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“America is a……post-Christian nation on its way to becoming anti-Christian” September 22, 2015

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Some wisdom from traditional Catholic Patrick Buchanan, as he diagnoses the primary problem afflicting this nation’s sudden and seemingly terminal decline: government repudiation of Christianity under the influence of radical Christ-hating leftists.  He also points out the role the collapse of the Catholic Faith has played in this process, and especially its sudden doctrinal nose-dive under Pope Francis.  Lots of good stuff below, read it all here.

Since Eisenhower’s time, Christianity, the faith that created the West, has been purged from American public life. The Bible, prayer, and all Christian art, books and symbols have been expunged from the public schools as they were in Cuba when Fidel Castro took power.

Our cradle faith cannot be taught in our public schools.

America is a different country today, a secular and post-Christian nation on its way to becoming anti-Christian. Some feel like strangers in their own land. And from the standpoint of traditional Catholicism, American culture is an open sewer. A vast volume of the traffic on the Internet is pornography.

Ironically, as all this unfolds in what was once “God’s country,” Vladimir Putin seeks to re-establish Eastern Orthodox Christianity as the basis of morality and law in Russia. And one reads in The Wall Street Journal on Monday that Xi Jinping is trying to reintroduce his Chinese Communist comrades to the teachings of Confucianism.

The world is turned upside down. Every civilization seems to recognize the necessity of faith except for the West, which has lost its faith and is shrinking and dying for lack of it.

I’m going to stop and throw my yellow BS flag for a bit of exaggeration here.  China continues to persecute Christians most horrifically.  This promotion of Confucianism is actually a ploy to set up a controllable religion amenable to an authoritarian state, in competition with Christianity.  The only heartening bit is that the atheistic communists must be getting a bit desperate to resurrect this religion.

As for Putin, there is at least as much convenience in his courting of the Orthodox Church as their is conviction, if not more.  Yes it is heartening for those of us on the outs of the culture here in the West to see a prominent government leader opposing the sick trends abounding in our society, but Putin is hardly a Saint or even a choir boy.  What Putin really does is to tap into native Russian support for a nationalistic Orthodox Church and use that to his advantage.  The Russian Orthodox Church reveals one of its most glaring problems by happily being used by the government as a bit of agitprop and a channel for nationalist fervor, while also using the official support to solidify its position in Russian society.  It should be noted that wherever the Orthodox feel strong enough or possessed of enough governmental support, they persecute Catholics with a grim severity.  Some of the nastiest anti-Catholic views are held by Orthodox priests.  Continuing on:

Does moral truth change?

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” [What a noxiously liberal point of view. Heck, leftist.  How many horrific episodes from history prove this statement wrong, but it is such a great colloquialism it fools many because it sounds sort of right on the surface.  Only upon a moment’s reflection does it reveal itself as nothing but “might makes right,” the essence of barbaric leftism.]

But is this true? A decade after his beer hall putsch failed in Munich, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party won the largest number of Germans ever to vote in a democratic election.

He had succeeded in the marketplace of ideas. Did that democratic ratification make Hitler’s ideas true?

Or does truth exist independent of the marketplace?……

The Catholic Church, too, faces a growing crisis of moral consistency and credibility.

The church of Pius XII and John Paul II taught that the truths of the Ten Commandments brought down from Sinai and the truths of the Sermon on the Mount are eternal. Those popes also taught that a valid marriage is indissoluble, that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral, that abortion is the killing of the innocent unborn, an abomination. [One would hope that Mr. Buchanan is aware of the glaring problems in Saint John Paul II’s own exegesis that helped pave the way for the renewed revolutionary outburst we see in our midst today; in addition, Pius XII, for all the greatness of his pontificate, did not address the openly growing modernist influence during the course of his pontificate.  He did have some small matters like WWII, the Cold War, and keeping Western Europe from falling to communism to divide his attention.]

Yet one reads regularly of discussions inside the Vatican to alter what is infallible church teaching on these doctrines to make the church more appealing to those who have rejected them.

As the pope arrives in America, some Catholics are calling for an acceptance of contraception, the ordination of women and a new acceptance of homosexuality. Yet the Episcopalians, who have embraced all these “reforms” and more, appear to be going the way of James Fenimore Cooper’s Mohicans. [And there are also hundreds of thousands of Catholics imploring the Holy Father to uphold doctrinal integrity]

In Cuba, Pope Francis declined to address the repression of the Castro brothers. Will he also avoid America’s moral crisis to chatter on about income inequality and climate change and find common ground with Obama? [I could use a course cliche involving bears…….]

What has come out of the Vatican in the past two years is moral confusion. Yet as Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput reminds us, “confusion is of the devil.” It is also trifling with schism.

Having emerged victorious in the 70-year ideological struggle against one of the greatest enemies that mankind has ever known, Marxism-Leninism, are the United States and the Catholic Church heading for the same desuetude and disintegration?

It certainly appears so.  Somehow while defeating the communists on the nation-state level, the Left has been overwhelmingly successful in the war for individual hearts and minds.  I am mortified by the degree to which younger people today have been thoroughly indoctrinated in leftism.  The leftist march through the cultural institutions of the West has been their single greatest success.  Today they appear poised on the precipice of some kind of victory, even as the countries that have shaken off the communist yoke generally run as much as they can in the opposite direction.  On some levels this success appears shocking, but when one recounts how Christianity has been vilified and driven from the cultural sphere by the leftist elites (politicians, entertainers, media, academia, etc), this outcome appears inevitable.

What is even more shocking is the degree to which leftism – the Revolution – has penetrated what was always its gravest enemy and final bastion of resistance, the Catholic Church.  The importance and ramifications of this penetration, both within the Church and in the world at large, cannot be overstated. Most clergy, bishops, and laity who claim the name Catholic are now avowedly hard left wing.  We have all the evidence we need of that in the sudden and triumphant renaissance of the modernists dating from March 2013.  Where this will end is anyone’s guess, likely not until Russia is finally and properly consecrated, but in the meantime it seems that we face the inevitability of unprecedentedly dark times.  We had better be prayed and penanced up.

May God have mercy on us all.

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