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Bill Nye the leftist baby-killer guy September 28, 2015

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Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer.  So he has the exact same credentials I have to comment on scientific matters.  The only thing is, science is to him a god-like construct that demands total submission and brooks no dissent.  At least, that’s certainly how he presents the sacred shibboleth of “climate change.”  But it’s not the only shibboleth Nye holds.  He also believes abortion is just a wonderful, unquestionable good, and should be available from conception to birth (and since he supports partial-birth abortion, he probably extends “abortion rights” to some point after birth).  In fact, Nye is a profoundly religious man, it’s just that his religion is satanic progressivism of the scientism cult, and as such is irretrievably hostile to Christianity.

At any rate, with the same pedantic condescension that riddled is PBS program for kids (and made it root-canal-without-anesthetic painful to watch), Nye is now lecturing to all us scientific illiterates why abortion is perfectly justified and how stupid and hypocritical we are to oppose the wanton slaughter of perfect innocents:

This week Bill Nye took to YouTube channel Big Think to make a statistical argument in favor of unrestricted abortion……..

For those keeping score, the biological argument in favor of unrestricted abortion, advanced by ethicist Peter Singer and predicated on the idea of autonomy, led to the barbaric conclusion that infanticide is ethical, and sometimes even desirable. Nye’s argument from statistics sets an arbitrary timeline for what constitutes a worthwhile lifespan, leading to the conclusion that human existence has no value because we are all going to die anyway. [and the satanically evil Singer (along with other “ethicists”) have now concluded that “abortion” can and should be extended well past birth, and up to age 5 or some arbitrary point.  Once again, the left, supposedly everyman’s friend, reveals their inherent misanthropy and their desire for the god-like power to determine whose lives are worth living.  Find your 4 year old inconvenient and not so much fun – well Singer and others are perfectly happy to justify your murdering him.  There is absolutely ZERO moral difference between what Singer, and by extension Nye, advocate, and what the Nazis and Stalinists did.]

Bill Nye’s arguments for opposing legislation that would restrict abortion:
-A large number of humans in the blastocyst stage of development fail to implant in the uterus and subsequently die.
-If we respect the dignity of blastocyst humans, it follows that we need to imprison men and women whose babies fail to implant.

[No, it doesn’t.  The error expressed here is the typical leftist confusion of means with ends.  Because a baby accidentally fails to implant of its own, as an act of God, or whatever, is strictly that, an accident.  There is a monumental difference in morality between allowing actions that frustrate implantation, or that kill a baby after implantation, and it simply happening on its own.  One is the result of a deliberate, immoral act, the other is simply happenstance.  There is a moral gulf between the two that one would hope even a leftist scientician would recognize, but apparently not.  Remember, this is the same man who would very happily see millions starve and freeze to death in the dark (provided he gets his, of course) due to mass energy shortage to avoid non-existent “global warming.”]
-The typical pro-life advocate is a man of European descent trying to tell women what to do.

[BS. Total argument from ignorance and “otherization” of those he hates. The day to day operation of the pro-life movement is DOMINATED by women.  Go outside any mill at any time, go into any CPC, go into any CPLC, and you will find women out number men at least 3 or 4 to 1.]
-Pro-life laws are based on an interpretation of a book written 5000 years ago.

[WRONG. First of all, the New Testament is less than 2000 years old, but we also have the Didache and other ancient sources that point out the Church’s constant hatred of and total opposition to all forms of baby-killing from her inception.  There is a clear moral line of argument going back to the foundation of the Church. What Nye is really saying is: “shut up, bible-humper”]
-Pro-life advocates believe that every act of sexual intercourse should result in a baby. Legislation to restrict abortion is based on this unscientific belief.

[Not should, bonehead, could.  Another confusion of means and ends.  We realize the foundational immorality of frustrating the natural fecundity of the marital act.  Nye tries to turn this into one of the pro-aborts most ridiculous arguments, “pro-lifers think every instance of the marital act must lead to pregnancy.”  Please.  Are they really that dumb?  No, they’re just that blinded by ideology and possessed of a reprobate sense.]
You can’t tell someone else what to do. 

[THIS. This is the entire argument, period, full stop.  You can’t tell me what to do.  But would Nye grant the same argument with regard to carbon emissions or some other dogmatic belief he holds?]
-Abortion is needed because a woman might not like the man who impregnated her and might not want anything to do with his genes, especially if she has been raped.

