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A most disconcerting development September 17, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, Dallas Diocese, disconcerting, General Catholic, Latin Mass, priests, sadness, SOD, SSPX, Tradition, Virtue.

I’ve had a change of heart.  I don’t think I’m helping by bringing more attention to the matter.  I apologize for the lapse in judgment.  I pray for all concerned.  That’s all I have to say.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about……you’re probably better off.



1. richardmalcolm1564 - September 17, 2015

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that Louie has basically taken a full-on pro-SSPX position, one that goes beyond this particular scrum.

I have no particular animus against the SSPX, and some real sympathy for why they are where they are, given what I know of the appalling way that Lefebvre was treated by Rome in his lifetime from the early 70’s onward, and the bizarre postures it has adopted toward the Society since his passing – to say nothing of the disastrous state of the Church over which it has presided. And either position, as you say, has its own difficulties. (Like you, I think those of the FSSP are fewer, but that is perhaps neither here nor there.)

Since you don’t wish us to delve into SSPX/ED societies relations, I’ll just confine myself to saying that I wish Louie could have found a way to take on Voris’s tedious accusations without opening that can of worms, especially without knowing all the facts of just exactly what certain priests here really did – even with his qualifications at the end of his post. I don’t see how that helps the cause of tradition. It poisons relations needlessly. But that’s how Louie seems to roll.

2. Visitor - September 18, 2015

I just checked the blog, and they have an update – they now have a disclaimer on the transcript giving proper attribution, and stating that the sermon was used with permission.

3. Mitchell H. - September 18, 2015

Ugh. Best to keep one’s head down and keep moving forward.

4. Woody - September 18, 2015

The circular firing line seems to be not only getting bigger but the executioners are using guns with more powerful ammo. Actually, this is now getting funny. I see them all standing around in that firing circle, each one wearing a homemade miter and their rifle in the shape of a staff. There, off in the shadows in a big chair, with a large box of popcorn, sits Pope Francis and a bunch of cardinals standing behind him, laughing their…butts off.

5. Kathleen - September 18, 2015

For some time now I have not been reading Mr. Verrecchio’s site while specifically praying for him — much like my personal policy about Mr. Voris.

I saw this story elsewhere and Mr. Verrecchio has really gone a lot further and provided a launching pad for others who routinely engage in deplorable conduct to use the opportunity to spread their wretchedness.

I’m from the other end of the country and yet I’ve benefited greatly from all of the sermons I’ve listened to from the priest in question. And in fact the sermon referenced here is entirely sound and valuable as well.

Mr. Verrecchio handling of the situation, especially in regard to the priest may well have crossed moral lines. I know I would have serious questions before pursuing the path he has taken.. I pray he finds sound spiritual direction.

6. S. Armaticus - September 18, 2015

Somehow I don’t think that the problem is with Louie.

It think it is somewhere else. When looking at a situation like that with MV, one has to ask oneself, why the attack the SSPX? This is the genesis of the problem.

So naturally, inquiring minds what to know. And the first place to start, just like in an FBI investigation is by following the money. And unfortunately for the Dallas area FSSP, the money trail leads to them.

On an aside, it’s actually funny how we are all allowing ourselves to be played on this one.

Smoke of satan…

7. S. Armaticus - September 18, 2015

… one more thing.

One way to stop this idiocy would be for the FSSP and the SSPX to offer a mass together. A pontifical high mass with a SSPX priest and FSSP deacon and sub deacon. Maybe we can ask Fr. Z to get in on the act. Then we can send the pictures to Rome. I am sure the Holy Father would appreciate it.

Could even coin a new term: ECUMERCY!

Tantumblogo - September 18, 2015

I like that idea a lot, actually. That would not be bad at all.

S. Armaticus - September 18, 2015

I think it is high time that we Catholics start using out brains. And this would be a good first step.

It would also show us who is really serious about the Church and who might have an ulterior motive.

8. skeinster - September 18, 2015

I have no idea what this is about, and probably don’t want to know- but a blogger who can and will admit a mistake? Priceless.

9. Woody - September 18, 2015

I don’t think you did anything to add to the comedy. And I don’t think Fr. Wolfe said anything that is part of this comedy group. I’ve also heard his sermon before and it is factual.

10. tg - September 18, 2015

Too late. I read your original post last night. However, I don’t really know much about any of parties so went over my head. Earlier in the day, I did go to Louie’s website even though I had for many months. I receive email from Church Militant and Michael Voris is totally obsessed with the SSPX. What is going on with him? He seems to have gone off the deep end.

11. KC Trad - September 18, 2015

This infighting among Traditionalists makes me physically ill. This is what the devil/liberals want. Bringing the priest into it made me even sadder. I respect the priest immensely. He was our pastor a few years back in KC. He was why we left our NO parish. But I also respect the beliefs of the SSPX about ecumenism and the bad fruits of Vat II. It is hard to be a Traditionalist in this day and age and at the same time follow the Pope. It is quite the paradox of traditionalism today.


Tim - September 19, 2015

With all due respect, the priest should have kept his personal dislike of the SSPX to himself. When he brings it into the public realm, then its fair game. As for Voris, pray for him. He started out well but now has descended down to the world of lies, slander and calumny. The SSPX and FSSP need to call a truce and jointly work against our actual enemies…..the modernists.


12. Ann Malley - September 18, 2015

The priest in question may need to step up to the plate and speak for himself. For if any of his sermons, and I pray this is not the case, has in any way influenced those of his flock to behave in the fashion displayed over at CMTV, then it is important that folks do know the truth. All of it. If there is no wrongdoing, then there is no wrong in coming forth with facts.

Purging poison is requisite before a wound can heal. And with CMTV poking the pus ridden boil and adding a good dose of daily dirt to the mix, this heating up of matters is going to happen. It must happen.

Bishop Schneider warned individuals twice in very clear terms. They chose of their own free will to ignore that admonishment. And so, in justice, there is a requirement to defend the name of those who would be falsely calumniated.

So while having a change of heart may be the natural reaction, having to defend oneself and others is something necessary when enduring a volley of unprovoked fire. God willing, the priest in question, if he is involved in any way, will take a leadership role and act in whatever means he can to correct his wayward sheep. If he does hold any sway here, perhaps that is the very medicine needed to get CMTV off of this delusional tirade of the absurd.

As for Louis Verrechio, someone needs to provide some visibility to the incongruous madness if only out of justice and mercy to those sheep who are on the verge of choking thanks to the intentional head twisting of Mr. Michael Voris, Ms. Christine Niles, and whoever is responsible for yanking their chains. It is ugly. But that said, the ugly must be combated wherever it is found – especially when it masks itself as Catholic.

CMTV representatives told (warned) me in no uncertain terms that I should look for the truth at CMTV come summer time. And if this is the lurid result of that promise, I can only say that they have sadly given over to fantasy and a personal vendetta that will destroy whatever good work they could have done.

BLOGGER EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT ID THE PRIEST. This is my policy in this matter. That he has been ID’d elsewhere is immaterial at this point. I respect his desire to try to remain anonymous, even if I then find his collaboration with CMTV passing strange, since he had to know the source of the script material would be found in 5 minutes, which it was.

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