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Polish Bishop’s Conference Rejects Communion for Divorced and Remarried September 24, 2015

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For the record, via Eponymous Flower.  Would it be a schism to for a national conference (or local bishop) to refuse to implement a papal command, like, say, the recent Motu Proprio on annulments?  If it is, how many bishops and even conferences (behind the scenes) have embraced schism in refusing to honestly implement Summorum Pontificum?  Of course, the greater threat will be whatever come out of, or after, this Synod.  What if the Synod, or the encyclical that follows, declares it’s OK for the divorced and remarried to receive the Blessed Sacrament (after some “penitential path” that history shows will quickly be ignored), and some conferences refuse to implement that permission?

I guess the fig leaf will be leaving it up to conferences or individual bishops, in that case.

Anyway, the Polish have declared non serviam to the radical agenda (my emphasis and comments):

Holy Communion can not be  given to divorced and remarried Catholics, “this is the unchangeable teaching of the Catholic Church”. Because “what God has joined together, let no man separate, teaches Christ (Mk 10.9)”. This is what the Polish Catholic Bishops’ Conference said in a press statement. “Marriage is a divine as well as both human reality that has been raised by Christ to the dignity of a sacrament.” This is a matter of extreme importance because it concerns  Catholic doctrine. [It’s reassuring to see a conference make this kind of statement, because the conference process has tended towards the lowest common denominator, especially with regard to Doctrine. Conferences like the USCCB have tended to accept all manner of abuse and error, while rarely finding the wherewithal to strongly and clearly proclaim sacred doctrine.  Execrable documents like Always Our Children, which obfuscated mightily on the matter of sodomy and perverse inclinations, are emblematic of that process and a prime reason why I loathe the entire concept of national bishop’s conferences.  That, and their tendency to institutionalize a bureaucratic, NGO-type mindset in the Church.]

Catholics should be concerned that Catholic annulment praxis could lead to the “divorce mentality.”[Indeed, it will. As will the attempts to fast-track or otherwise normalize annulments]

…..In the survey before the Synod of Bishops, many Polish Catholics had emphasized the value of family. The Polish bishops expressly thanked “God for the fact that there are many healthy families in our country who show ‘in good and bad days’  fidelity to their vocation.” [Many pray the Synod would make a similar statement. According to some, many Synod fathers wanted to do just that, but were bullied by synodal leaders like Cardinal Baldisseri, Pope Francis’ picked man, into accepting the highly problematic Relatio.]

At the same time the Polish bishops have recalled that those whose families who are broken have need of pastoral care. Moreover,  the bishops warned against infertility through artificial insemination that is not allowed Catholics  and that stillborn children have the “full right to a  Catholic funeral”.

In their text, the Polish bishops did not address  homosexuality and gender issues, which they had already taken a stand on several occasions according to the Catholic doctrine on this point.

Not exactly a heroic stand, historically speaking, but refreshing nonetheless.  May God bless us with many more such men.  In the Church today, the best bishops rarely exceed the bare minimum of expected episcopal behavior of a few decades past (ok, several).  There are very few who would have been viewed as heroic or saintly 60 or 80 years ago.  Some of that redounds on us, however…….our prayers can and will make a difference.  In that sense, we’re all in this together.  The crisis in the Faith is one primarily of leadership, but the laity have certainly done plenty to bring it on, as well.  Something to keep in mind when we (or I) start feeling a bit big for our britches.  Even though its not exactly a heroic stand, per se, the Polish bishops are still to be congratulated for their adherence to Catholic Doctrine.   Would that many more conferences would do the same.

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever published the word britches.  I’m really pleased with myself.



1. c matt - September 24, 2015

I really do not foresee that happening (a mp insisting remarried admitted to communion). The movers behind this are way too smart for that. The way I see it, they will simply leave it to be a pastoral concern on a case-by-case basis, with each diocese (or even perhaps priest/confessor) to determine if the persons have been sufficiently penitent. That way, the Germans get what they want, the Polish get what they want.

Tantumblogo - September 24, 2015

You’re probably right. But I have to make it seem all dramatic to attract interest. Yellow journalism. You understand.

c matt - September 25, 2015

Haha – yes. Sadly, given the current state of things, even your take is just a very pale shade of yellow.

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