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A most disconcerting development September 17, 2015

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I’ve had a change of heart.  I don’t think I’m helping by bringing more attention to the matter.  I apologize for the lapse in judgment.  I pray for all concerned.  That’s all I have to say.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about……you’re probably better off.

Interview: “The Rigging of a Synod” September 17, 2015

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I normally don’t post EWTN content much anymore, because I’m stuck up like that, but this interview of Edward Pentin concerning his new book The Rigging of a Synod is important.  Pentin makes plain – and Arroyo seems to agree, somewhat shockingly – that certain high-level prelates in the Synod organization were dedicated to driving the Synod to a pre-ordained conclusion, one very much in line with the Kasperite Gambit (opening the Blessed Sacrament to those in a manifest state of grave sin, accepting open sodomites in the Church without correction/change of behavior, normalizing Catholic “divorce,” etc).  It must be said, most of the names mentioned frequently in the interview: Kasper, Baldisseri, Forte, etc., are hand-picked creatures of Pope Francis.  Kasper received great papal praise (theology done on the knees) since the very first weekly Angelus.

Thus, this is not simply a wayward cabal of a handful of influential prelates who have somehow clawed their way into positions of enormous influence; on the contrary, these are picked men who were placed in these positions for very specific reasons:

In addition to the commentary above, we have the evidence that emerged after the interview of the pope’s many personal selections to the Synod.  They were overwhelmingly (three to one) of the more elderly, progressive camp – including the noxious Kardinal Kasper.

A quick observation: we can see how serious the “penitential rite” proposed by Cardinal Kasper (and Pope Francis?) for those in second marriages with an unanulled first marriage will be from the “fast track” annulment process instituted in the recent Motu Proprios on the annulment process, can we not?  Fast track annulment, fast track penitential process, all to keep people from ever having to feel even slightly badly about themselves, no matter how grave their sins, and, more hopefully, keeping them somehow at least a little bit attached to the Church. That 2000 years of Doctrine straight from the mouth of our Blessed Lord have to be thrown overboard, and who knows how many souls led astray with potential eternal damnation in the offing…….why, those are just small prices to pay for the great victory of “mercy,” are they not?

I know some folks are tired of seeing these matters covered on this blog over and over, but I keep covering them because even though you may have reached certain conclusions regarding the Synod or the direction of this pontificate, many other folks have not.  Many continue to hope that there really is a group of out of control prelates and that Pope Francis is being abused by them.  Covering these matters keeps people abreast of the crisis and, hopefully, increases their resolve to defend the perennial belief and practice of the Faith.  I know seeing these matters cataloged in detail can be upsetting, but I think it is absolutely necessary, especially as all these things seem to be coming to a head.

Some would prefer ignore the portents of doom.  I’d rather fight:

Just what you always wanted: sodomy-flavored Doritos! September 17, 2015

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I may have gotten that a bit wrong – maybe they’re rainbow colored.  Or maybe they’re both!  I have to say that sodomy flavored chips would probably go down as one of the biggest flops in history.  But it might open people’s eyes to the reality of this evil.


Man, I like Doritos.  My kids do, too. I don’t want to have to cross them off my list.  Ugh.

It turns out you will not be confronted with these at the store.  You get a bag if you donate some money to a pro-sodomy bullying campaign.  Or something like that.

What I’m really concerned about, were any unicorns harmed in the production of these morally offensive Doritos?  You can see they are integral to the production process:


On a more serious note, this is exactly how the Revolution operates.  By hook or crook, in this case, a crooked and false judicial decision, some noxious “advance” is inflicted on the population. Then powerful elements in the culture are co-opted or voluntary enlist in the effort to push for the normalization of the radical advance.  This is the consolidation phase.  A little later on, once a reaction has formed, efforts to overturn the advance will be dubbed too late and labeled as far too radical and “disruptive” to merit serious consideration.  You will see a good number of conservatives stating that they oppose the evil, but that it’s “settled law” now and simply must be cooperated with on that basis.  So what was once unthinkable (mass divorce, contraceptive use, pornography production and distribution even to kids, government’s asserting itself into every tiny nook and cranny of individual existence, usury in the form of 25% interest credit card rates, etc) then becomes the status quo, and such a bedrock of society that it could never be changed.

