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Just what you always wanted: sodomy-flavored Doritos! September 17, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Christendom, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, pr stunts, rank stupidity, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, Society, The End.

I may have gotten that a bit wrong – maybe they’re rainbow colored.  Or maybe they’re both!  I have to say that sodomy flavored chips would probably go down as one of the biggest flops in history.  But it might open people’s eyes to the reality of this evil.


Man, I like Doritos.  My kids do, too. I don’t want to have to cross them off my list.  Ugh.

It turns out you will not be confronted with these at the store.  You get a bag if you donate some money to a pro-sodomy bullying campaign.  Or something like that.

What I’m really concerned about, were any unicorns harmed in the production of these morally offensive Doritos?  You can see they are integral to the production process:


On a more serious note, this is exactly how the Revolution operates.  By hook or crook, in this case, a crooked and false judicial decision, some noxious “advance” is inflicted on the population. Then powerful elements in the culture are co-opted or voluntary enlist in the effort to push for the normalization of the radical advance.  This is the consolidation phase.  A little later on, once a reaction has formed, efforts to overturn the advance will be dubbed too late and labeled as far too radical and “disruptive” to merit serious consideration.  You will see a good number of conservatives stating that they oppose the evil, but that it’s “settled law” now and simply must be cooperated with on that basis.  So what was once unthinkable (mass divorce, contraceptive use, pornography production and distribution even to kids, government’s asserting itself into every tiny nook and cranny of individual existence, usury in the form of 25% interest credit card rates, etc) then becomes the status quo, and such a bedrock of society that it could never be changed.

Enjoy your gay doritos.  How long before we see rainbow Communion wafers?



1. tg - September 17, 2015

I saw that in CMR. I like Doritos nacho cheese but not the cool ranch. The generic brand are ok. Lately, I just buy HEB brands. I don’t know if HEB has stores in Dallas area but they make great generic brands. These sodomites never stop.

Tantumblogo - September 17, 2015

Yes they do. But no HEB in Dallas. They’re chicken. We do have the upscale Central Markets but it’s not the same. I really wish we did have HEB they’re great

2. cenlacatholic - September 18, 2015

How long before we see rainbow Communion wafers?

Oh, God, don’t give them any ideas.

tg - September 21, 2015

LOL. Thanks.

3. Guest - September 18, 2015

The occult groups who are driving the modern world to apostasy are mocking God. The rainbow is the sign of the covenant God made with Noah and all his descendants. Both the New Age and the militant sodomites are making fun of this, often without knowing it. God told us to be fruitful and multiply. These people are telling us to bless those with barren wombs. God also gave us animals as food. These people are telling us that humans and animals are equal. God told us not to murder. These people promote murder in the name of compassion.

This time it won’t be water but fire. Scripture and Tradition both agree.

Tantumblogo - September 18, 2015

I agree, too. Fire.

tg - September 21, 2015

Fires already started in California.

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