[Fail. Argument from extremity.  Rape/incest constitute less than 2%, and quite probably less than 1%, of all abortions in the US. Why on earth is a woman fornicating with a man if she wants nothing to do with his “genes.”  See argument above, that’s what all of this gets back to (don’t tell me what to do).
-There are more important issues than abortion.

[On what other topic that had resulted in the intentional killing of 1.5-2 billion souls would leftists say “there are more important topics?”  They tell us we must stop “global warming” because it could, maybe, someday, hundreds of years from now, lead to mass calamities and huge numbers of death. Well, Bill Nye leftist guy, there are millions of deaths annually from abortion every year.  Who are you to say that their lives are any less valid or important than those who might, someday, maybe (but almost certainly not) be wiped out by global warming?]
-Science has taught us a lot about life before birth. Pro-life advocates are not scientists and do not know what happens after an egg is fertilized.

[We know that a unique human life has been created, and that is something you cannot deny, Mr. Science Guy.  That person is endowed with all the potential and value that you arrogate to yourself, Mr. Nye. Simply because it has not escaped the womb does not mean that it is worthless and free to be destroyed. I’m sure Nye would agree he’s quite happy HIS mother did not make this “choice.”]
-Teaching abstinence is ineffective. Closing abortion clinics and not giving women access to birth control will not lead to a healthy society.

[And killing babies does?  Again we see leftist materialism and argument from expediency.  Leftists truly believe many lives are not worth living (especially if they fail to include tony condos in hip neighborhoods, chic cars, arugula salad lunches, and other such high tastes).  Their materialism drives them to conclude that those without a certain standard of living are better off dead.  This is satanic. The simple fact of the matter is that “teaching abstinence” worked exceedingly well for centuries to keep the bastard birth rate very low.  It was only with the left’s march through the institutions that the entire moral order, including abstinence, began to fail.  So Nye is decrying the failure of something he is deeply committed to destroying, anyway.]

The video below is titled “Can we stop telling women what to do with their bodies?”  Certainly, I’m all for it. Provided what they do with their bodies doesn’t involve the destruction of someone else’s body, 50% of which are women, by the way (so by allowing a privileged subset of women to “control their bodies” ALL choice has thus been denied to 750 million – 1 billion other women killed by abortion).

Notice he also avoids sex-selective abortion, which is horrifically skewing the population balance in India, China, and other countries. There are so many contradictions, logical fallacies, and points of general illogic in the diatribe below that it’s laughable.  And yes, Mr. Nye, I’m actually MORE qualified than you to speak on science, unlike you I haven’t left science for entertainment decades ago, I continue to be a practicing engineer, and I didn’t get my master’s because I didn’t bother with the thesis, but I retain the knowledge from the coursework. There are thousands of PhDs in scientific disciplines who would be horrified by your exhibition below, both for its logical incoherency and its scientific illiteracy.  Your argument from expertise thus fails, too:

Was Nye always such a maroon, or has decades of inculcation in the leftist media-entertainment industrial complex rotted his mind?



1. frankljs - September 28, 2015

This should be posted to the comments of his video. It would stir the nest, but might educate a few too. Good rebutle!

2. Tim - September 28, 2015

-A large number of humans in the blastocyst stage of development fail to implant in the uterus and subsequently die.

We will ALL “subsequently die” one day!!

What an EVIL moron.

3. Baseballmom - September 28, 2015

Seriously? He is a mechanical engineer???? No offense intended to YOUR discipline TB, but two of my eight are Chem E’s….. You know what kind of engineering snobs THEY can be 😏

4. Brian E. Breslin - September 29, 2015

And Tantum in some endodontic emergencies we don’t use anesthesia, but drill right into the pulp of the tooth to achieve drainage and instant relief for the patient. The patient is ALWAYS grateful for the cessation of pain and it was done sans anesthesia- thus root canal work without ” novacaine”

Tantumblogo - September 29, 2015

I didn’t know you’re a dentist. I’ve got this thing right here…..

5. Russ - September 29, 2015

I found this blurb from Bill Nye’s wikipedia entry fascinating:


So, just as pious Catholics strive to achieve holiness in their religion, so too does Mr. Nye do so in his.

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