Enjoy your gay doritos.  How long before we see rainbow Communion wafers?

Breakthrough – baby born at 23 weeks not only surviving, thriving September 17, 2015

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The doctors said the baby had a 99% chance of dying during delivery.  She weighed barely over a pound when born.  But she is now over 8 lb and continuing to grow and thrive.  The implications for the legality of abortion, legal at 24 weeks in most states and well beyond if one can claim some extenuating circumstances (lets be frank, babies are routinely murdered at 8-9 months gestation and certainly capable of surviving outside the womb) should be staggering, but in this culture, I won’t hold my breath:

Kaci-Rose Crathley was born via an emergency caesarean section at 23 weeks, and weighed just 1lb and 2oz – half the weight of a bag of sugar and measured 10.8 inches.

Doctors warned the tot’s mother, Sadie, 20, that there was a 99% chance her baby would die during delivery – telling her that they would not have tried to save the baby if she had gone into labour one day earlier.

However, Kaci-Rose did survive delivery and now weighs 8lbs – the same as an average newborn baby.

Sadie said she was “terrified” after she went into labour halfway through her pregnancy…….

……..”She was on the ventilator for 11 weeks and I wasn’t able to hold her until after then.

“She also had to have laser eye surgery at about three months because her blood vessels weren’t developing properly.

“The whole six months we were in hospital with her there were so many ups and downs.”

After months of care, Sadie and husband Marc, 27, were finally able to bring Kaci-Rose home in July this year – when the tot weight 6lbs 1oz.

She was still hooked up to a monitor to measure her heart rate and oxygen levels and even now relies on a tube to provide her with oxygen.

Sadie said: “We were told she will probably have cerebral palsy but it is too early to tell yet. We were also told she would be blind and deaf but she can hear and see some things.

“So far she has proved everyone wrong. I’m very thrilled with how far she has come.”

Sadie and Marc are now keen to share their story with other parents to show the world that extremely premature babies can survive.

She said: “I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff and also to other parents that are faced with decisions like this.

“As horrible as it is you must fight for your baby and let them have the chance. Kaci-Rose has proved that it can go well.”

One of the reasons the Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade set the abortion “limit” at 24 weeks is because the justices had been informed, by the best medical science at that time, that babies could never survive outside the womb before 24 weeks.

But already by the 80s babies were surviving that were born at ~26 weeks with some regularity.

Now there are rare cases like this one of babies being born as early as 23 weeks surviving, and given the rate of advance in premature infant care, it is possible that in my lifetime babies as young as 20 weeks will be able to survive at least on occasion.


And yet it remains perfectly legal (and horrifyingly common) to murder babies well beyond ages at which they have high chances of survival.  As if that should make the slightest difference, which it doesn’t, since virtually all babies left unmolested in their mother’s wombs would advance to normal birth and healthy life, anyway.

Right now this government is debating whether to institute a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.  It probably won’t pass due to this evil president.  What an indictment on our nation and its leaders.  This nation has earned such a reckoning from God it is terrifying to contemplate.  So most people just don’t, and go back to watching SportsCenter.

Then every once and a while they raise their heads and look around and wonder why everything has gone to hell.  They moan about how everything seems to be falling apart.

Then they turn the channel.  And another 30 years slip away.

Annulment reforms punish the faithful, reward the kasual katholyc September 17, 2015

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An interesting commentary on the annulment “reforms” instituted without commentary, review, or advice from the Curia or episcopal conferences by Pope Francis. The way the “reforms” are structured effectively punishes those who try to live according to the Doctrine of the Faith (if one considers denying an annulment “punishment”), while those who admit they were just flippant and careless in getting married get “rewarded” with a do-over:

