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Dom Gueranger with another exhortation for our time September 25, 2015

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The Revolution has been afflicting Christendom for 500 years.  We are in what probably constitutes its terminal state, but even 150 years ago its nature was very apparent.  Also apparent was the vital characteristics of the Church’s response to the existential threat posed by the Revolution.  The exhortation Dom Gueranger gave then is all the more applicable today, as we see the Church deeply infiltrated with revolutionary notions and what many feel is the end game in progress to forever bend the Church to revolutionary ends.

From The Liturgical Year Vol. 11 pp. 399-400:

The infidel may say in his heart; ‘There is no Go!’ (Ps xiii:1).  If he hears not the divine testimony, it is because corruption, or pride, has more power over him than the light of reason, just as it had over the enemies of Jesus during His life upon earth.  He is like to the asp of the Psalm (Ps lvii:5-6), which maketh itself death; it stoppeth its ears, that it may never hear the voice of the Divine Enchanter, Who speaketh that He may save.  His life is one piece of madness and folly; he has done his best to draw down vengeance upon himself.

Let us not be like him, but, with the apostle, let us thank God for the rich profusion of Grace which He has so mercifully poured out upon us.  Never were His gratuitous gifts more necessary than in these our miserable times.  True, the Gospel does not now need to be promulgated; but the efforts of hell against it have become so violent that, in order to withstand them, there is need of a power from on high equal in some sense to that we read of as granted in the beginning of the Church.  Let us beseech our Lord to bless us with men powerful in word and work.  Let us, by the fervor of our fastings and prayers, obtain from His Divine Majesty that the imposition of hands may produce, now more than ever, in them that are called to the priesthood [and especially the episcopate], its full fruit; that it may make them rich in all things, and especially in all utterance and in all knowledge.  May these days, in which all principles are growing shadowy, find that the supernatural light is kept up,in full splendor and purity, by the zeal of the guides of Christ’s flock. May the compromises and flinchings of a generation, in which all truth is being etiolated [I had to look it up, too: having lost vigor or substance] and diminished, never lead our newly ordained priests, either themselves to shorten, or to permit anyone else to curtail, the measure of the perfect man (Eph vi:13), which was bestowed on them, in order that they might apply it to every Christian who is desirous of observing the Gospel!  

In spite of all threat, in spite of the noisy passions which are boisterous against any priest who dares to preach the truth, let their voice be what it should be – that is, an echo of the Word; let it vibrate with the holy firmness of the Saints!

———–End Quote———–

There is much to take into prayerful account in the above.  Yes we desperately need good, holy priests and bishops; the crisis in the Church is a crisis of priests and especially bishops.  But we, too, must do our absolute utmost in terms of prayer and fasting to bring down more Grace for our priests, that the Church may be blessed with true spiritual fathers and shepherds of souls to bring to all the Light of Jesus Christ.  Even if this crisis be willed by God, there is always a need for pious clergy to edify the souls who remain faithful.  At present, there is probably a great shortfall of good clergy compared to souls who desire to be good.

Our Lady of Ransom, pray for us!  Implore God to have mercy on His Church and to raise up great Saints to guide her in this hour of desperate trial.  Implore the Lord to inspire our Holy Father with the true spirit of Christ and our Holy Mother Church.  May God have mercy on all pious souls and bless every one of them with a good, holy, orthodox priest to guide them to salvation.  And may God have mercy on this wicked culture that has always sought to break the Church and turn our glorious Mother into an easy slattern that rises up to play with the world but does little good for souls.

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