate voters before the last 2 presidential elections. Unfortunately the Bishops issued on both occasions a guide that was not even in the same ball park with Fr. Frank’s guides which were clear and would have been a great help to Catholic and non-Catholic voters had they been promoted by the Bishops, instead of forbidden from distribution in Catholic Churches in some dioceses.
I also thought that the two Priests heading Human life International Should have spoken up for Fr. Frank when he was sent to be chaplain in a nun’s convent in Texas during a presidential campaign and an “investigation” which eventually came to nothing was being done by his Bishop.

I admire American Life league for pleading with Cardinal Dolan on New York City not to showcase Obama at the Al Smith nationally televised dinner prior to the election.

4. tg - September 16, 2015

What are the issues with Operation Rescue and Priests for Life?

Cristero - September 16, 2015

I operate from the following fundamental. There is no moral authority in the universe apart from that one, single Church Our Lord founded on Simon Peter. If anything else qualifies as a moral authority, it is only because it derives its authority from that Church, or furthers a moral code consistent with that Church.

In the end, it is that Church that assures us that killing your baby inside the womb is morally depraved.

So that anything that is done to weaken the authority of that Church will have demonstrable consequences, like abortion, sexual perversion, etc.

And we also need to distinguish between individuals sinning and sin itself codified into law. The much greater impact is that of abortion in the macro sense. Therefore, while any of these groups might well be saving babies in the individual sense, how are they influencing a whole society if the moral authority of that society is the Catholic Church? If they are weakening Catholic doctrine through heresy and error then they are weakening society’s morality.

It is precisely that which these “Catholic” pro-life groups do when they engage in false ecumenism or denial of Catholic Truth.

My issue with Priests for Life is mainly grounded on false ecumenism. I tried in the past to make this clear to them without success. In the modernist church all you need to do is suggest that there is only one, true church and your volume gets turned down.

But if one church is as good as another, then why is anyone not free to pick the “doctrine” on abortion that best suits them?

In this sense, and considering abortion as a societal ill, I would suggest that any group – even if not specifically a “pro-life” group – that is courageously and uncompromisingly upholding authentic Catholic doctrine is preventing more abortions than some pro-life group that is ready and willing to compromise Catholic doctrine in the false hope that by being more appealing to everyone they will save more babies.

5. David - September 17, 2015

I like Priests for Life, but I think they could save a considerable amount of money by limiting the letters sent asking for money. I do give them a little money, but many other letters just end up in my shredder and go to the recycle bin.

Priests for Life also puts out well written voters guides that are reviewed by attorneys, and I wish more of these would be distributed.

6. Mrs. Maureen Avila - September 17, 2015

I just got this encouragement to supply funds from ACLJ. If you have been following the line-up of Cardinals and Bishops for the Synod on the family, there is no way to reconcile David’s admiration of Pope Francis with keeping with the constant teaching of the Church on Faith and morals vs. separating them from the Pro-life movement. So in this instance, Priests for Life is Light years ahead of ACLJ. Admittedly ACLJ do some good work, but they lack the knowledge of and commitment to the Catholic Doctrine that Fr. Frank Pavone has. I do agree that the pro-life movement in general is heterodox as Michael Voris’ interviews a few years ago of Catholic participants in the March for Life who admitted they accepted contraception and/or the gay life style revealed.

7. St. Anibale - September 17, 2015

I like Catholic Pro-life groups that support the entirety of Catholic doctrine.

Tantumblogo - September 17, 2015

Thus the short list

8. tg - September 17, 2015

I recall in Scripture where the apostles are upset because Jesus’s name was being used in driving out demons. Jesus said something like do not stop him because he who is not against me is for me – something like that. Maybe that’s how Priests for Life and other organizations who work with other religions see it. I will continue to support the organizations (ALL and Students for Life) I do because I think people of good will have to stick together to fight evil. I already support the ones on the top list – Texas Right to Life and HLI.

9. tg - September 17, 2015

No one said anything about Operation Rescue.

10. John Laws (@jlaws) - September 19, 2015

In the “conservative” world, there are many betrayals and deceptions that must be guarded against by orthodox Catholics. The culture of life has been colonized by the merchants of death in a number of ways. See:


Also, be mindful of people who wrap Ronald Reagan and the Bushes in Saint John Paul IIs aura:


Ever ask yourself why, despite all the sound and fury, Catholics continue to be protestantized and never win the culture war? We must take care about who gets on the bus with us.

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