So, the Pope thinks that 50% of all marriages are invalid, and “lack of faith” at the time of marriage is now grounds for annulment. [Goodness. Who among any of us could not be accused of a lack of faith at one time or another?!?  Or maybe even for years at a stretch! But that was never considered grounds for annulments previously, otherwise, only canonized Saints would have had valid marriages!  This whole thing is structured to arrive at millions of new annulments, and to make a mockery of the Sacrament of Marriage, all in pursuit of a totally false conception of mercy. Even worse, the main proponents of this massive novelty proclaim that if you’re against the “reform,” you’re against Jesus Christ!  When has a Pontiff had the unmitigated gall to literally believe that he directly channels the Will of Christ, and not simply in reiterating the constant Doctrine of the Faith, but in proposing revolutionary actions directly contrary to that Doctrine!] Presumably that implies that if millions now take advantage of the Pope’s new Marriage Amnesty, the ones that do take advantage will have a 90%+ success rate (the ones that don’t are presumably the ones in the other 50%).

But are the new rules really fair? Are they truly merciful?


  1. We screwed around during pre-cana class, checking Facebook and texting our friends about how stupid it was. We got married in a church because his mother wanted it and it yielded cool photos. We signed the thingie saying we would raise our kids as Catholics so we could get the photo-op. We didn’t raise Chad as a Catholic. After all, we wanted him to make his own choices. Now we choose to move on. I like marathons and he likes triathlons. We’ve found more suitable partners, and Chad likes them. Verdict: ANNULMENT.
  2. We married each other as knowledgable believing Catholics and were serious about it. But then I found out that my husband was a psychotic. He was physically abusive and subsequently left me for a bimbo. Thank God, I met Hieronymous, a Catholic gentleman. We have been chaste but would now like some sort of official approval of our relationship. My son Chadwick wants to be an altar boy. Verdict: NO ANNULMENT.

But where’s the justice in that? So, one is rewarded for being wayward and morally flimsy and penalized for being responsible?That’s Catholic divorce!

Perhaps the above is fair. Perhaps it isn’t. But the momentum and logic of the thing is to eventually grant annulments for both cases. Shouldn’t it? Chadwick will soon get a Catholic father. Why not? The new “rules” are intended to invalidate “bad marriages”, pure and simple–with “bad” defined by the parties concerned. [Yes, I think that the point]

But we’re told it’s NOT Catholic divorce. That would be a change in doctrine. Rather, it’s about whether or not the parties were really serious at the time or whatever. But in terms of determining this, why not just give the benefit of the doubt to everyone?

All marriages are hereby off. You think you’re in a good one or want to have a good one? Fine. Take the month-long pre-cana and then AFTER YOU’RE COMPLETELY SURE, get married or married again knowing that THIS TIME it’s forever. THIS TIME it’s really serious. From NOW ON it counts. Starting, you, know, now.

And we’ve already seen reports that many souls, married for a long time and in stable, happy relationships, but who perhaps married under less than ideal circumstances, are now openly wondering whether their marriage is truly valid. Where is the mercy in that, to cast more or less blanket doubt on the validity of millions of otherwise happy marriages because the “reform”uses heretofore unheard of vagary of terms and nebulous “etcs” in defining the grounds for examining decrees of nullity!

And we see again how much of the Synod is apparently a sham, simply existing to provide cover for a revolution that is to go off no matter what the small subset of bishops at the Synod decide.  The commission formed to advise on this “reform” was formed 6 weeks before the first session of the Synod met, and conducted its deliberations entirely apart from the synodal process under conditions of great secrecy!  There are now reports of shouting matches between the Pope and various Cardinals at the Santa Martha.  This “reform,” far from bringing unity, seems to be opening a yawning chasm of division and strife.  Which may have been the point all along.

The next several weeks promise to be quite exciting, in the sense a pilot feels as he watches a wing fall off his aircraft, or a Le Mans driver as he watches one of his front wheels go flying off as he burns down the Mulsanne Straight.  You’re not quite sure what’s going to happen next, but you’re dead certain it won’t be good.

I do agree with Cardinal Burke that we must remain faithful – meaning, true to the constant belief and practice of the Faith. There will be pressure from many quarters to submit to this papal-inspired embrace of laxity, but we do not have to accept anything that is not in accord with the constant, unchanging, unchangeable Doctrine of the Faith.  Stay faithful to that, and for the rest, stay on your knees with your head down as much as possible.  We know ultimately who wins this battle.  Trust in Him in all things.