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Interview: “The Rigging of a Synod” September 17, 2015

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I normally don’t post EWTN content much anymore, because I’m stuck up like that, but this interview of Edward Pentin concerning his new book The Rigging of a Synod is important.  Pentin makes plain – and Arroyo seems to agree, somewhat shockingly – that certain high-level prelates in the Synod organization were dedicated to driving the Synod to a pre-ordained conclusion, one very much in line with the Kasperite Gambit (opening the Blessed Sacrament to those in a manifest state of grave sin, accepting open sodomites in the Church without correction/change of behavior, normalizing Catholic “divorce,” etc).  It must be said, most of the names mentioned frequently in the interview: Kasper, Baldisseri, Forte, etc., are hand-picked creatures of Pope Francis.  Kasper received great papal praise (theology done on the knees) since the very first weekly Angelus.

Thus, this is not simply a wayward cabal of a handful of influential prelates who have somehow clawed their way into positions of enormous influence; on the contrary, these are picked men who were placed in these positions for very specific reasons:

In addition to the commentary above, we have the evidence that emerged after the interview of the pope’s many personal selections to the Synod.  They were overwhelmingly (three to one) of the more elderly, progressive camp – including the noxious Kardinal Kasper.

A quick observation: we can see how serious the “penitential rite” proposed by Cardinal Kasper (and Pope Francis?) for those in second marriages with an unanulled first marriage will be from the “fast track” annulment process instituted in the recent Motu Proprios on the annulment process, can we not?  Fast track annulment, fast track penitential process, all to keep people from ever having to feel even slightly badly about themselves, no matter how grave their sins, and, more hopefully, keeping them somehow at least a little bit attached to the Church. That 2000 years of Doctrine straight from the mouth of our Blessed Lord have to be thrown overboard, and who knows how many souls led astray with potential eternal damnation in the offing…….why, those are just small prices to pay for the great victory of “mercy,” are they not?

I know some folks are tired of seeing these matters covered on this blog over and over, but I keep covering them because even though you may have reached certain conclusions regarding the Synod or the direction of this pontificate, many other folks have not.  Many continue to hope that there really is a group of out of control prelates and that Pope Francis is being abused by them.  Covering these matters keeps people abreast of the crisis and, hopefully, increases their resolve to defend the perennial belief and practice of the Faith.  I know seeing these matters cataloged in detail can be upsetting, but I think it is absolutely necessary, especially as all these things seem to be coming to a head.

Some would prefer ignore the portents of doom.  I’d rather fight:



1. tg - September 17, 2015

I saw the interview. I still watch some shows on EWTN. However, I’m staying off EWTN during the week of the Cuba and US visit. I’ll depend on you and Lifesite News to tell me what is going on. Also, I’m surprised you didn’t cover the ABC show with the Pope having a town hall. I don’t watch ABC but I read that the PF did speak out against abortion.

2. Kathleen - September 17, 2015

I know some folks are tired of seeing these matters covered on this blog over and over

========END QUOTE========

Please CONTINUE to post over and over and over again.

The LAST thing we need concerning the motu granting de facto Catholic Divorce, the Synod of doom, or the year of Mercy without Justice is silence.

It absolutely is needed for those still learning about the situation or coming to terms with it.

For the rest, if nothing else, it reminds us to pray and do penance.

But I also feel very strongly that it works against the revolutionaries that used the quiet of the VII generation against Holy Mother Church.

Visitor - September 18, 2015

Yes, please continue to post. I rarely comment, but I find your blog so helpful and educational, at a minimum as a springboard for further research, and usually so much more. I am keeping you and your wife and baby in my prayers, too. God bless you.

3. Manny - September 18, 2015

I used to be suspicious of Arroyo, but I think he’s pretty solid. He’s been hitting Kasper pretty hard. There are other hints as well (e.g. he made an offhand comment that he doesn’t use the Luminous Mysteries).

4. Peter - September 18, 2015

When a papist cannot trust the Pope, where does he turn?

tg - September 18, 2015

To God.

Peter - September 18, 2015

Almost like a Protestant, but not quite I suppose.

tg - September 21, 2015

Ok. Then the magisterium of the Catholic Church. I didn’t mean to God like a Protestant does. Nevertheless, God is first to me.

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