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Big Shock – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has voted in favor of Planned Butcherhood repeatedly September 25, 2015

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Even with the announcement of John Boehner’s resignation from the House today (Ohio officials have issued a flood warning for the Ohio River once Boehner returns, his tears likely to lead to a serious overflow), the grave problems with the GOPe roper leadership remain.  A record of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s pro-abort votes in favor of Planned Murderhood have been revealed, and they point to a typical pro-abort liberal elitist who has somehow been allowed to masquerade as a conservativish Repubnik for decades.  Don’t think the positive scores given by National Right to Life and other groups played little or no part in that masquerade.  They were central to it:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants you to think he opposes the effort to defund Planned Parenthood in the continuing resolution (CR) because it could cause a government shutdown.

He also wants you to think it’s because he doesn’t have 60 votes in the Senate when in fact it only takes 41 votes to filibuster funding for the organization. [But my goodness, think of the 2016 election!  It’s an election year!  But it’s always an election year!  If off-years like 2015 constitute “election years,” they must never end, eh?  And what is losing a few seats in the House or Senate (which seats haven’t been worth very much to Christians, anyway), compared to the slaughter and sale of hundreds of thousands of perfectly innocent children?  Who thinks like that?]

But the real reason he won’t fight is that he doesn’t really care about stopping funding for Planned Parenthood, and he never has.

Here are the facts that he doesn’t want you to know:

(1) In 1992, McConnell voted to allow taxpayer-funded research using body parts from aborted babies.

Roll Call Vote #263, 10/2/92

This policy, which was vetoed by President George H. W. Bush but later signed into law by President Bill Clinton, had the effect of making abortion even more profitable for Planned Parenthood.

(2) Also in 1992, McConnell voted to overturn the so-called “Reagan Rule” that prohibited Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer dollars for pro-abortion counseling.

Roll Call Vote #254, 10/1/92

McConnell’s vote in this case was to override President Bush’s veto, but the House sustained it. Then, in 1993, President Clinton overturned the “Reagan Rule” by Executive Order on the first day of his administration.

(3) In 1997, McConnell again voted against a targeted ban on federal funding for research on body parts from abortions.

Roll Call Vote #215, 9/4/97

This time, McConnell was one of 14 liberal Republicans who voted to allow taxpayer-funded research on body parts from abortions.

In the these three examples, McConnell crossed the then-current Republican president and many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate to open the door for taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and for research on body parts from aborted babies.

(4) McConnell has voted for at least 15 bills that provided funding for Planned Parenthood dating back to 1998.

This is important because it shows how long Senator McConnell has tolerated this funding and refused to do anything meaningful to stop it.

Senator McConnell says defunding Planned Parenthood has to wait until Republicans control the White House, but at least five of his past votes to fund it were when Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and White House. [This is the key.  It’s always next year, next year, a few more seats, a few more billion dollars, meanwhile, the pile of murdered babies reaches Everest-like proportions.  The point is, next year will never, ever come.  Even if the R’s in the Senate had 65 seats and Zombie Reagan in the White House, they still would find a way to fail and keep abortion just as accessible and cheap and easy as it is today: that’s because they want it to be!!!  How else do they take care of their “little accidents” with female staffers and DC call girls?]

Here’s the bottom line:

Senator McConnell isn’t 100% pro-life. He has repeatedly voted to force American taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood, its pro-abortion counseling, and research on the babies it aborts.

As if you needed more reasons to deplore this man.  I assume readers were aware his pro-life credentials were, ahem, slightly suspect, but I’d say now they are pretty well blown to smithereens.

Sorry folks, perhaps 6 or 8 senators and perhaps 50 representatives aside, the R’s are worthless.

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